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Google's Leaked Internal Video 'The Selfish Ledger' Shows How A Population Could Be Controlled By Data

In a Black Mirror-style video, Google produced an internal video called 'The Selfish Ledger' that shows how data can be used to control people. When a large company that controls a vast amount of data makes a video such as this, it is concerning.

Google May 18, 2018

IBM And Xilinx Boost Power Chips To Further Expand Into Big Data And Machine Learning

IBM and Xilinx are teaming up to allow higher processing rates for machine learning, big data analytics, genomics and many others. The pair will concentrate on integrating Xilinx FPGAs with Power systems.

Business November 17, 2015

Data Science Machine Eliminates Human Intuition For Big-data Analysis

MIT researchers developed a software for big-data analysis. Without human intervention, the Data Science Machine beat 615 out of 906 human teams in three data science competitions.

October 17, 2015

Genomics Industry Generating Huge Amounts Of Data Due To DNA Sequencing

Researchers compared data that has been gathered, stored and distributed by some of the biggest players in the world of Big Data, and found genomics to be at the top of the list.

July 9, 2015

Can Big Data's Music Tempt You To Share Your Browser History With The World?

Paranoid electropop music project Big Data recently released the Google Chrome app Nice 2 Hack You, which turns your browser history into an infographic. Do you dare to share your own?

Apps/Software June 2, 2015

Big Data's Music Will Fuel Your Digital Anxiety

Led by Alan Wilkis, paranoid electropop music project Big Data will make you simultaneously love and hate the Internet. Wilkis spoke with T-Lounge about this juxtaposition in his music.

Movies/TV Shows March 31, 2015

IBM Aims For $40 Billion Annual Revenue From Cloud, Big Data, Security, And Mobile

As IBM sheds off its unprofitable hardware units, the computing company aims to make 40 percent of its revenue from new businesses by 2018.

Money February 28, 2015

Oracle's New Enterprise Solutions Put Big Data Within Reach Of More Businesses

Oracle unveils new and updated products that will help enterprises make sense of the large pools of data in their grasp and put them to good use.

Business February 20, 2015

Top Tech Trends in 2015: What Will Be Hot?

Tech trends that made their mark on 2014 and will continue to make giant strides in 2015.

Internet Culture December 26, 2014

Apple-IBM Partnership Bears Fruit in Form of Business-Centric Apps

Apple and IBM introduce the first 10 apps for big businesses borne out of the rivals’ unlikely partnership. Here is what enterprise clients can get so far.

Apps/Software December 12, 2014

This Is How Twitter Uncovers Mental Illness Trends

Researchers at John Hopkins University recently used a computer algorithm to sort through over 8 billion tweets on Twitter to find trends and patterns of mental illness across the U.S.

Internet Culture December 9, 2014

Google Flu Trends got it wrong: Flu prediction tool gets updated

Google Flu Trends will now use data from flu-related searches and data from the CDC to predict flu patterns. Although the search engine company tweaked its algorithm in 2013, the prediction tool still overshot its calculations 75 percent of the time.

Life November 1, 2014

IBM Watson Analytics could make the spreadsheet obsolete

IBM offers Watson's analytical services to businesses large and small. The supercomputer will use natural language dialogue to help users collect, crunch and carry out actions on data analyzed by Watson Analytics.

Apps/Software September 16, 2014

FTC: Big Data requires smart strategies, privacy protection but likely no more rules

Wary of Big Data's potential to serve as a tool to discriminate individuals and groups, the FTC conducted a workshop to examine the social-economic implications of analytics. So far, there doesn't appear to a need for new legislation, says the federal agency.

Internet September 15, 2014

Smart watch, app latest research weapon in understanding Parkinson's disease

Wearable tech can collect and transmit data from individuals who have Parkinson's in real time, and big data can analyze it, giving researchers an edge in treatment. Intel and the Michael J. Fox Foundation team up to push the effort forward.

Life August 14, 2014

Oracle aims to close field service holes with TOA

Oracle picks up developer of field service software to compete in the hotly contested sector. TOA and its intelligent CRM software are now in Oracle's fold.

Deals July 31, 2014

HP bets big on Hadoop by injecting $50 million in Hortonworks

HP invests in $50 million in Hortonworks' Hadoop-based platform. HP seeks to integrate Hortonwork's open-source, big data platform into its own, in an effort to push Hadoop forward.

Deals July 29, 2014

HP hot for Hadoop, to the tune of $50M

In an effort to continue developing a Hadoop component, HP is extending its partnership with Hortonworks. The move should help the big data company ahead of its public launch next year.

Apps/Software July 24, 2014

IBM $3 billion dream: Developing 'post-silicon' computer chip

With big data and cloud computing in mind, IBM's $3 billion research initiative seeks to push the sectors forward. The two-pronged initiative anticipates the shift away from silicon-based chips but intends to spearhead to the effort to make them smaller in the meantime.

FUTURE TECH July 17, 2014

IBM SoftLayer buy proving to be a winning decision

There's a bigger, more profitable cloud gathering at IBM as the company seeks to leverage its already successful acquisition of SoftLayer. Big Blue is investing into expanding SoftLayer's data centers and services.

Deals July 14, 2014

Cloud storage viewed as a commodity, price war ignites

Cloud storage is quickly became a commodity. That means major competing tech companies are dropping prices at the consumer and enterprise levels.

Apps/Software July 1, 2014

FTC: Data collecting, brokering must be more transparent to consumers

Companies that collect personal data know a lot about us; The Federal Trade Commission wants consumers to know more about the companies that are collecting their personal data.

Business Tech May 28, 2014

Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google break silence over government data collection

Edward Snowden set the world on fire when he revealed the government's extensive data collection from private citizens of the United States. Now, tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are fighting back.

Internet May 3, 2014

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks ambient intelligence, announces big data analytics platform

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has spoken about the future of computing in an event and has rolled out new products and services to assist its corporate clients in managing various devices and harnessing big data.

Business April 16, 2014

DARPA open source data goes public

DARPA has launched the Open Catalog website featuring some of its sponsored projects.

FUTURE TECH February 6, 2014

Eric Schmidt tech predictions for 2014: Mobile, mobile and more mobile

Schmidt bets big on mobile devices headlining technological advancements in 2014.

Business December 31, 2013

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