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More Parents Use Marijuana, Expose Children To Secondhand Smoke: Study

Recent studies revealed an increase in marijuana use among parents as states fight for its legalization. This means that more children are exposed to secondhand smoke, but studies are still in their early stages to determine its long-term effects.

Public Health May 21, 2018

Researchers Find New Way To Prevent Motion Sickness On VR Systems: What Did They Do?

Virtual reality headset users experience motion sickness due to the mismatch between physical and virtual motion. Researchers from Columbia University claimed that they have found a solution to the problem.

Wearable Tech June 16, 2016

Watch The Humidity In The Air Power This Miniature Car

Scientists at Columbia University have discovered a way of using humidity as a power source. They managed to power a tiny vehicle using bacterial spores that expand in humid conditions.

FUTURE TECH June 17, 2015

Columbia University Report Tears Rolling Stone UVA Rape Story Apart: A Failure Of Journalism

A scathing report on a Rolling Stone article by Sabrina Rubin Erdely regarding a gang rape allegation at the University of Virginia says the magazine's story was a monumental failure in journalism and journalistic best practices.

Society April 6, 2015

What Makes Us Thirsty? Researchers Isolate Responsible Brain Region

Thirst is controlled by regions in the brain that can be turned on using a laser, but how do they work?

Healthy Living/Wellness January 28, 2015

Babies in wombs exposed to phthalates at greater risk of developing childhood asthma

Asthma is more than 70 percent more common in children exposed to phthalates in the womb, according to a new study from Columbia University. Phthalates are chemicals used to make plastic more flexible and are found in many household products.

Life September 18, 2014

Discovery of excessive neural synapses in autism patients holds promise for future treatment

New research published this week shows that there is hope for those who suffer from autism. The research suggests a hyper-connected brain segment where we process social engagement and communication for those with autism.

Life August 24, 2014

Beware! Android apps may contain secret keys that may compromise personal data

Think your Android apps are safe? Think again. Most developer data isn’t secure on Google Play Store, which means hackers can easily take control of apps and user information.

Apps/Software June 19, 2014

Huge ice structures discovered hiding beneath Greenland ice sheet

Ice towers, the size of skyscrapers, have been identified under the ice sheet of Greenland, and could play an important role in melting of glaciers.

Earth/Environment June 17, 2014

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