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Scientists Finally Catch A Much Awaited Glimpse Of Higgs Boson Decay

CERN announced this week that the physicists working at ATLAS and CMS have found evidence of Higgs boson's most common decay. This is the first time that scientists have observed the decay.

August 29, 2018

NASA Ice Watching Satellite Will Measure Polar Ice With Pinpoint Accuracy Using Lasers

NASA announced that it will be sending ICESat-2 to space next week. The spacecraft is equipped with a laser instrument that will accurately measure changes in the ice sheet from the Earth's poles.

Earth/Environment August 26, 2018

Alphabet's Boston Dynamics Showcases Wheeled Robot 'Handle,' AKA The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Boston Dynamics has just showcased a wheel-legged robot named Handle. On the stage at Abundance360, company CEO Marc Raibert introduced it as a 'nightmare-inducing robot.'

Robotics February 2, 2017

Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Tries To Balance On One Foot [Video]

Boston Dynamics showcased a video of its Atlas robot keeping its balance on a narrow piece of wood. The company’s research into human-like robots could bring us closer to seeing replicants, but the path is long and windy.

Robotics September 12, 2016

Boston Dynamics Unveils Its Next-Generation Atlas Humanoid Robot

The latest generation of Boston Dynamics' Atlas is lighter, more agile and has a lower noise profile than its predecessor. Some may feel bad for the bot, while others may want to put an end to it while we still can.

FUTURE TECH February 24, 2016

Sorry, Rudolph: Boston Dynamics Robots Can Replace Reindeers To Pull Santa's Sleigh

Google-owned robot maker Boston Dynamics uploaded a holiday greeting featuring robots pulling a sleigh. The robots are no other than the Spot quadrupedal robots that the company revealed earlier in the year.

FUTURE TECH December 23, 2015

Boston Dynamics Sends Its Bipedal Robot Atlas Into The Wild

The Google-owned company Boston Dynamics send Atlas, a bipedal robot designed for rescue missions too dangerous for humans, out into the open for the first time.

FUTURE TECH August 17, 2015

DARPA Upgrades ATLAS: Humanoid Robot Gets Better Functionality, Shiny Chest Plate

DARPA unveiled the newly upgraded Atlas, its search and rescue humanoid robot, in time for the upcoming DARPA Robotics Challenge in June. Except for the lower legs and feet, 75 percent of the robot has been overhauled.

FUTURE TECH January 21, 2015

Facebook app strategy reveals one truth: The big money is in mobility

Of the more than 34,000 Facebook apps on the market, eight tell the tale of Facebook's agenda. The social networking site wants to dominate the world of mobile apps, an expanse that's rich with opportunities that are sure to reward data-mining prospectors.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 30, 2014

Here is one way to stop Facebook's Atlas from tracking your every move

With the announcement of Facebook's new ad network, Atlas, many users are worried that they will not have control over their privacy. For those users, a new tool, called Adblock Plus, may prove useful.

Internet October 2, 2014

Facebook expands user tracking to advertisers, but claims it won't be intrusive

Facebook is adding a number of features to Atlas, its advertising technology. It's an attempt to go up against search company Google's dominance in the online advertising market.

Apps/Software September 29, 2014

Arctic, Antarctic regions reveal sub-ice world in new atlas edition

New detailed maps show what lurks beneath the enveloping ice at Earth's polar regions. Mountains, canyons and buried lakes are revealed in new atlas.

Animals September 25, 2014

Facebook set to launch new advertising network called Atlas: Report

As Facebook unveils Atlas next week, the social networking site aims to develop its own platform for marketers to buy, sell, improve and measure advertisements posted on the Internet.

Internet September 24, 2014

SpaceX wins court injunction against US Air Force purchase of Russian engines

A federal court has issued an injunction against the Air Force, in favor of SpaceX. Here is how the case developed.

Space May 2, 2014

Wildcat unleashed: No, it does not belong to Skynet

The quadruped WildCat is the latest military-grade robot from Boston Dynamics. Yes, not Skynet.

Photo Gallery October 5, 2013

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