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NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Runs Out Of Fuel After Exploring Asteroid Belt

After 11 years in deep space, Dawn ran out of fuel and has lost the ability to communicate home. It will continue to orbit around Ceres silently for decades.

Space November 2, 2018

Scientists Reconstruct Face Of Teen Who Lived 9,000 Years Ago

The reconstructed face of Avgi, or Dawn, a female teen who lived in Greece at the end of the Mesolithic period shows a scowling expression. Why does she have an angry face?

Ancient January 25, 2018

Bright Spots on Ceres Aren't What They Appear To Be

Ceres contains strange bright spots that astronomers thought they had explained. New analysis of data from the Dawn spacecraft suggests the answer may not be so simple.

Space June 30, 2016

NASA Seeks Public Help To Solve Dwarf Planet Mystery

As additional information about dwarf planet Ceres are sent back to Earth via NASA's Dawn space probe, experts become more and more baffled. With this, the space agency has announced that it now seeks public help to solve various mysteries.

Space October 1, 2015

New Dawn Images Of Ceres Focus On 'Mysterious And Mesmerizing' Bright Spots

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has taken the closest-ever images of dwarf planet Ceres, including the bright spots on the planet that have baffled scientists.

Space September 13, 2015

Meet Dawn, New Rolls-Royce Convertible Teasing High Rollers To Spend $305,080

After the global market took a plunge, luxury carmaker shifts its focus on women and younger clients.

FUTURE TECH September 10, 2015

Tour Dwarf Planet Ceres And See What The Dawn Spaceraft Spots In This Alien World [Video]

NASA released a new video offering viewers a virtual tour of the dwarf planet Ceres and its strange features including the mountain dubbed "The pyramid" and the mysterious bright spots located at the crater Occator.

Space August 8, 2015

Ceres Revealed in Dramatic New Map Produced By Dawn Spacecraft

The Dawn spacecraft has revealed Ceres in a new map and stunning images. What can we learn from this new way of examining the largest member of the asteroid belt?

Space July 31, 2015

NASA Finds Pyramid And More Bright Spots On Ceres

NASA discovers a pyramid and more bright spots on Ceres as the Dawn spacecraft sends more data and images back from observing the dwarf planet.

Space June 29, 2015

Mysterious Pyramid Three Miles High Found On Dwarf Planet Ceres

The Dawn spacecraft has discovered a steep-sided mountain on the dwarf planet Ceres. Could this be a sign of extraterrestrial life or geology?

Space June 23, 2015

Bright Spots On Ceres Just Keep Getting Weirder As Dawn Spacecraft Sends More Images

Ceres was found to have one, then two, mysterious white spots. Now, NASA reveals a cluster of the strange features on the dwarf planet.

Space June 11, 2015

NASA's Dawn Mission Beams Back Clearer Images Of Bright Spots On Ceres: Anybody Home?

A high resolution image of Ceres taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft on June 6 shows the mysterious white spots on the dwarf planet's surface in more vivid detail but scientists remain stumped on what this feature really is.

Space June 11, 2015

Watch Ceres Flyover Video From Dawn Spacecraft In New NASA Video

A flyover video of the dwarf planet Ceres is available from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The 1:15 minute film contains images from the first mapping orbit flights, with a star background added. Here's how to watch.

Space June 8, 2015

New Animated Image Of Ceres Gives Best View Yet Of Bright Spots

A new animation of Ceres' surface, pieced together from photos by NASA's Dawn spacecraft, has helped scientists determine more about the nature of the mysterious bright spots seen on the dwarf planet's surface.

Geek May 11, 2015

NASA Sets Up Website To Gather Votes Regarding Bright Spots On Ceres

The Dawn spacecraft captures images of mysterious white spots on the surface of Ceres. Dawn has been observing the dwarf planet since April 23.

Space April 28, 2015

NASA Dawn Mission To Ceres: 5 Things You Need To Know

Later this week, NASA's Dawn spacecraft will take up position in the orbit around dwarf planet Ceres. In preparation of that historical event, here are five key things you should know about that mission.

Geek April 21, 2015

Ceres North Pole Imaged In New Dawn Photo — What, No Santa Claus?

The Dawn spacecraft has taken the first pictures ever of the north pole of the dwarf planet Ceres. What could this mean for the future of space exploration?

Geek April 17, 2015

Ceres Mystery Bright Spots Grow Stranger In New Color Images Of Dwarf Planet

The Dawn spacecraft is in orbit around Ceres, exploring that mysterious body in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. What mysteries is the mission answering - and generating - about the dwarf planet?

Space April 13, 2015

NASA Dawn Spacecraft First To Orbit Dwarf Planet Ceres: What Will It Find?

The Dawn spacecraft now obits Ceres, its second target object in the asteroid belt. Scientists hope that the spacecraft would provide answers to the mysteries surrounding the dwarf planet as well as give hints on the beginning of the solar system.

Space March 7, 2015

Dawn Probe Enters Dwarf Planet Ceres' Orbit: A First For Space Exploration

The dwarf planet Ceres is being visited, for the first time, by the Dawn spacecraft. What are astronomers hoping to find there?

Space March 6, 2015

Second Mysterious Bright Spot Spotted On Ceres: What Could It Be?

Earlier images taken by Dawn spacecraft show a bright spot on the surface of dwarf planet Ceres. The latest images taken on Feb. 19 revealed this bright spot sits beside another bright yet dimmer spot.

Space February 26, 2015

Latest Dawn Photos Of Dwarf Planet Ceres Reveal Craters And Mysterious Bright Spots

The latest images of Ceres taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft reveal craters and bright spots in the dwarf planet. Scientists hope that the nature of the bright spots could be unveiled as the probe gets nearer to this extraterrestrial world.

Space February 18, 2015

Alien Life? Nah, But Myserious White Spot on Ceres Leaves NASA Scientists Flummoxed

Images of the dwarf planet Ceres, which were taken by the Dawn spacecraft, reveal a mysterious white spot that reflects more sunlight. NASA scientists are not yet certain what this is but they have a hypothesis.

Space January 25, 2015

Dawn Photos Capture Dwarf Planet Ceres in Stunning Glory

Dawn's newly captured images of the dwarf planet Ceres may not be as good as those taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, but these already provide scientists with hints on what to expect in the extraterrestrial world.

Space January 21, 2015

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Takes New Photo Of Ceres

NASA's Dawn spacecraft recently took a new photo of Ceres as it journeys closer the dwarf planet. Dawn is the first spacecraft set to visit Ceres, having already paid a visit to Vesta.

Geek January 19, 2015

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Closes In On Dwarf Planet Ceres

NASA's Dawn spacecraft is now in its approach phase to dwarf planet Ceres. When it reaches the planet in March 2015, Dawn will be the first spacecraft to ever orbit two planetary bodies.

Geek December 30, 2014

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