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3D Construction Of Ancient Bird Fossils Offers Clue On How Dinosaurs Transitioned To Modern-Day Birds With Beaks

A three-dimensional representation of fossils of the Ichthyornis dispar revealed how the dinosaurs transitioned to modern-day birds with beaks. Most importantly, the 3D construction showed what the first bird beak looked like.

Animals May 3, 2018

Toothless Beak And Seeds Kept The Birds Alive During Periods Of Mass Extinction

Seeds helped the modern-day birds' ancestors survive the periods of mass extinction following an asteroid hit. Research found that today's birds' last common ancestor was a seed eater with a toothless beak.

Animals April 25, 2016

Dino Posing? Dinosaurs May Have Engaged In Mating Dances Similar To Those Of Some Modern Birds

Scrape marks in ancient rocks suggest male dinosaurs 'danced' to impress potential mates, researchers say. Marks in 100-million-year-old Colorado rocks suggest dinosaurs had mating behaviors similar to their bird descendants.

January 8, 2016

Tiny 'Bat-Dinosaur' May Have Been 'A Failed Experiment In Flight'

The fossil of a minuscule dinosaur provides evidence of what could have been bat-like wings. These membranes may have allowed 'Yi qi' to glide or even make short, flapping flights.

April 29, 2015

Bird Evolution Decoded: Scientists Map Genomes of 48 Species

Scientist combine efforts in giant genome investigation of world's bird species. Findings create most detailed family tree of birds from the time of the dinosaurs to the present, researchers say.

Animals December 11, 2014

X-Rays Explain How Dinosaur Tracks Were Made

Researchers X-ray guinea fowl walking through poppy seeds to understand dinosaur footprints. Findings can tell paleontologists more about how dinosaurs walked, researchers say.

Animals December 9, 2014

How did birds evolve from dinosaurs? New clues help tell the story

No single "missing link" between dinosaurs and birds, researchers say, but rather a gradual evolution. Earliest birds would have been indistinguishable from their immediate dinosaur ancestors, they explain.

Animals September 25, 2014

Anzu wyliei: The 500 lb 'chicken from hell' was anything but a chicken

It's a chicken from Hell! Or, a dinosaur. Maybe a little of both. What exactly was Anzu Wyliei?

Animals March 23, 2014

'Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular' roars back into North America this summer

Life-sized dinosaurs are coming back to North America this summer. Here's a preview of Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular show!

Animals March 21, 2014

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