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If Illinois Legalizes Marijuana, Police Threaten To Euthanize Hundreds Of Drug-Sniffing Dogs

Illinois law enforcement officials warned that drug-sniffing dogs might be put to sleep if the state finally legalizes recreational marijuana. Advocates claim that it is unnecessary and uncalled for.

May 10, 2018

Scientist Regrets Reaching Age 104 And Now Heads To Switzerland For Assisted Suicide

Australia’s oldest working scientist and renowned ecologist and botanist David Goodall had secured an appointment for an assisted suicide in Switzerland almost a month after he celebrated his 104th birthday.

Feature | Health May 2, 2018

Doctor Created 3D-Printed Euthanasia Machine That Can End Life Painlessly

Sarco capsule, a euthanasia machine that can be created using a 3D printer and can be assembled anywhere, can end life painlessly. What happens to users who change their mind?

Feature | Health December 5, 2017

Organic Dog Food Recalled After Testing Positive For Euthanasia Drug

A pet food company recalled some of its organic dog food products after samples tested positive for the potentially lethal pentobarbital, a euthanasia drug. Here are the affected products.

Public Health April 27, 2017

Zoo Euthanizes Polar Bear Diagnosed With Terminal Kidney Failure

Rizzo, the 19-year-old polar bear at Hogle Zoo in Utah was diagnosed with renal failure, a condition common in older polar bears. Zoo officials eventually have to make the difficult decision to euthanize the animal.

Animals April 9, 2017

Euthanasia Drug In Dog Food Prompts Illinois Pet Food Company To Issue Voluntary Recall

Pentobarbital, a drug used to anesthesize and euthanize pets, was found in a lot of dog food that sickened five animals. What are the affected products?

Public Health February 7, 2017

Despite Legalization, Physician-Assisted Deaths Did Not Increase In The US

Despite the legalization of physician-assisted suicide, a new study found that the practice did not increase in states where it is available. This is contrary to what most people had feared, researchers said.

Public Health July 6, 2016

Euthanasia Supporter Dr. Philip Nitschke Banned From Giving Advice On Assisted Suicide

The Medical Board of Australia has imposed 25 strict conditions on voluntary euthanasia campaigner Dr. Philip Nitschke. The restrictions are designed to effectively prevent Nitschke from providing advice or information to patients on how to carry out assisted suicide.

Life October 27, 2015

Dolphin Found In River Euthanized Due To Severe Sunburn

A dolphin found with a huge blister on its dorsal surface was suspected to have suffered from severe sunburn. The animal had to be euthanized to spare it from a long and painful death.

Animals July 21, 2015

Indian Rape Victim Dies After Being In A Coma For 42 Years

Aruna Ramchandra Shanbaug, the 68-year-old former nurse who had spent most of her life in a vegetative state after having been brutally raped, passed away on Monday morning from a fatal heart attack.

Society May 19, 2015

Terminally Ill South African Man Allowed By Court To Die

A terminally sick man was allowed to be euthanized without any legal consequences for the doctor by the High Court in Pretoria. Assisted suicide is illegal in many countries in the world, including South Africa.

Internet Culture May 3, 2015

Adorable 13-Year-Old Hero Dog Euthanized After Losing Battle With Arthritis And Seizures

Sultan, one of the most adored dogs working closely with the police and fire department, has now passed on to dog heaven.

Internet Culture February 25, 2015

Neighbor Convicted for Stealing and Euthanizing Cancer Patient's Beloved Dog: 'She Knew What She Did'

A woman from Spring Hill, Pittsburgh took her neighbor's Siberian husky while he was getting treatment for stage 3 cancer and had the dog euthanized. She now faces up to ten years in prison.

Society December 30, 2014

Assisted dying debate kicks up a storm in Church of England

George Carey, the former head of the Church of England, announced he is now supporting the right to die for terminally ill patients, setting off a firestorm of controversy on the island nation.

Life July 15, 2014

Belgium first country in world to remove age restriction on euthanasia

Euthanasia has been legal in Belgium for the past eleven years and the country has now taken the practice to the next level by abolishing age restriction on mercy killing.

Society February 16, 2014

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