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Antibacterial Wipes Don’t Kill Germs, They Spread Harmful Bacteria, Doctors Say

Antibacterial wipes are used to kill 99 percent of germs, such as cold and flu viruses and allergens, such as pollen and pet dander. A new experiment found that instead of killing germs, the disinfecting wipes spread them.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 26, 2018

The International Space Station Is Teeming With Germs, But That's A Good Thing

The International Space station is filled with germs, but it's possibly a good sign of a healthy spacecraft. Still, it's important to identify these microbes, especially now that humanity has a renewed interest in further space exploration.

Space December 7, 2017

Caution: Your Supermarket Grocery May Be Carrying More Germs Than Your Toilet

Germs found in groceries bought from supermarkets could be more than what is found in toilets. According to experts, microbes piggyback on produce from shops including supermarkets with the buyer not being aware of the gravity of the risk.

Public Health March 26, 2017

Putting Paper On Toilet Seat To Prevent Infection Is Not A Good Idea: Here's Why

Putting a cover paper on a toilet seat to prevent acquiring infection only makes the matter worse. Toilet seats, according to public health experts, are not vehicles for the transmission of any infectious agents.

Public Health March 20, 2017

These Microbes Are Your Companions On The Boston Subway: Study

Every time you ride the T, you are accompanied by thousands of microbes and germs. New research suggests that these tiny microorganisms are not as dangerous as you think.

Public Health June 28, 2016

The Truth About Hand Dryers: Do They Pass On More Germs Than Average Paper Towels?

Bathrooms and restrooms contain millions of bacteria. To prevent acquiring this sickness-causing entity, public restrooms install hygienic items such as hand dryers, but research revealed that hand dryers could spread more germs compared to paper towels.

Life April 19, 2016

Flu Trap That Captures Viruses Stops Spread Of Infection

UK researchers developed a so-called germ trap with a virus capture rate of over 99 percent. The technology is believed to be an affordable product in the future that can be incorporated in filters of masks and air filtration systems.

Life March 22, 2016

Teenager Shows How Airplane Germs Spread And Invents Device To Stop Them

A teenager may have the solution to make the air in planes cleaner and prevent the spread of germs. It costs only $1,000. This will shed light on various diseases that are thought to have been passed through passengers of aircrafts.

Life January 13, 2016

Scientists Reveal Dirtiest Areas in Planes And Airports

It’s not what you think! Sending a microbiologist to test airplanes and airports yielded some interesting results, but still highlighted the need for operators to focus on hygiene.

Life September 8, 2015

World Toilet Day: Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Use A Public Restroom

Today is World Toilet Day where we focus our attention on the world's sanitation crisis. That means those of us who have access to clean public restrooms should use them.

Internet Culture November 19, 2014

How Many Germs Do You Get From Kissing? Tens of Millions, Apparently

A new study found that a single kiss can spread 80 million germs. In case you were wondering, this just proves that our mouths are disgusting.

Internet Culture November 17, 2014

Our homes are covered with our germs

Your home sweet home is filled with your family's own personal cocktail of microbes.

Internet Culture August 30, 2014

A bit of exposure to allergens, germs make babies healthier: Study

A new study suggests that dirty babies may be healthier. Exposure to allergens at an early age can reduce the chances of suffering from various allergies.

Life June 7, 2014

Your doctor's stethoscope may be a cesspool of germs, warns new study

The stethoscope may help doctors diagnose and cure illnesses but it can also be a cesspool of germs that could spread bacteria from one patient to another.

Life February 28, 2014

Your doctor's white coat may be cesspool of germs

Experts suggest a new voluntary dress code for health workers to help mitigate the spread of germs from clothes and accessories.

Life January 22, 2014

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