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Jupiter's Moon Europa Covered By Giant 'Ice Spikes' Says Study

A new study suggested that the surface of Europa might have sharp ice spikes that will make landing a rover a challenge. Jupiter's icy moon is a prime candidate in the search for alien life.

Space October 10, 2018

NASA Asks Scientists To Help Pick Instruments For Europa Lander

NASA is calling on the scientific community to think of the best instruments for the Europa Lander mission. Each proposal must be compatible with the lander’s science objectives.

Space May 20, 2017

NASA Denies Plans Of Joint Lander Mission To Jupiter Moon Europa

NASA and the European Space Agency are not yet officially pursuing a lander mission together to explore Jupiter moon Europa. The joint Europa lander mission was brought up weeks ago by a scientist at a geosciences summit.

Space May 12, 2017

NASA May Cancel Europa Lander Mission As Space Agency Faces Budget Cuts

NASA budget cuts would scrap a proposed mission to one of Jupiter's moon. The Europa lander mission would supposedly drill through ice into the moon’s subterranean ocean to find signs of life.

Space March 20, 2017

NASA's Europa Clipper Mission And Lander To Find Life In Icy Galilean Moon

NASA brings the search for alien life to an unfamiliar terrain by sending a flyby mission with a lander to Jupiter's icy moon. Underneath the icy-crusted Europa is a large amount of saltwater where life possibly exists.

Space March 13, 2017

NASA Wants To Search For Alien Life On Jupiter's Europa

Scientists are now closer to investigating Jupiter's Europa with the 2016 budget allocations. The Europa Clipper mission may involve hunting for signs of life on the ocean-harboring moon.

Space February 21, 2015

$30 Million: Amount NASA Will Spend On Sending Life-Hunting Probe To Jupiter Moon Europa

Of the $18.5 billion proposed budget for NASA in 2016, $30 million will go to the development of the Europa mission, which aims to understand the habitable potentials of one of Jupiter's moons.

Animals February 4, 2015

Could Europa Be Home To Alien Life? White House Approves NASA's Mission To Find Out

The Europa Clipper could be on the way to a rendezvous with a satellite which could be home to alien life. What could the spacecraft find there?

Space February 3, 2015

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