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Skeleton Shows Neanderthal Kids Grew Up Like Modern Human Children

The skeleton of a 7-year-old Neanderthal child revealed that kids of the extinct human species grew up similar to modern humans. Researchers also noted "subtle differences" in growth and development.

Ancient September 24, 2017

Eggs Can Help Boost Growth In Babies: Study

A new study shows that feeding infants one egg daily can improve the child’s nutrition and reduce stunted growth. Parents can introduce egg to babies at 6 months.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 9, 2017

Gene Behind Long Body Of Snake May Help Patients With Spinal Injuries

Researchers have discovered a gene responsible for the long body of snakes. The Oct4 gene may eventually lead to treatment for spinal cord injury.

Animals August 9, 2016

Sprint Returns To Growth, But Faces Hefty Financial Quarterly Loss

Sprint’s results for the last quarter were a mixed bag. On one hand, the company drew a significant number of new post-paid customers, while on the other its profits took a dive.

Business Tech July 25, 2016

Pediatricians To Start Screening For Child Hunger as 7.9 Million US Children Live In Food-Insecure Homes

The AAP urges pediatricians to assess their patients for food insecurities in order to reduce child hunger throughout the US. This is important as malnutrition due to lack of food or nutrient dense ones can lead to unwanted health and growth consequences.

Life October 28, 2015

Consumers Loving Mobile Apps, Especially When it Comes to Shopping

The mobile app shopping sector saw big growth in 2014. Not only are consumers using apps more, they're extremely hungry for e-commerce apps. On the flip side of usage, mobile gaming apps appear to be maturing.

Apps/Software January 9, 2015

Apple Pay Isn't Just for Shopping as Mobile Payment Moves Beyond Retail

Apple Pay is being driven into new territory, accelerated by a burst of peer-to-peer sales. But it will be remote transactions that will fuel the system's success over the long haul.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 17, 2014

Scientists come closer to understanding genetics of height

Researchers found genes associated with skeletal growth and collagen to play a role in determining a person's height as well as genes that are not previously linked with a person's likelihood of becoming tall or short.

Life October 6, 2014

ADHD drugs not linked to stunted growth in children: Study

Some parents are concerned about giving stimulant medications to their children with ADHD for fear that these could stunt growth. New study finds no association between ADHD drugs and height in adulthood.

Life September 2, 2014

Comic-Con has outgrown San Diego, but stubbornly refuses to leave

At what point will Comic-Con International realize that San Diego, beautiful as it may be, just can't accommodate its gargantuan crowds anymore? A big new setback may be the final wake-up call.

Geek September 1, 2014

Yahoo CEO: We survived the worst, stable growth now ahead

CEO Marissa Mayer tells analysts the Internet company is expecting modest growth. Meanwhile she's also busy trying to lure experienced CEOs to her board.

Business April 15, 2014

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