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WATCH: Scientists Catch Footage Of Mysterious Giant Squid In The Gulf Of Mexico

A giant squid strikes at a research probe in the deep sea, surprising scientists monitoring the videos. The event marks the first time a giant squid has been caught in video in the United States.

Animals June 24, 2019

Suspected Giant Squid Found In Indonesia Is As Big As Boat: Here Are Other Gigantic Sea Animals That Washed Up Ashore

A creature thought to be a giant squid washed up on the shores of Indonesia. What other massive sea creatures recently ended up on sandy shores?

Animals May 13, 2017

Gigantic Sea Creature That Washed Up On Indonesia's Shores Is Not A Giant Squid: What Is It?

The mysterious creature that washed up on the shores of an Indonesian island was initially thought to be a boat. It was later described as a giant squid but marine experts think it is something else.

Animals May 12, 2017

Deep-Sea Giant Squid Makes Rare Appearance In Japanese Harbor (Video)

A marine creature seldom seen in shallow water, the giant squid prefers the deep sea, experts say. The squid seen in Japan was likely a juvenile, as adults can grow to 40 feet, they say.

December 28, 2015

Giant Squid Babies Are Discovered For The First Time

A marine biologist from the Institute of Natural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Hyogo revealed a fisherman discovered three giant squid babies off the coasts of Japan, the first in the world.

Animals October 23, 2015

Massive Live Giant Squid Filmed By Russian Fishermen

Russian fishermen were able to capture a video of a giant squid. The cephalopod was attempting to snatch the sailors' catch.

Earth/Environment July 24, 2015

Giant Squid With 16-Foot Long Tentacles Washes Up On New Zealand Beach: What Really Happened

A giant squid washed up on the shores of New Zealand, presenting mysteries about the massive animals once the stuff of legends. Now, tantalizing new evidence suggests how it may have died.

May 17, 2015

New Zealand Local Stumbles Upon 7.5-Meter Monster Squid On The Beach

A giant squid was washed up on a beach on South Island, New Zealand. Samples of the squid have been sent for further research about its age and cause of death.

Earth/Environment May 15, 2015

Watch Japanese Fishermen Capture Live Giant Squid [Video]

Giant squid live deep in the sea and are rarely seen, but Japanese fishermen in the Toyama Prefecture caught one alive using their nets.

Earth/Environment January 23, 2015

Creatures Lurking in the Deep Ocean Are Big But How Big? Now We Know

By using historical data, specimens and scientific literature, a group of researchers came up with more accurate measurements of animals that live in the ocean. Here are the results.

Animals January 15, 2015

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