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Garbage On The Moon: 400,000 Pounds Of Junk Are On Lunar Surface

A bible, a falcon feather, and a document proclaiming "University of Michigan alumni of the moon" are among the junk on the moon. Humans have left about 400,000 pounds of trash on the lunar surface.

Space March 6, 2018

EM-1 Could Be Next Apollo 8 As NASA Mulls Sending Astronauts Around Moon On Untested Rocket

NASA's Exploration Mission 1 could involve two astronauts flying in an Orion capsule around the moon similar to the 1968 Apollo 8 flight. A safety panel, however, said compelling reasons should justify the risk to human life.

Space February 25, 2017

German Lunar X-Prize Team Lunar Mission Could Debunk Apollo Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories

Part-Time Scientists' plan to send a pair of rovers to the Apollo 17 landing site may finally put an end to the moon landing conspiracy theories. The German team is one of the 16 teams that compete for the $30 million Google Lunar X-Prize.

Space November 30, 2016

Declassified Tapes Reveal Apollo 10 Astronauts Heard Odd Music On Far Side Of The Moon

Declassified tapes from Apollo 10 mission revealed that astronauts heard strange music while traveling on the far side of the moon. The tapes have been stored in NASA's archives and were not revealed until 2008.

Space February 22, 2016

After Death Of Edgar Mitchell, Where Are The Apollo Moon Walkers Today?

Edgar Mitchell is now the fifth person to pass away after walking on the lunar surface. What became of America's Moon walkers?

Space February 6, 2016

Edgar Mitchell Of Apollo 14 Fame Passes Away At 85

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell passed away on February 4. Who was this man, and what did he contribute to the exploration of our nearest planetary neighbor?

Space February 6, 2016

NASA's 'Voice Of Apollo' Jack King Dies At 84

King, the public voice of NASA's Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, has died in Florida. Billions of people around the world listened to his voice during the countdown of the launch of the Apollo 11 moon landing mission in 1969.

Space June 12, 2015

Last Known Member Of German Team That Helped Build America's Moon Rocket Dies

Last living member of Wernher von Braun's team of rocket designers and engineers that came to the U.S. dies. Oscar Carl Holderer helped design the Saturn V rocket that took men to the moon.

Space May 6, 2015

NASA Honors Fallen Astronauts of Challenger Space Tragedy

NASA holds day of remembrance for fallen astronauts. Ceremonies held to mark Apollo, Challenger and Columbia tragedies.

Space January 28, 2015

Apollo Astronauts Help Kids Dream Big

Astronauts visit Minnesota high school named for NASA's Apollo program. Event was intended to inspire students and demonstrate new technologies being considered by the space agency.

November 13, 2014

Moon was born when Earth and Theia smooched 4.5 billion years ago

Apollo rocks show a slightly different composition to similar objects on Earth. Lending an evidence of an impact 4.5 billion years ago between the Earth and a Mars-sized body called Theia.

Space June 6, 2014

RIP LADEE: NASA lunar spacecraft ends moon mission on triumphant note

Moon orbiting satellite crashes into lunar surface after completion of mission. Impact site was chosen to avoid historic Apollo mission artifacts.

Space April 20, 2014

Want some moon dust? Space auction in NYC features Neil Armstrong, Apollo Mission memorabilia

More than 300 items related to space travel will be auctioned off in New York this week. The items are part of 'The Space History Sale' by Bonhams, a British auction house.

Space April 7, 2014

Apollo 15 camera sold for almost one million dollars - but is it real?

Terukazu Fujisawa just paid almost a million dollars for a camera, billed as the only one to have returned from the surface of the Moon. But what is the mystery of the Apollo 15 camera?

Space March 26, 2014

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