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Surgeons Circumcised Man By Mistake Because Of Medical Notes Mix-Up

A man in UK who was supposed to receive a cystoscopy was accidentally circumcised by doctors instead. The National Health Service said the patient's medical notes were mixed with those of another person before surgery.

Medicine March 27, 2019

Two-Year-Old Boy Dies Following Botched Circumcision In Italy

A toddler in Italy died from severe blood loss following a botched circumcision at a migrant center. His twin brother was also hospitalized. Police has arrested the doctor who carried out the operation.

Public Health December 24, 2018

$31 Million Awarded To Boy Left Disfigured After Botched Circumcision

A young boy was just 18 days old when a botched circumcision left him with a permanent disfigurement. A jury has now awarded his family with $31 million in damages.

Medicine September 24, 2018

Getting Circumcised Does Not Shrink Male Organ Sensitivity

Getting circumcised does not diminish male organ sensitivity or sexual abilities, a new study revealed. The procedure is a subject of debate because some deem it unnecessary, while others say it has health benefits.

Life April 16, 2016

Female Genital Cutting Is Not A Social Norm But Is Based On Private Values

Female genitalia mutiliation is still practiced by families and communities because of individual values rather than social beliefs, a new study reveals.

Life September 27, 2015

Recipient Of First Penis Transplant Will Become A Father Soon

Congratulations are in order! Aside from being the first recipient of a successful penis transplant, a South African man is now expecting his first baby.

Life June 12, 2015

First Successful Penis Transplant Performed By South African Doctors

South African doctors successfully performed a penis transplant on a patient whose penis had to be amputated three years ago as a result of complications caused by traditional circumcision.

Life March 15, 2015

Circumcision Lowers Risks of HIV, STD New CDC Draft Guidelines Suggest

New guidelines on circumcision states that the procedure helps straight men lower their risk to HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. The release of the guidelines launched a public comment period, where people that oppose the procedure have promised to voice their thoughts.

Life December 3, 2014

Circumcision risk grows 20-fold after first birthday in boys, warns new study

Circumcision has its upsides, but it can turn out to be a bad thing in young boys after surpassing age 10 years. Bear in mind, these complications are not life threatening.

Life May 13, 2014

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