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Cats Know Their Names, But They Just Love To Ignore You

Researchers from Japan performed experiments to once and for all find out whether cats can discern their names from other human words. The study confirmed that some cats respond when they hear their owners call their names.

Animals April 12, 2019

Cats vs Dogs: Which One Is Smarter? New Study Sheds Light On Debate

Dogs might be smarter than cats based on neuron count, according to a new study. Time to figure out a way to break the bad news to Grumpy Cat.

Animals December 4, 2017

Ravens Have Planning Capabilities: Here Are Other Animals With Incredible Abilities

Researchers found that ravens' planning ability parallels that of great apes and human children. Other animals also have amazing abilities that are both impressive and adorable.

Animals July 16, 2017

Is Goat Man's New Best Friend? Scientist Says Goats Are Just As Clever As Dogs

In a new experiment, researchers find that goats gaze imploringly at their human handlers when given an impossible task. Findings suggest that goats are just as smart and affectionate as dogs.

Animals July 7, 2016

Animals Are Astoundingly Smart And We're Testing Their Intelligence All Wrong: Primatologist

Stop judging animal intelligence on your own human terms, leading primatologist Frans de Waal urged in a recent interview. Studying animal behaviorism, he said, entails assessing their smarts based on their own natural abilities.

Animals June 15, 2016

Coral trout rivals chimp intelligence in choosing collaborators: Taps moray eel to hunt prey

Moray eels are employed in the hunt for fish by coral trout through a symbiotic relationship, according to new research.

Animals September 10, 2014

Trout and eel make rare, deadly team against hapless prey

A new study shows that coral trout can effectively size up potential collaborators such as eel, with as much skill as chimpanzees.

Earth/Environment September 8, 2014

Clever cockatoos can use tools and teach others how

A new study shows that a species of cockatoo is able to learn tool use from another bird, possibly the first controlled experiment showing that birds can learn new skills from each other.

Animals September 3, 2014

Intelligence of chimpanzees depends on the genes

Chimpanzees may be able to tell us quite a bit about the roles of heredity versus environment in the development of human intelligence.

Animals July 12, 2014

Monkeys are pretty good at math: What about other animals?

Monkeys are able to count and perform arithmetic, according to a recent study. They are not the only animal with a taste for math.

April 24, 2014

Crows as intelligent as a seven-year-old child? Research says 'yes!'

Aesop's Fables featured The Crow and the Pitcher. Now, investigators have put that story to the test in the real world. What they found is amazing.

Animals March 29, 2014

Goats are smarter than you think - here's how we know what they know

Barnyard animals are cute, but are not known for their intelligence. It turns out, goats are smarter than most people think!

Animals March 27, 2014

Fruit-loving lemurs are the brainiest of all

Lemurs are smart, social mammals. A new study now shows those lemurs that eat fruit are the smartest of all, but why?

Animals February 25, 2014

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