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Man Fights Off And Kills Rabid Beaver That Attacked Him And Daughter While Kayaking

An afternoon of kayaking turned into a nightmare when a beaver attacked a father and daughter. Local authorities eventually confirmed that the beaver was indeed rabid.

Public Health August 11, 2018

MIT Researchers Developing Beaver-Inspired Wet Suits To Keep Surfers Warm

MIT researchers wanted to create sustainable, functional wet suits and they’re drawing inspiration from semiaquatic animals like beavers. These beaver-inspired wet suits were particularly designed to keep surfers warm while shedding water quickly at the same time.

Material Science October 6, 2016

Giant Beaver Fossil Offers Intimate Look At Ancient Proteins

The fossil of an extinct giant beaver species, which has been sitting for about 170 years in a New York museum, lends new insight into the study of ancient proteins called paleoproteomics. Learn why this young discipline matters.

Animals June 19, 2016

First Wild Beaver Birth In England In 500 Years Reported In Devon

A Devon local has captured on video a wild mother beaver teaching her newborn kits to swim. They are the first to be bred after centuries.

Earth/Environment June 25, 2015

Environmental Groups Lobby For Reintroduction And Recognition Of Beavers In Scotland

Over 20 environmental groups have sent petitions to the government of Scotland to officially recognize the beaver as a native species and reintroduce it to the region.

Earth/Environment June 17, 2015

Beaver Fossil From 28 Million Years Ago Found In Oregon

A beaver fossil from 28 million years ago is the first ancient species discovered that were ancestors to the modern-day animals. What do we know about this tiny ancient creature?

Animals May 29, 2015

Beaver Teeth May Hold Clues To Improve Enamel And Prevent Tooth Decay

Scientists look at chemical composition of beaver teeth for clues in the battle against tooth decay. Beaver tooth enamel contains iron, which protects against decay, claim scientists.

February 16, 2015

Just in: Beaver in Ohio Park Gnaws Trees, Causes Problems to Parkgoers

Beaver were eliminated in Ohio in the 19th century, but the furry animals are now back. One particular beaver is giving Cincinnati officials problems. Its feeding activities pose dangers to visitors of Pine Hill Lakes Park.

Earth/Environment December 24, 2014

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