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Avatar: The Last Airbender Writer To Premiere New Show On Netflix: Here’s What It’s About

A writer and director for 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' and 'Futurama' will have a new animated series on Netflix soon. At this rate, the streaming service might be the next big hub for animated shows.

Movies/TV Shows July 11, 2018

A 'Legend Of Korra' Comic Is Coming That Looks To Explore Korra And Asami's Same-Sex Relationship

The 'Legend of Korra' will continue with a new comic series from Dark Horse.

Movies/TV Shows July 10, 2015

ComiXology Now Has Dark Horse Comics' Entire Catalog

Dark Horse Comics has found an online home for its digital titles in the form of ComiXology. Dark Horse has brought its entire comics catalog to ComiXology, including more than 800 titles.

Movies/TV Shows June 22, 2015

M. Night Shyamalan Still Doesn't Understand Why People Hate 'The Last Airbender'

Director M. Night Shyamalan's 'The Last Airbender' may in fact be one of the worst movies of all time. But he doesn't understand why.

Movies/TV Shows May 22, 2015

'Legend Of Korra' Returns To Nickelodeon After Online Exile

Fans were confused and outraged when Nickelodeon took 'Legend of Korra' off the air earlier this year. Now it's back, though new episodes will still premiere online first.

Movies/TV Shows November 24, 2014

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