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Remembering Columbia: How The Space Shuttle Shaped The Future Of Space Travel

Space shuttle Columbia was the first reusable spacecraft launched by NASA 37 years ago. It had registered many firsts in terms of NASA's manned space program and completed 28 missions before its tragic end on its STS-107 flight.

Space April 13, 2018

Columbia Goes On Tour: 11 Fast Facts On Apollo 11 Command Module

The Apollo 11 command module Columbia will leave the National Air and Space Museum and go on a four-city tour for the first time in almost 50 years. Learn 11 fast facts on this piece of lunar landing mission history.

Space February 23, 2017

Remembering Apollo I, Challenger, And Columbia: NASA To Hold Day Of Remembrance 2017 On Jan. 31

NASA will salute its fallen heroes at a ceremony on the Day of Remembrance on Tuesday, Jan. 31. Special tributes will be paid to the astronauts who lost lives in missions such as Apollo1, Challenger, and Columbia

Space January 27, 2017

NASA Will Commemorate Challenger Disaster At Arlington For 30th Anniversary

NASA will hold a Day of Remembrance at Arlington for the fallen crews of the Apollo 1, Columbia and Challenger missions, 30 years after the Challenger disaster.

Space January 28, 2016

20-year Columbia prostitute charged with knowingly exposing people to HIV

Antionette Clark, a prostitute from Columbia, Missouri, was charged recently for knowingly giving her clients HIV. She was arrested on June 19, and charged in July.

Life July 9, 2014

Pablo Escobar hippopotamus population now invasive in Columbia

Hippopotamuses owned by Pablo Escobar outlived their owner, and are now becoming an invasive species in the near-ideal climate.

Animals June 29, 2014

Study: 1 in 5 women can't identify stroke symptoms

A new study from Columbia University has found that 1 in 5 women do not know or recognize symptoms of stroke, with the number particularly low among Hispanic women. The study calls for greater stroke awareness, such as the FAST campaign.

Life March 21, 2014

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