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How Contact Lenses Are Contributing To Microplastic Pollution

Contact lenses are a godsend to those with ocular difficulties. But according to a new research, they can contribute to microplastic pollution when not properly discarded.

Earth/Environment August 20, 2018

Wearing Contact Lenses Alters The Eye's Bacterial Communities

A new study found that contact lens wearers have more bacteria linked to corneal ulcers than nonwearers. Understanding the changes that contacts cause in the eye’s bacterical community could help prevent infections.

Life May 31, 2015

Here Are The Best Ways To Prevent Eye Infections If You Wear Contacts

The CDC found that approximately one million Americans are suffering from eye infection from wearing contacts. Here are the common infections and how to prevent them.

Feature November 14, 2014

Lazy With Your Contact Lenses? You're Not Alone: One Million Eye Infections in America Caused by Improper Use

CDC offers recommendations on contact lens use and care meant to reduce risk of eye infections. Treatment of such infections costs Americans $175 million every year.

Life November 13, 2014

Graphene-infused contact lenses may boast infrared vision power one day

A new chip could make it possible for people to see ultraviolet or infrared wavelengths of light. Do you want to see wavelengths nature never intended humans to see?

March 18, 2014

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