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'Supercolony' Of Adelie Penguins Discovered: How Researchers Determined Number Of Birds

A supercolony of Adelie penguins was discovered in the Danger Islands in the northern Antarctic Peninsula. The islands aren't just a penguin hotspot, but they are also important breeding locations for the birds.

Animals March 3, 2018

Sea Life Beneath The Antarctic Ice Shelf Is Changing Dramatically: Global Warming To Blame?

A team of scientists are currently in an expedition on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica to study how marine life has changed over the years. What they discovered was startling, and it might be all because of global warming.

Earth/Environment November 28, 2017

Here’s What Polar Research Vessel Boaty McBoatface Is Up To

Remotely operated submarine Boaty McBoatface is off to its first scientific mission in the Antarctic. Amid naming controversies, the UK polar research ship will probe water flow and turbulence in the dark recesses of the Orkney Passage.

Earth/Environment March 14, 2017

Impact That Killed The Dinosaurs Also Deadly To Antarctic Creatures

The mass extinction event that wiped dinosaurs off the face of the planet likely also killed up to 70 percent of species in the polar regions, according to findings on Antarctic fossils.

Animals May 27, 2016

Iron Meteorites Could Be Hidden Under Antarctic Ice

Scientists may have finally discovered why there are few iron meteorites in Antarctica. The truth is, the stones are not scarce, it is actually hidden under the Antarctic ice.

Animals February 19, 2016

Conservationists Unearth Century-Old Artifacts Left By Early Explorers In Antarctic Outpost

A group of conservationists dug away century-old ice and snow at Australia's Antarctic outpost to unearth several artifacts from Sir Douglas Mawson's past expeditions. The team found several interesting items.

Animals January 21, 2016

Rare Gentoo Penguins Use Poop To Melt Ice To Build Love Shack And Nursery

Researchers from a citizen science project called Penguin Watch have released footage showing how Gentoo penguins in the Antarctic Peninsula use their guano to melt the ice and create suitable habitats for mating and nesting.

Geek May 3, 2015

Shocking: Fish-Loving Penguins Can't Taste Fish (And More)

Although penguin feed on fish, they lack the genes required to detect the savory meaty taste known as umami. The aquatic birds are also incapable of detecting sweet and bitter tastes.

Animals February 17, 2015

100-year-old notebook found encased in Antarctic ice is part of Robert Scott's expedition team

A photography notebook owned by George Murray Levick, a member of British explorer Robert Scott's 1910-1913 Terra Nova Expedition in the Antarctic, was found by conservationist specialists from the Antarctic Heritage Trust.

Animals October 25, 2014

Antarctic sea ice expands to record levels: Should global warming be blamed? Yes and No

The growing sea ice extent in Antarctica may appear to falsify claims of global warming but NASA scientists said that climate change has something to do with the phenomenon. Still, there are other plausible explanations.

Earth/Environment October 9, 2014

Antarctic ice sheet formed by CO2 reduction, not shifting continents, says study

Scientists model the formation of the Antarctic ice sheet and argue that the textbook theory of climate change caused by continental rearrangement did not cause the glaciation 34-million-years ago, but rather a steep reduction in CO2 levels caused climate patterns to shift.

Animals July 31, 2014

Japanese whaling ship collides with anti-whaling ship in Ross Sea, sparks fly

A Japanese whaling ship and an environmental activist ship collided in the Ross Sea, sparking tensions.

Society February 5, 2014

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