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Researchers Construct Face Of God Based On Survey Of American Christians

What does God look like? Psychologists constructed a composite image of God based on how a sample of American Christians perceive him to be. Here's why the result is surprising.

Feature | Science June 14, 2018

Most 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Advance Tickets Sold To Mid-30s Men

The Force is strong with the new Star Wars movie, two months before its release. After unprecedented advance sales, a new report explains the demographics of just who bought all those tickets.

Movies/TV Shows October 23, 2015

This Death Map Shows Most Distinctive Causes Of Death By States: Wondering How You'll Die?

The map shows unexpected distinctive causes of death that show up in some states. Though small in numbers, they show up strongly in some states compared to others, a study finds.

Life May 17, 2015

Oscar Voters Are Mostly Old White Guys

It's 24 hours later, and people are still mad about the big snubs at the 2015 Oscar nominations. Turns out they have a legitimate beef, because you won't believe the demographics of Academy Award voters.

Movies/TV Shows January 16, 2015

What your ZIP code (and big data) says about you

You can run but you can't hide; your ZIP code tells all. Census data and marketing info has you down cold.

Life October 17, 2014

More adult women gamers than teenage boy gamers: ESA research

There are roughly twice as many adult females gamers as there are males under 18 that play video games, according to a report from the ESA. Video game purchases are an even split between male and female buyers.

Video Games August 24, 2014

How diverse is Twitter? Jesse Jackson wants to know

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson has called on Twitter to release its diversity demographics. It is the latest company to come under fire over its predominantly white and Asian male workforce.

Business July 18, 2014

Facebook workforce lacking diversity as employees are mostly white males

For Facebook, white men get the lead. New numbers show that Facebook is suffering a lack of diversity, with white men making up the bulk of its workers.

Business June 26, 2014

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