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Electrical Brain Zapping Reduces Violent Tendencies And Promotes Moral Judgment

A new study proposed that an electrical brain zapping device can reduce the violent tendencies of people. The study also suggested that the method can improve people’s moral perception on whether an act is right or wrong.

Neuroscience July 3, 2018

Claims Of Neurological Damage Among US Diplomats In Cuba Unlikely Related To Alleged Sonic Attacks: Report

Employees of the US embassy in Havana reported that they experienced cognitive impairment after hearing a supersonic sound. Some researchers disputed that neurological damages induced by sound are unlikely to occur in today’s technology.

Neuroscience June 4, 2018

Iowa Baby Hit By Softball During Game May Have Suffered 'Significant' Brain Damage

Earlier in May, eight-week-old McKenna Hovenga was struck by a foul ball at her father's softball game suffering a fractured skull. Doctors are now saying that Hovenga may have suffered significant brain damage due to the incident.

Medicine May 14, 2018

Baby Falls Off Bed, Suffers Brain Damage: Mother Warns Parents On Seriousness of Head Injuries

Infant boy Colton Ferguson fell of a bed and hit his head, suffering a fractured skull and brain damage. Colton's mother, Paige, is now urging parents to take head injuries seriously, as their family faces the grueling ordeal.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 8, 2018

Cut Down The Booze To Save Your Memory: Study Links Chronic Drinking To Early-Onset Dementia

A new study links alcohol use disorders to all types of dementia especially early-onset dementia. Heavy alcohol consumption can lead to cognitive decline and permanent brain damage.

Neuroscience February 21, 2018

This New Drug May Reverse The Damaging Effects Of Alcohol On The Brain

Tandospirone is already used as a treatment for depression and anxiety in Japan and China. Now, researchers who conducted animal studies found it may also help reverse the effects of heavy alcohol use on the brain.

Public Health February 9, 2018

Oxygen Therapy Reverses Brain Damage In Drowned Toddler

In what is known as the first case of brain damage reversal, doctors used normobaric oxygen therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat a toddler who drowned and suffered brain damage. Here’s how the treatment works.

Medicine July 20, 2017

This Is How Diabetes Can Damage Your Brain Health

A recently published study links diabetes with increased abnormalities in several brain areas. Overweight and obese diabetics are most at risk for serious brain deterioration.

Public Health April 29, 2017

From Foe To Friend: Deadly Funnel-Web Spider Could Help Save Stroke Victims From Brain Damage

A molecule found in the deadly venom of funnel-web spiders can reduce neuron damage after stroke by 80 percent. If successful in human trials, the compound could drastically improve treatment options.

Neuroscience March 21, 2017

Inhalation Of Common Manufacturing Material May Lead To Brain Damage, Says Study

A new study shares the adverse effects of inhaling a common manufacturing material i.e. carbon nanotubes. The study links inhalation of carbon nanotubes, which is used in building tennis rackets, to severe brain damage.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 9, 2017

New Drug Limits, Repairs Brain Damage In Stroke Patients

New research could contribute to the development of a new treatment for people who have undergone strokes. The results of the study were promising, with very good results in rodents.

Medicine November 27, 2016

Scientists Use Ultrasound To Jump-Start Brain Of Coma Patient

Scientists have developed a new groundbreaking technique to kick-start the brain of coma patients. Doctors at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) used ultrasound to stimulate the brain of a 25-year-old coma patient successfully.

Neuroscience August 27, 2016

New Images Show Zika Virus' Devastating Impact On Infant Brains

Researchers have released new images of the devastation that the Zika virus can produce on the brain of babies. The pictures show that the virus can severely damage parts of the brain that are crucial for human emotion and thinking.

Public Health August 23, 2016

Research Finds Link Between PTSD And Shockwaves From Combat Blasts

Soldiers who were exposed to blasts from high explosives sustain scarring on the part of their brain linked to post-traumatic stress disorder. This scarring often follows a pattern of damage not seen in other forms of brain injuries.

Public Health June 11, 2016

This Is How Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Damages The Brain

Three new studies offer evidence that the Zika virus can reach and damage brain cells in the fetus of pregnant mice, supporting earlier proof of how Zika causes birth defects.

Public Health May 12, 2016

Dental Restraint Device Linked To Brain Damage In 4-Year Old Girl

Young girl suffered from brain damage the day after her dental appointment. Medical records show that the dentist overly sedated the patient and used a dental restraint device called papoose.

Life March 12, 2016

Ebola Survivors Face Health Problems In Brain And Nerves

The Ebola virus infected thousands of people in West Africa in 2014. Many survived but they are faced with long-term health problems.

Life February 26, 2016

Sugar As Harmful To Brain As Extreme Stress, Abuse

Increased sugar intake is linked to a range of diseases. A new study found that sugar consumption in early life is harmful to the brain just as stress and abuse.

Life February 17, 2016

Progressive Brain Disease CTE Is A Unique Disease, Study Confirms

Boston researchers enrolled a panel of neuropathologists to blindly review slides from 25 tau brain deposits using a provisional diagnostic criteria. For the first time, the panel concluded the unique brain signature of chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE.

Life December 17, 2015

Boy Missing Large Parts Of His Brain Celebrates First Birthday

Jaxon Buell survived to celebrate his first birthday, defying all odds and doctors' predictions. The 'miracle baby' was born without most of his skull and brain.

Life October 1, 2015

Long Term Exposure To Air Pollution May Cause Brain Damage

Brain damage could result from air pollution exposure, according to a new study. How serious is this danger?

Life April 26, 2015

Toddler Recovers After 101 Minutes Of Being Pulseless: How Did He Survive?

A toddler from Pennsylvania miraculously survived nearly two hours of having no pulse. More remarkably, 22-month-old Gardell Martin suffered no brain or organ damage after he regained consciousness.

Life March 21, 2015

Shell Shock Gives Brain 'Honeycomb' Neuron Pattern

Shell shock has affected soldiers since at least the First World War. Has the cause of this condition finally been found?

Life January 20, 2015

Cooling Protein in Brain Helps Prevent Cell Loss: Potential Treatment for Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer's disease and other brain diseases may, one day, be treated using the same chemical utilized by animals as they hibernate. What do we know about this potentially revolutionary chemical?

Life January 16, 2015

Football Players End One Season with Brain Changes, Regardless of Concussions

High school football players could experience brain damage, even if they do not experience concussions, a conclusion reached by watching water flow in the brain.

Life December 3, 2014

Roughly 30 percent of former NFL player may develop Alzheimer's, other brain conditions

Football is a contact sport and players are well aware of the tolls. But now the NFL has released a report actually confirming risks of playing for the league.

Life September 14, 2014

Blood doping hormone may protect pre-term infants from brain damage

The hormone erythropoietin, which is used to reduce the need for blood transfusion in pre-term babies, may also protect these babies from brain damage which could potentially lead to long term development problems.

Life August 27, 2014

Bioengineers create artificial brain that looks like a donut

Bio-engineers at Tufts University have created functional 3D artificial brain tissue. Not only can this brain tissue survive life in a lab for up to nine weeks, but its neurons also responds to stimuli.

Internet Culture August 12, 2014

Earliest signs of Alzheimer's can be seen through the eyes

Four research trials indicate that Alzheimer’s disease can possibly be detected earlier through eye tests and a decreasing sense of smell. If completely proven, it is considered a breakthrough in medicine.

Life July 14, 2014

Victim of violent attack transforms into math genius: What doctors are saying

Jason Pudgett developed remarkable mathematical abilities after an attack in 2002. But are they here to stay?

Life May 7, 2014

Type 2 diabetes linked to brain shrinkage, warns study

Diabetes may cause brain damage in more than one way, based on a new study. What does this mean for seniors?

Life April 30, 2014

Brain damage on the cards for sleep-deprived shift workers

A recent study from the University of Pennsylvania has demonstrated that protracted sleep loss can contribute to the loss of up to 25 percent of brain neurons. The damage was previously thought to be temporary, though new evidence shows that it is likely permanent.

Life March 19, 2014

Smoking may influence physical structure of teen's brain

Tobacco use among young people causes addiction, and may even change the structure of the brain.

Life March 4, 2014

Alzheimer's risk higher for adults whose both parents suffer from the disease

A new study has shown that adults, whose parents were afflicted by Alzheimer's, were more likely to show certain abnormalities in their brain scans that are associated with the disease.

Life February 13, 2014

Hyper immune system in pregnant women may cause brain damage in male offspring

Brain damage may be caused in male offspring of pregnant women due to a hyper immune system.

Life February 10, 2014

Non-concussion impacts may still cause memory problems, brain damage: Study

A new study suggests contact sports athletes can suffer from problems related to brain, even without a recognized concussion.

Life December 12, 2013

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