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3D Imaging Technology Displays Details Undetectable To The Naked Eye During Brain Surgery

Brain surgeons have employed, for the first time in California, a 3D imaging technique in order to better scan the brain pathways during surgery. The technique has the potential to replace the traditional two-dimensional tools.

Medicine December 12, 2016

Snapchat Quietly Acquires Computer Vision Startup Seene: 3D Selfies Coming Soon

3D snaps can now be a thing for Snapchat users as recent reports point to the company’s acquisition of Seene, a 3D photo-making app. Reports conclude that this could initiate a new line of Snapchat filters built specifically for VR.

Apps/Software June 6, 2016

Supercoiled DNA More Dynamic Than Watson-Crick Double Helix, 3D Imaging Reveals

New research reveals a more complex structure of Watson and Crick's double helix DNA imaging. The study also shows DNA's shape-shifting tendencies.

Life October 13, 2015

Scientists Use 3D Imaging To Shed Light On Lake Huron Shipwrecks

The historical details enveloping the shipwrecks at Lake Huron may soon be fully understood as a team of scientists have started to use a sophisticated technology to obtain 3D images. The scientists believe that this will help improve assessment and monitoring efforts for the shipwrecks.

Earth/Environment September 9, 2015

Ultrasonic Fingerprinting Technology Goes Beyond Skin-Deep To Improve Smartphone Security

The iPhone 6’s fingerprint sensor can be fooled with a printed image of a fingerprint. But a new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor goes beyond skin-deep security.

June 29, 2015

Oscar 'Voxel' Reference Explained

The Oscar ceremony was peppered with pop culture and political side jokes, but possibly the most confusing was the reference to 'voxels' during the summary of the Science and Technical Awards. We explain what presenters Miles Teller and Margot Robbie were talking about.

Apps/Software February 23, 2015

New Evidence Sheds Light On Dog Domestication History

Utilizing advanced 3D imaging technology for the analysis of fossil skulls, a study reveals that dogs emerged much more recently than what was previously thought.

Earth/Environment February 9, 2015

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