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Hybrid Test Tube ‘Baby’ Rhinos Are Now Being Grown In The Lab

A team of scientists designed a hybrid embryo with the DNA of the nearly extinct northern white rhino. The team said their ultimate goal is to see the first northern white rhino calf born in three years.

Animals July 6, 2018

A ‘Parasite’ Jumping Gene Turns Out To Be Critical For Embryo’s Survival

An experiment revealed 'jumping gene' that was rendered by experts as useless is actually integral to the process of embryonic development. The study revealed that while cells normally restrained this jumping gene, embryonic cells actually unleashes them.

Feature | Health June 22, 2018

Scientists Just Created A Human-Chicken Embryo

Researchers have successfully fused together human embryonic stem cells with a chicken embryo, making the world’s first human-chicken embryo, by inventing a new technique that sidesteps current ethical laws. But why?

Animals May 26, 2018

570 Clinics In The US Are Offering Expensive, Unproven And Unregulated Stem Cell Therapies And That's Very Dangerous

Many of the more than 570 US clinics offering stem therapy are promising healing for dozens of diseases. However, researchers in the field haven't had nearly as many breakthroughs as those promised by direct-to-customer businesses offering treatment for top dollars.

Life & Style July 5, 2016

New Technique Helps Scientists Develop Early Stage Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Scientists developed a new method of growing naive pluripotent stem cells from human embryos. The new technique can lead to advances in genetic disorder research and regenerative therapies.

Life March 5, 2016

Same-Sex Couples Could Have Biological Children In The Future

A new analysis highlighted in vitro gametogenesis (IVG) for human reproduction, particularly for same-sex couples. However, mounting scientific, social, and legal considerations will have to be addressed before the technology becomes a practical reality.

Life December 21, 2015

Stem Cell Factories Could Produce Billions Of The Promising Structures

Stem cells could be produced by the billions after the development of a new polymer material. Who could benefit from this research?

Life July 22, 2015

EU Ruling Opens Doors for Stem Cell Patents

Human stem cells may be patented if they are not capable of developing into human beings, Europe's largest court has ruled. What could this mean for medical research?

Healthy Living/Wellness December 18, 2014

Stem cells self-organize with help from geometry

Human stem cells can form into organs, blood and brains, given a little help from chemicals and geometry.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 5, 2014

Geometry helps scientists unlock mystery of human embryonic stem cell formation

Researchers at Rockefeller University used chemicals and geometric tools to confine stem cells into patterns that triggered the cells to specialize and form distinct germ layers. This is the first time this specialization has been replicated with human stem cells in a lab.

Life July 4, 2014

Carbon nanotubes may reduce stem cells reliance on human or animal cells

Stem cells can now be grown, using a microscopic scaffolding of carbon, in the form of nanotubes. This small structure could revolutionize medicine.

Life February 7, 2014

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