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32 Percent Of Gluten-Free Restaurant Food Contain Gluten: Study

About one-third of the foods served in restaurants in the United States tested positive for gluten despite being labeled gluten-free. People with celiac disease might become vulnerable when they eat out unless they scan their food to know the ingredients.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 20, 2019

Inactive Ingredients In Pills Such As Gluten And Dyes Can Trigger Allergic Reactions

A vast majority of oral medication contain elements that could trigger an allergy reaction on sensitive individuals, a new study reveals. Researchers break down the numbers and explain how proper labeling is important.

Medicine March 14, 2019

Researchers Working On GMO Wheat That Can Be Safely Consumed By People With Celiac Disease

People with celiac disease might soon be able to eat food containing wheat without experiencing any symptoms. In a study, researchers created a new variety of the grain that has built-in enzymes that break down gluten.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 27, 2019

People With Celiac Disease May Soon Be Able To Consume Gluten With New Vaccine

People with celiac disease might soon be able to eat bread and other products that contain gluten. A vaccine that prevents the immune system from recognizing the protein in gluten as a threat has entered the second phase of clinical trial.

Medicine November 8, 2018

Gluten-Free Diet May Help Reduce Nerve Pain For Millions Of People

A new study discovered that people on a gluten-free diet were less susceptible to nerve pain compared to people on a different diet. Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley, and rye.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 1, 2018

Save Yourself A Trip To A Heart Doctor: Don't Go Gluten-Free If You Don't Have Celiac Disease

A new study revealed that a low-gluten diet does not necessarily safeguard an individual from heart disease risks. The research advised people without celiac disease to not restrict their intake of gluten or food products having the storage protein.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 3, 2017

Gluten-Free Food Linked To Increased Exposure To Toxic Metals Like Mercury And Arsenic

Individuals who follow a gluten-free diet were found to have higher levels of arsenic and mercury in their urine and blood. These toxic metals are known to cause cancer and neurological conditions.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 20, 2017

Not Just Gluten: Other Proteins In Wheat Can Cause Upset Stomach And Trigger Chronic Health Conditions

Some individuals may experience stomach symptoms after ingesting wheat products despite not suffering from celiac disease. A group of proteins called ATI may be responsible for this.

Public Health October 24, 2016

Gluten-Free Diets Continue To Be A Popular Trend Despite Followers Not Having Celiac Disease

A new study found that, while the rates of celiac disease have plateaued, more Americans continue to take on the trend of following a gluten-free diet.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 8, 2016

New Supplement From Egg Yolks Might Let Those With Celiac Disease Eat Foods With Gluten

The supplement prevents the absorption of gliadin, the troublesome component of gluten. Celiac disease sufferers can take the pill five minutes before eating and enjoy beer, pizza and similar food without worries for up to two hours.

Life July 19, 2015

Pizza Hut Will Now Serve Gluten-Free Pizza

Pizza Hut will start serving gluten-free pizza to about 2,400 of the chain's 6,300 locations beginning Jan. 26. The chain has partnered up with Udi's Gluten-Free Foods to appeal to the niche market of gluten-free consumers.

Internet Culture January 13, 2015

Is a Gluten-Free Diet a Healthy Choice? Study Shows Pros and Cons

Gluten-free diets are becoming increasingly popular, but a new report from Consumer Reports suggests health benefits may be minimal.

Life November 21, 2014

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about celiac disease

Celiac disease and gluten are common topics of conversation these days, but many still do not know the basics. According to a new study published in the Journal of Proteome Research, gluten may not be the only trigger of celiac disease. Here is everything you need to know.

Internet Culture November 6, 2014

Timing of gluten introduction does not affect risk of celiac disease in kids

Researchers suggest that the timing of gluten introduction in infants does not reduce the risk of developing celiac disease. Eating a gluten-free diet is believed to be the best treatment for celiac disease.

Life October 2, 2014

'Gluten-free' labels now FDA-regulated: No wheat, rye, barley

Gluten–free foods will now be regulated by the FDA in order to ensure that their labels are not misleading.

Life August 6, 2014

FDA implements rule on gluten-free food labeling. What you need to know

Individuals with celiac disease may now find it much easier to buy gluten-free foods with the implementation of FDA's ruling on gluten-free labeling.

Life August 6, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel makes America laugh about gluten-free diet. Here's what you need to know

Jimmy Kimmel revealed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that not everyone who goes gluten-free knows what gluten is really about so what is gluten? Here are some facts:

Life May 11, 2014

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