An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is paving the way for a one-of-a-kind solution to AirPods users' problems.

Called the Air.Wear, it's a wearable battery strap that's being touted as the "smallest AirPod charger," aiming to "replace the case."

Air.Wear vs. Charging Case

Apple released the AirPods back in 2016, and the wireless earbuds have been popular since then. However, users have been facing a couple of issues with them, mainly misplacing them and charging them.

Benjamin Farkas, the person behind Air.Wear, piles on the list, adding that the charging case coupled with a wallet is bulky in the pocket. He also puts the spotlight on other competing products, implying that they aren't much of a solution to the portability issue.

Basically, the Air.Wear is a strap for the AirPods that can charge them, and it promises to offer four full charges before it needs to be juiced up itself. It connects to the buds and keeps them secure via a magnetic locking system. In the future, Farkas said it's going to have a volume controller as well — that is, assuming it takes off.

Supporting Air.Wear

The crowdfunding campaign for Air.Wear is currently up on Indiegogo. At the time of this writing, the Super Early Bird perk has already been sold out, but the Early Bird option is still available for $30. For those who just want to support the product, there's the $5 option, and doubling that amount nets the supporter a newsletter subscription so that they can stay up-to-date with any progress or development.

The goal is $50,000, and it has 57 days remaining. Earliest shipments are expected to roll out sometime in March 2019 if it's successful.

To sum things up, the Air.Wear wants to replace the "bulky" AirPods charging case. If it does become a big hit, then it could be one interesting, easy-to-carry alternative, not to mention that it could become the first AirPods charger that isn't a case.

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