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Underground US Market For Giraffe Parts Causing Significant Decline In Giraffe Numbers

The population of giraffes around the world is declining, but the United States continues to import parts from Africa. The Humane Society found an unregulated underground market for giraffe leather and bones in 21 states.

Animals August 26, 2018

April The Giraffe Could Be Pregnant Again With Her Fifth Child

April The Giraffe could be pregnant for the fifth time. Zookeepers at the Animal Adventure Park gathered 30 days of her feces and will send it to another zoo’s laboratory to determine if she’s pregnant.

Animals June 21, 2018

April The Giraffe: All You Need To Know About The Animal

April the giraffe has been in the news because of the livestream that showed off her every move prior to the delivery of her fourth calf. Pregnancy and delivery are very different in the giraffe world than it is for humans.

Animals March 21, 2017

Animal Adventure Park Observes Significant Changes In April The Giraffe: Fun Facts About Giraffe Pregnancies And Births

Animal Adventure Park personnel have noticed significant changes in the condition of April the giraffe, but it may take few more days before it will finally give birth.

Animals March 14, 2017

Giraffes Placed On Extinction Watch List As Population Plunges

The long-necked giraffe is often seen in safaris, zoos and the media that the animal's plummeting number has gone largely unnoticed. The giraffe is now rated as vulnerable to extinction.

Animals December 7, 2016

Giraffes Are 4 Different Species That Do Not Commonly Crossbreed: What This Means To Their Survival

The long-necked giraffe has four different species that do not normally crossbreed, scientists have found. The discovery can have important implications in conservation efforts to help the populations of the mammals.

Animals September 10, 2016

Study Reveals There Are 4 Species Of Giraffes - 3 More Than Once Thought

After years of assuming that all giraffes were part of the same species, a nearly-seven-year study has revealed that there are actually four species of the mammal — two of which can be classified as endangered.

Animals September 9, 2016

Genome Analysis Reveals How Giraffes Developed Exceptionally Long Necks

Why the long neck? Because of unique evolutionary adaptations, giraffes have reached such great heights. Researchers determine the genes responsible for this development.

Animals May 18, 2016

Meet Omo, An Extremely Rare White Giraffe Spotted In Tanzania

Scientists spotted an extremely rare white giraffe in Tanzania. The giraffe was named Omo and was found in the Tarangire National Park.

January 27, 2016

Evolutionary Clues Reveal How The Giraffe Got Its Long Neck

The reason behind the giraffe's long neck baffled the scientific community for years. In a new study, scientists found that the giraffe's vertebrae stretched in several stages a few million years apart.

Animals October 8, 2015

Scientists Figure Out What Kind Of Sound Giraffes Make

Giraffes do make sounds, contrary to what others believe. In a new study, experts were able to discover just how exactly giraffes sound at night.

Earth/Environment September 22, 2015

Giraffes May Soon Exist Only in Museums: Population Down 40 Percent in Last 15 Years

The population of the giraffe has plummeted over the last 15 years losing over half of its population and this has gone unnoticed. One expert offered an explanation why the animal's looming extinction essentially skipped public attention.

Animals December 8, 2014

Giraffe Population Dropped Drastically in Last 15 Years: What's Causing Decline?

Assessment of African giraffe finds numbers dropping due to poaching, habitat loss. Experts call it a "silent extinction."

December 3, 2014

Pompeii's rich feasted on exotic meat

The well-heeled residents of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii feasted on exotic food, including giraffe's meat.

Animals January 6, 2014

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