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Lake Vampire: Invasive Sea Lampreys Abundant In Lakes Superior And Erie

Populations of invasive sea lampreys continue to thrive in Lakes Erie and Superior. Authorities are continuous in their efforts to save the lakes and the $7 billion Great Lakes fishing industry.

Animals October 8, 2017

High Concentrations Of Antidepressants Found In Fish Brains In Great Lakes Region

The brains of multiple fish species in Lake Erie and Lake Ontario were found to have high concentrations of antidepressants. Waste water treatment plants currently do not test for traces of such drugs.

Earth/Environment September 2, 2017

Sex-Shifting Parasitic Fish Chooses Gender Depending On Growth Rate, Study Says

A new study found sea lampreys become male or female depending on how nutrient-rich their environment is. Researchers believe this information can help keep in check this parasitic predatory fish, a threat to the North American Great Lakes.

Animals March 30, 2017

Invasive Asian Carp Posing Threat To Great Lake Habitat

Invasive fish species Grass carp has slowly started taking over freshwater ecosystems in the great lakes of Erie, Huron, and Ontario. A study states that if not controlled within 10 years, Grass carps will outcompete native fish in the lakes.

Animals January 29, 2017

An Estimated 10,000 Metric Tons Of Plastic Enter The Great Lakes Every Year: Study

Researchers of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) have estimated that 10,000 metric tons of plastic are entering Great Lakes every year. It highlights the danger of plastic being consumed by wildlife and entering the larger food chain as debris travels differently in the Great Lakes unlike in oceans.

Earth/Environment December 23, 2016

Giant Magmatic Lake Discovered Below Uturuncu Volcano In Bolivia

A giant magmatic lake discovered below a dormant volcano in Bolivia holds water equivalent to that of the world's giant lakes. The discovery sheds light on why volcanoes erupt.

Earth/Environment November 10, 2016

Researchers Find Second-Oldest Shipwreck In Lake Ontario: What This Could Mean For American History

New York-based underwater explorers have discovered the second-oldest shipwreck in the Great Lakes. The wreckage belonged to the Washington, a Canadian-owned sloop that sank in Lake Ontario during a storm in 1803.

Ancient August 18, 2016

Turtles Help Monitor Ecological Health Of Great Lakes

The Great Lakes have been negatively affected by unregulated industrial waste dumping. New research suggests that two turtle species in the area could act as pollution barometers to monitor the Great Lakes' ecological health.

Earth/Environment June 11, 2016

More Than 700 Miles Of Great Lakes Shoreline Vulnerable To Oil Spills If Old Pipelines In Mackinac Straits Burst

More than 700 miles of the Great Lakes shoreline would be greatly affected should an oil spill occur in the old pipelines under the Straits of Mackinac. One study used computer modeling to simulate the scenario.

Earth/Environment April 2, 2016

Soviet Water Flea Threatens Great Lakes With A Ravenous Appetite

Invasive species may cause greater damage than once believed, measured in financial terms, according to a new study. Meet the spiny water flea, and learn how this insect is wrecking lakes and local economies.

Earth/Environment March 23, 2016

EPA Registers Pheromone Biopesticide To Control Great Lakes Lamprey Population

Parasitic, jawless vertebrates, lampreys prey on fish, causing enormous economic and ecological damage to the Great Lakes area. To help combat the problem, the EPA registered a lamprey mating pheromone for use as a biopesticide.

Earth/Environment January 7, 2016

Researchers Forecast Impact Of Invasive Asian Carp On Lake Erie's Native Fish Species

If Asian carp reach Lake Erie, they could eventually make up a third of the total weight there, researchers predict. Native species like walleye and trout could decline, they say.

January 5, 2016

Invasive, Destructive Asian Carp Edging Ever Closer To Lake Michigan

An invasive fish that can destroy the habitat of native species and outcompete them for food is getting closer to the Great Lakes, experts say. If they get there, they could threaten the lakes' fishing industry, which is worth billions, they add.

Earth/Environment November 3, 2015

NASA Releases Stunning Images Of Great Lakes Algal Bloom

NASA has released the latest images of the algal blooms currently present in waters of the Great Lakes. The photographs were taken using the Operational Land Imager on board the Landsat 8 satellite.

Earth/Environment August 6, 2015

Large Number Of Small Fish Washing Up Dead On Lake Champlain Shores

The seasonal die-off of alewives usually happens after the melting of ice at Lake Champlain. Alewives may be ill-equipped to handle the instabilities in the lake's temperatures.

Earth/Environment April 22, 2015

House Pushes Through With Bill To Combat Toxic Algae Contaminated Drinking Water

The House of Representatives has approved a bill to combat toxins in the Great Lakes. In August 2014, an algal bloom in Lake Erie left thousands of people without drinking water for a few days.

Earth/Environment February 27, 2015

Frozen Great Lakes Spell Cool Spring Weather

The frigid weather, forecast through the end of this month, means more surface of the Great Lakes could be covered in ice, increasing the likelihood of a cold spring.

Animals February 22, 2015

Researchers Predict Killer Shrimp May Be Next Species To Invade The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes is already home to a wide variety of non-native species. The water system's next big enemy has just been identified: the killer shrimp.

Earth/Environment February 10, 2015

Invasive Snail Problem in Great Lakes Difficult to Deal With, Experts Say

The snail species Bithynia tentaculata is native to Europe, but it was transported to the Great Lakes by sticking to boats and anchors.

Earth/Environment December 18, 2014

Congress Mulls Over Proposed Legislation to Stop Advance of Asian Carp in Great Lakes

Aggressive Asian carp species are making their way to the Great Lakes, prompting the introduction of bills to protect the lakes’ inhabitants from potential starvation.

Earth/Environment December 16, 2014

Why was DNA from Asian carp found in a Michigan river?

A water sample from a river near Lake Michigan tested positive for DNA from silver carp. Silver carp is an invasive species, harmful to native fish in the Great Lakes.

Earth/Environment October 7, 2014

Restoring the Great Lakes: EPA’s plan to improve world’s largest freshwater source

A new five-year plan to restore the Great Lakes was announced yesterday. This is the second phase of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which first started in 2010.

Earth/Environment September 25, 2014

Unwanted species invades the Great Lakes

Anglers dumping unused bait fish into the Great Lakes may be spreading invasive species, study find. DNA of invasive species like Asian carp found in water samples taken from bait tanks, researchers say.

Earth/Environment August 28, 2014

Great Lakes now clear of ice? Hello, summer.

It’s finally summer for the folks in the Great Lakes area, but don’t don that swimsuit just yet. The water is still too cold for a swim!

Society June 11, 2014

Great Lakes still iced over: Get ready to put on woolens this summer

Ice cover on the Great Lakes is melting much more slowly than normal. Could this foretell a cool summer?

Animals April 27, 2014

Asian grass carp pose threat to Great Lakes

Asian grass carp could pose a significant threat to the Great Lakes by possibly pushing other species into extinction.

Earth/Environment March 12, 2014

Algae explosion in Lake Erie is posing danger to fish, tourism and locals

Lake Erie, one of the five Great Lakes that is home to 45 million people in the United States and Canada, is experiencing very high levels of algal blooms, and its water quality has been deteriorating for a decade now. Phosphorus runoffs from diffuse land use have caused the blooms, and the International Joint Commission has issued a report that has outlined recommendations for rehabilitating the lake.

Earth/Environment March 2, 2014

Magnificent beauty of frozen Great Lakes revealed in amazingly detailed NASA photo

The Great Lakes are nearly frozen over and a new photograph from the Aqua space observatory shows how far the ice has gone...

Animals February 24, 2014

Asian jumping carp causing Chicago $18 bn headache

Chicago is planning to keep Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes. The government is planning an $18 billion re-make of city canals. Local residents have another idea, and it involves tartar sauce.

Animals February 21, 2014

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