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First 3D-Printed Heart With Human Tissue Offers Hope For Personalized Organs For Transplant

Scientists produce the first ever 3D printed heart complete with blood vessels and cells. Made from tissue taken from a patient, this 'personalized' organ is perfectly matched to the patient and expected to be received by the body without problems.

Medicine April 15, 2019

Chicago Hospital Makes History With Back-To-Back Triple Organ Transplants

A team of surgeons from the University of Chicago Medicine created history by successfully performing back-to-back triple organ transplants. The surgeries lasting 17 and 20 hours replaced failing heart, liver, and kidney of two 29-year-old patients.

Health January 5, 2019

Baboon Lives Half A Year After Pig Heart Transplant

Is xenotransplantation the future? An experiment involving baboons was deemed a success when a baboon survived for a total of 195 days after it had received a pig heart transplant.

Animals December 6, 2018

Houston Hospital Suspends Heart Transplant Program After Patient Deaths

The Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston, Texas has temporarily closed its heart transplant program. There have been three deaths and numerous staff complaints that lead the hospital to investigate the program.

Public Health June 4, 2018

Boy Who Received Heart Transplant Dies On First Day Of School

Ohio teenager who got a new lease on life after a successful transplant collapses on the way to school. He passed away an hour later.

Feature | Health August 20, 2017

Heart Transplant Patient Dies Hours After Giving Birth To Baby Girl

A 31-year-old woman who had received heart transplant surgery died after giving birth to her daughter. She had developed complications hours after the delivery.

July 4, 2017

Teen Dances In Hospital Bed Days After Successful Heart Transplant [Video]

A 15-year-old teen danced in his hospital bed barely a week after he had a heart transplant. The boy from Maryland was born with a heart defect known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

Feature | Health June 13, 2017

Try Not To Cry: On Mother’s Day, Iowa Woman Meets Transplant Patient Who Received Her Late Son’s Heart

On Mother’s Day, Anna Hutt, a mother who lost her teenage son in 2014, meets Gary Flint, the man who had a second chance to live thanks to her son's heart. Learn about this touching organ donation story.

Medicine May 15, 2017

How To Unfreeze Cryopreserved Organs: New Technology Thaws Heart, Kidneys With Minimal Risk Of Tissue Damage

A major scientific breakthrough promises to revolutionize cryopreservation and make organs readily available to patients. The technology minimizes the damage associated with unfreezing cryopreserved tissue.

Biotech March 2, 2017

Bride’s Father Walks Her Down The Aisle Thanks To The Man Who Received His Heart

A heart transplant recipient walked a bride down the aisle so that her deceased father could be there with her. Pennsylvania bride Jeni Stepien was able to have her father with her, thanks to the man who received her father's heart.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 9, 2016

Light-Guided Cyborg Stingray Powered By Living Rat Cells May Lead To Better Artificial Heart

The toenail-sized robotic stingray is powered by genetically-altered rat cells so that it follows a light source. How can this cyborg pave the way for better artificial hearts?

Biotech July 7, 2016

US Will Invest $200 Million To Reduce Organ Transplant Wait List

The U.S. government announced a $200 million investment for reducing the long wait list of organ transplant patients. The government will work with private organizations to increase the number of organ donor registrations.

Medicine June 14, 2016

Man Awaiting Transplant Survived More Than A Year Using Artificial Heart In A Backpack

A 25-year-old man in Michigan was able to survive for 555 days without a heart through the help of an artificial heart that was stored in a backpack. The device helped keep oxygenated blood circulating throughout his body.

Biotech June 9, 2016

A Pig's Heart Survived Inside A Baboon For 945 Days: Is Human Transplant Next?

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have developed a new way to transplant organs between different species without causing adverse effects on the recipient's immune system. The team was able to keep a genetically modified pig's heart beating inside a baboon's body for an average of 945 days.

April 7, 2016

7-Month-Old Infant Gets Heart Transplant After Going Into Cardiac Arrest

A 7-month-old baby in Seattle was revived through a successful heart transplant after going into cardiac arrest. The little boy's family hopes to raise awareness about organ donation.

Life February 28, 2016

World's Longest Surviving Heart Transplant Patient Dies 33 Years After Operation At Age 73

John McCafferty from the United Kingdom, the world's longest living heart transplant patient, died on Tuesday, 33 years after receiving his new organ. In 2013, he surpassed the previously set Guinness world record of 30 years.

Life February 12, 2016

15-Year-Old Teen Wakes Up From Heart Transplant Surgery: 'Happy To Be Awake'

15-year-old Trevor Sullivan woke up from heart transplant surgery happy. The teenager's family learned he needed to undergo the procedure last year when they thought he was coming down with a simple cold.

Life January 25, 2016

Beating Heart-In-A-Box Technology Is Salvaging Organs For Transplant

Disembodied beating hearts are the stuff of horror stories, but a new medical device is turning this creepy concept into a lifesaving strategy. This heart-in-a-box technology has already saved more than a dozen lives.

September 1, 2015

Second Artificial Heart Patient In France 'Feeling Great' After Operation

It’s a new lease on life! A man is the second to receive an artificial heart transplant in France and he’s doing great eight months after the procedure.

Life April 6, 2015

Artificial Hearts Are Saving 3 In 4 Patients Awaiting Transplants

A study shows three-quarters of patients using SynCardia artificial hearts for more than a year received successful heart transplants. The results come as the FDA has given SynCardia approval to study the effectiveness of the devices for permanent use.

Life February 23, 2015

Many Donated Hearts Rejected, Say Experts: Heart Transplant List Growing At Alarming Rate

Donor hearts are hard enough to come by. Still, many of them are being rejected as the list of patients needing transplants continues to grow, according to a study.

Life February 11, 2015

Australian doctors transplant 'dead' heart in breakthrough surgery

A donor heart that had already stopped beating was used in a successful transplant, doctors report. The procedure could lead to an increase in the number of available donors.

Life October 26, 2014

Surgeons in Australia transplant 'dead heart' into living patients

Surgeons in Australia have been able to make a dead heart beat again and transplanted the organ to a patient. The breakthrough procedure opens up possibilities for the reduction of the shortage of organs that are donated for transplants.

Life October 24, 2014

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