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Mom Gives 1-Year-Old Baby Painful Bleach Baths Because Of A Rare Skin Condition

Alicia Barber gives her 1-year-old baby Jamison Stam bleach baths because he has a rare skin disease called harlequin ichthyosis. She is trying to raise money to go to a national conference for the disease.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 21, 2018

Mother Gives Daughter Bleach Drink Made From Hydrochloric Acid And Chlorine To Cure Autism

An Indiana mother is being accused of giving her daughter bleach to cure her autism. The father says that she found the cure on Facebook.

Public Health February 14, 2018

Parents Try To Cure Autism In Children By Forcing Them To Drink Bleach

Parents are trying to cure autism in their children by forcing them to drink Miracle Mineral Solution. The substance, also known as simply MMS, contains sodium chlorite with citric acid powder, which combine to create industrial-strength bleach.

Medicine January 29, 2018

Mobile Game 'Bleach: Brave Souls' Gets Worldwide Launch

'Bleach: Brave Souls' launched this week on both Android and iOS. The game, based on the anime 'Bleach,' features hack-and-slash co-op gameplay and follows the story told in the animated series.

Geek January 15, 2016

Cleaning With Bleach? You Might Be Putting Your Kid's Health At Risk

A study has found that bleach may be causing children to contract more infections such as flu and tonsillitis.

Life April 4, 2015

Clorox & Lysol sales skyrocket thanks to Ebola, but do they help?

Do Clorox and Lysol kill the Ebola virus? That question is being asked all over social media, as both products see sharp increases in sales. But are they effective?

Internet Culture October 17, 2014

Ebola lands in the U.S.: What you should know to stay safe

A man in Texas has been diagnosed with Ebola. Chances of an outbreak are slim but it never hurts to know how you can protect yourself from the virus.

Life October 3, 2014

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