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Jupiter's Gigantic Great Red Spot Storm System May Be Starting To Unravel

Amateur astronomers reported large sections, some of which bigger than 10,000 kilometers, detach from Jupiter's Great Red Spot every week. The storm has been raging for at least 350 years is shrinking steadily.

Space May 29, 2019

'Marble Planet' Photo Of Jupiter Showcases Stunning Power Of Jovian Storms

Jupiter Marble, a reference to the classic Earth photo dubbed Blue Marble, shows the swirling clouds and storms of the gas giant. The photo was captured by the Juno spacecraft which has been studying Jupiter since 2016.

Space March 24, 2019

Scientists Peek At Jupiter's Great Red Spot To Find Water

A research conducted using telescopes on Earth found chemical signatures of water in the Great Red Spot, a raging storm. Scientists estimate that the giant planet has two to nine times more oxygen than the Sun.

Space August 31, 2018

Lightning On Jupiter Is Surprisingly Similar To Lightning On Earth With Some Key Differences

Jupiter is known for the storms that are raging on the planet's surface, including the Great Red Spot. These storms feature lightning, and scientists have figured out that this is very similar to that of Earth's.

Space June 6, 2018

Rose-Colored Jupiter: NASA's Juno Captures Image Of Storm And Bright Clouds On Gas Giant Planet

JunoCam onboard NASA's Juno spacecraft captured a close-up view of a storm and bright cloud tops on Jupiter. The U.S space agency encourages the public to download and process raw images from Juno.

Space March 18, 2018

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Is Getting Taller While It Is Shrinking, It Is Also Changing Colors To Orange

Jupiter's Great Red Spot has been shrinking. As it is, the storm is getting taller on the planet. A recent change to the Great Red Spot is that it is also slowly changing colors.

Space March 16, 2018

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Will Disappear In 10 Years

The Great Red Spot on Jupiter will evaporate and die in the next 10 to 20 years. The GRS is actually a superstorm, which has been going on for the past 400 years.

Space February 20, 2018

Here Are The Close-Up Images Of Jupiter's Great Red Spot Thanks To JunoCam And Citizen Scientists

JunoCam has sent in close-up images of Jupiter's most iconic feature, the Great Red Spot. Citizen scientists were quick to take the opportunity to process and enhance the photos.

Space July 16, 2017

Jupiter Has Great Cold Spot That Rivals Gas Planet's Shrinking Red Spot

Just like planet Jupiter's Great Red Spot, the newly discovered Great Cold Spot is bigger than Earth and is technically a weather feature. What are the differences of these two massive spots?

Space April 12, 2017

Jupiter At Opposition: Here’s Why The Giant Planet Shines Brighter And Bigger This Friday Night

New photos from the Hubble Space Telescope reveal breathtaking views of Jupiter. They come in days before Jupiter at opposition, or where the planet forms a straight line with Earth and the sun.

Space April 7, 2017

Planet Jupiter's Great Red Spot Heats Up Upper Atmosphere Of Gas Giant

The Great Red Spot on planet Jupiter is likely behind the high temperature in the gas giant's upper atmosphere. How does the hurricane produce the hot spot?

Space July 28, 2016

Jupiter's Superstorm Is Shrinking: Is Changing Red Spot Evidence Of Climate Change?

The Great Red Spot of Jupiter was found to shrink further. Historical measurements have been defied as the superstorm deviates further away from its original size.

Space October 21, 2015

This Week In Space: The Truth (aka Alien Life) Is (Possibly) Out There, But No One Wants To Give NASA Money

This week in space, we might have our first signs of extraterrestrial life, but we'll never be able to reach them in person if Congress doesn't give NASA funding for its Mars exploration. On the bright side, Scott Kelly takes excellent photos from the ISS.

Space October 16, 2015

Jupiter's Great Red Spot shrinks to 10,250 miles across. What's happening?

Could the Great Red Spot of Jupiter be demoted to just the Red Dot? It's still too early and the scientists have yet to find out why the Jovian "landmark" is shrinking.

Space May 20, 2014

Jupiter's Great Red Spot may soon no longer be great: It's shrinking!

The Great Red Spot of Jupiter is shrinking. The Hubble Space Telescopes shows just how small it is now.

Space May 16, 2014

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