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Researchers Find Odd Mix And Ancient Creatures Trapped In Amber

Paleontologists found a chunk of amber that contains a curious assemblage of land and water creatures, including the shell of an ammonite. The researchers believe that the fossils are from around 100 million years ago.

Ancient May 14, 2019

T. Rex Cousin Suskityrannus Hazelae Was A Miniature But Deadly Beast

Scientists discover a pint-sized version of T. rex that's small enough to pet on the head. Dated to 92 million years ago, this small but ferocious hunter fills a significant gap in dinosaur evolution.

Animals May 6, 2019

Stargazing During The Age Of T-Rex And Other Dinosaurs? This Is How It Would Have Looked Like

Chicago's Field Musuem has teamed up with the Adler Planetarium to create video projections of the Cretaceous starfield. Visitors can now have an idea of what the prehistoric sky might have looked like millions of years ago.

Ancient April 11, 2019

Prehistoric Shark Galagadon Had Teeth Shaped Like Spaceships In 1980s Arcade Game 'Galaga'

The prehistoric freshwater shark was named Galagadon nordquistae because of the shape of its teeth. They looked like the spaceships in the 1980s video game 'Galaga.' The species lived alongside dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period.

Animals January 21, 2019

Paleontologists Discover Unknown Pterodactyl Species With Vampire-Like Fangs In Utah

A group of paleontologists discovered fossils that belonged to an unknown species of pterodactyls. The species were believed to have lived 65 million years earlier than most of the desert pterosaurs.

Animals August 15, 2018

Extinct Frog Trapped In Amber Hints Where These Amphibians Lived During Cretaceous Period

Frogs today commonly live in wet tropical forests. A prehistoric frog trapped in amber holds clue to the habitat of these amphibians before the mass extinction at the end of Cretaceous Period.

Animals June 17, 2018

Sexual Selection: Triceratops Show Off Aggressive Looking Horns To Attract Potential Mates

A new study suggests that dinosaurs may have had horns to show off good genes and attract potential partners. This disputes previously believed information that the purpose of the menacing-looking armor and horns of the Triceratops was for war.

Animals March 22, 2018

Fossil Reveals Newly Described Dinosaur Species Used Camouflage

An accidental fossil find in Alberta has finally been identified as a new species of dinosaur. Researchers find that the Borealopelta markmitchelli may have used camouflage to avoid predators.

Ancient August 4, 2017

Newly Named Tyrannosaur Species' Facial Reconstruction Gives A Closer Look At A T-Rex's Face

A newly named tyrannosaur species, the Daspletosaurus horneri, has its face reconstructed with the help of a finely preserved 75-million-year-old fossil. Its crocodilian features show the closes possible look at a T-rex’s face.

Animals April 1, 2017

Ancient Tracks Show Diversity Of Australia's Dinosaurs During Cretaceous Period

The world's most diverse collection of dinosaur tracks and the biggest dinosaur footprint were found by researchers in Australia. What do these reveal about the prehistoric dinosaurs?

Ancient March 30, 2017

World's Biggest Dinosaur Footprint Left By Sauropod In Australia's Jurassic Park

The amazing finding belongs to an entire collection of dinosaur tracks discovered in the Dampier Peninsula. The gigantic footprint was left behind by a sauropod from the Early Cretaceous.

Ancient March 28, 2017

Dino Eggs Took Six Or More Months To Hatch: Is This A Factor In Their Extinction?

New research finds that dinosaur eggs took considerably longer to hatch: a critical factor that likely hurt the creatures' survival in a post-exinction event marked by competitiveness and meager resources.

Animals January 3, 2017

Parrot Lizard Dinosaur Used Camouflage In Forests To Evade Predators During The Early Cretaceous

A dinosaur the size of a golden retriever used camouflage to hide from predators during the Cretaceous period. Coloring of the ancient reptile known as Psittacosaurus, or 'parrot lizard,' revealed it likely lived in forests in what is now China.

Animals September 15, 2016

This Flying Reptile From Late Cretaceous Was The Size Of A Cat

Some 70 million years ago, the earth had flying reptiles of mighty wingspans. According to a new research, the Cretaceous era also had flying pterosaurs that were as small as house cats with smaller wings.

Animals September 4, 2016

Dinosaur-Era Wings Preserved In Amber Reveal Ancient Birds Were Almost Fully Developed When Hatched

A pair of well-preserved wings that belonged to Enantiornithes was found encased in an amber mined in Myanmar. The wings revealed that the ancient birds were almost fully developed when they were hatched.

Animals June 29, 2016

Impact That Killed The Dinosaurs Also Deadly To Antarctic Creatures

The mass extinction event that wiped dinosaurs off the face of the planet likely also killed up to 70 percent of species in the polar regions, according to findings on Antarctic fossils.

Animals May 27, 2016

Oldest Pine Tree Fossils Found Preserved As Charcoal

Scientists recently found the oldest-known pine tree fossils in a rock quarry in Nova Scotia, Canada. The fossils, which came in the form of preserved charcoal, date back at least 140 million years to the Cretaceous period.

Animals March 11, 2016

Forgotten Fossil Reveals How Big Carnivorous Dinosaurs Could Grow

A fossilized femur bone of an abelisaur dinosaur illustrated how huge these predators could become. The researchers suggested, too, that Abelisauridae dinosaurs could not have coexisted with other dinosaurs in a location in Morocco filled with their fossil bones.

Animals March 1, 2016

Ancient Fish Rhinconichthys Used Big Mouth To Swallow Planktons In Cretaceous Period Oceans

Scientists have lately discovered two plankton-munching Rhinconichthys species, each with their own ancient skull. This now brings the genus to a total of three distinct species from three separate regions in the world.

Animals February 9, 2016

Close Relative Of Velociraptor Had Wings And Colorful Feathers

Paleontologists working in China dug up the almost complete skeleton of a dinosaur closely related to the popular Jurassic Park dinosaur Velociraptor. The newly discovered species is flightless, even with its feathery wings.

Earth/Environment July 19, 2015

100-Million-Year-Old Fossil Suggests Dinosaurs Feasted On Fungus To Get High

An amber fossil found in Myanmar provides proof that psychedelic compounds were existent 100 million years ago and that dinosaurs during the period likely ate them.

Animals February 11, 2015

Oldest Known Horned Dinosaur Found in Montana: Say Hello to Aquilops Americanus

The Aquilops americanus is the oldest ceratopsian found in North America. The crow-sized dinosaur helps shed light on how horned dinosaurs such as the triceratops made it to the continent.

Animals December 11, 2014

Dinosaur, mammal and crocodile-like creature formed Cretaceous gang: Track marks in Angola diamond mine suggest

Footprints of animals that lived during the Early Cretaceous period were found in the Catoca diamond mine in Angola. A dinosaur, a big mammal and a crocodilomorph have likely left their footprints while treading toward a lake 118 million years ago.

Earth/Environment November 10, 2014

Humongous Spinosaurus terrorized the mid-Cretaceous period: Paleontologist

The Spinosaurus aegyptiacus may have feasted on early crocodiles, sharks and gigantic fish during the mid-cretaceous period but it is believed to have also occasionally taken down other dinosaurs.

Animals September 13, 2014

New titanosaur species found in Tanzania and it's called Rukwati-oh-it's-twisting-my-tongue

Dinosaur fossils were spotted in a cliffwall in Tanzania, East Africa, which later turned out to be a new species of dinosaur that belongs to a group of large sauropods that thrived in the Cretaceous Period.

Animals September 10, 2014

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