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Scientists Dig Up 5,000-Year-Old Remains Of Woman Who Died Of The Plague

Researchers revealed that the bones of a woman that died 5,000 years ago contain a strain of Yersinia pestis bacterium. It is the oldest strain of the plague identified in history.

Ancient December 7, 2018

Idaho Child Infected With Plague, Officials Uncertain Where Patient Contracted Bacterial Disease

A child in Idaho has contracted the plague, a bacterial disease that killed millions during the Black Death pandemic, and is primarily transmitted by rodents such as ground squirrels. Does the patient pose risk to others?

Public Health June 13, 2018

How 3,800-Year-Old Skeletons In Russia Changes The Timeline Of The Bubonic Plague By 800 Years

The 3,800-year-old skeletons of a woman and man buried together were discovered in Russia. Researchers say their teeth contain the bacteria that caused the Black Death.

Ancient June 10, 2018

Black Death Panic Spreads In Africa After Girl Dies With Blood Oozing From Her Eyes

Panic is spreading in Africa after a 9-year-old girl in Uganda died with blood oozing from her eyes. Tests on the girl's blood sample will confirm if she died from the disease known as the Black Death.

Public Health January 15, 2018

Fleas In Arizona Found Positive For Bubonic Plague

Health authorities warned the public to observe precautions after fleas were found positive for bubonic plague. The disease once known as the Black Death killed hundreds in the Middle Ages.

Public Health August 15, 2017

DNA Testing Identifies Deadly Bacteria That Caused 1665 Great Plague Of London

The causative organism behind the Great Plague of London was discovered. The DNA analysis of teeth of the victims from the plague pit confirmed Yersinia pestis to be the pathogen behind the outbreak.

Ancient September 9, 2016

Teenage Girl In Oregon Contracts Bubonic Plague After Hunting Trip

The victim was reported to have contracted bubonic plague from a flea bite during an Oct. 16 hunting trip near the city of Heppner in Oregon. Widespread during medieval times, recent decades have seen the disease average seven annual human cases in the U.S.

Life October 30, 2015

Black Death Bacterium Found in 5,000-Year Old Teeth: What This Reveals About Human History

Researchers came up with new discoveries about the black death bacterium that causes plague. Through the study of ancient human teeth, new insights about human history were revealed.

Life October 25, 2015

Plague Afflicted Humankind Thousands Of Years Earlier Than Thought, DNA Study Shows

The Black Death of the 14th century wasn't the first time plague infected humans, researchers say. DNA evidence shows people were dying of plague almost 5,000 years ago.

October 23, 2015

Genetic Changes Turned Stomach Bug Into Deadly Pathogen Responsible For Black Death

The bubonic plague, known also as the Black Death, was not deadly until the bacteria acquired certain mutations. What changes occurred that turned a harmless stomach bug into a deadly pathogen?

Life July 1, 2015

Apparently Rats Didn't Cause Black Death: It Was The Gerbils

Gerbils, and not black rats, may have spread the black death from Asia to Europe, new research reveals.

February 24, 2015

Black Death wiped millions but made life better for future generations: Study

The Black Death, which killed up to 200 million when it struck in the 14th century, is often associated with death and suffering but an anthropologist found evidence that people who lived after the pandemic became healthier and lived longer.

Life May 11, 2014

Skeletons rattle dark secrets about London Black Death

New research on skeletons unearthed in London has uncovered surprising facts about the Black Death. Contrary to popular belief, rats may have been unjustly blamed for the spread of the plague.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 31, 2014

Bubonic plague DNA discovered in teeth hints at future outbreak

The Black Death and the Plague of Justinian were caused by different strains of the same bacteria and scientists are warning of the possibility of future outbreak.

Life January 29, 2014

Bubonic plague is not dead as Black Death hits Madagascar

The disease that killed a third of the world's population in the Middle Ages is responsible for 39 deaths in Madagascar.

Life December 13, 2013

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