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Gravity Signals Traveling At The Speed Of Light Could Warn Of Big Earthquakes

Gravitational waves that can travel as fast as the speed of light could help detect earthquake magnitudes. It could allow for accurate and speedy magnitude determination within minutes instead of hours.

Earth/Environment December 3, 2017

Giant Gravity Wave Spotted On Venus: What It Reveals About The Mysterious Planet

For the first time, a huge bow-shaped wave was seen in the highest regions of the Venusian atmosphere and considered a gravity wave, another source of wonder and insight into the planet's thick atmosphere.

Space January 17, 2017

Space Probe Launched To Search For Gravity Waves Predicted By Einstein

A European spacecraft launched into orbit to hunt for gravitational waves was predicted a century ago. Elusive ripples in space-time were predicted by Albert Einstein.

December 6, 2015

LIGO Gravitational Wave Detector Dedicated, Could Revolutionize Astronomy

Gravity waves could soon be detected by astronomers using the LIGO detectors. What could this teach us about the nature of the universe?

Space May 20, 2015

BICEP2 Gravitational Wave Discovery: Proof Of Big Bang Or Just Space Dust?

New study casts doubt on much-lauded "discovery" of evidence of universe's expansion. Dust in Milky Way galaxy may have confused scientists about signal from the far edge of the universe, it suggests.

Space February 1, 2015

Three supermassive black holes revealed in distant galaxy

Discovery of black hole 'triplets' in far-off galaxy suggests such groupings are not that rare. Discovery could help in search for gravity waves that warp fabric of the universe.

Space June 26, 2014

Big Bang expansion echoes discovered: Key evidence found?

Gravity waves have been part of theoretical physics for decades. Now, the first physical evidence for their existence may have been found.

Space March 18, 2014

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