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Pentagon Ordered To Investigate Conspiracy Theory That Government Experiments Weaponized Ticks

New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith cited books and articles that claim government facilities did experiments to turn ticks into bioweapons. The Department of Defense is investigating if the insects escaped the labs.

Biotech July 18, 2019

Bees Are The First Known Insect To Understand The Concept Of Numerical Symbols

Bees are the mathematical geniuses of the insect world. These tiny buzzers can not only do simple arithmetic, but new research said they can also associate symbols to numbers.

Animals June 5, 2019

Tiny 8-Legged 'Face Mites' Feed On Human Skin Oil

Experts from the California Academy of Sciences described microscopic arachnids found thriving inside the pores of human skin. These creatures, known as Demodex, often crawl onto the skin's surface and mate with each other while their hosts sleep.

Animals May 23, 2019

These Are The US Cities With Worst Mosquito Infestation

Diseases from vectors are becoming increasingly common, so it's important to protect yourself from vectors, especially mosquitoes. Find out if your city is part of Orkin's list of top mosquito cities in the country.

Public Health May 22, 2019

Maggot Sausage, Insect Ice Cream Are A Part Of Future Cuisine, Says Scientist

Are you willing to try maggots, larvae, and other insects in your food? Australian scientist said that it's time for humans needs to open their minds to alternative protein sources.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 2, 2019

Britain Suffering From Loss Of Pollinating Insects

Researchers warned that species of wild bees and hoverfly are disappearing. If the decline of pollinating insect populations continues, the researchers warned that it could lead to loss of natural resources in the future.

Animals March 28, 2019

Marigold’s Natural Weapon Inspires Safer And Cheaper Alternative To Pesticides

Marigolds naturally repel whiteflies from tomato plants even without the aid of pesticides. Marigolds emit a chemical called limonene, which repels away pests without killing it.

Earth/Environment March 3, 2019

New Antibiotic Discovered In Insect-Associated Microbes

Researchers were able to create a new antibiotic from the microbes that they found in insects. They collected over 2,000 insects, tested over 10,000 microbes, and had to do 50,000 tests to see the microbes' antibiotic capabilities.

Feature | Science February 3, 2019

Switching Street Lights Off At Midnight May Help Nocturnal Insect Pollinators

Light pollution can apparently also affect our food supply because it can affect the pollination of nocturnal insects such as moths. Here's a simple solution to help these pollinators.

Animals January 22, 2019

Tiny Sensor Turns Bees Into Live Drones That Can Monitor Farm Crops

A group of researchers from the University of Washington created a technology that will enable bees to become a drone. Unlike man-made techs, the insects can fly up to seven hours.

Innovators/Innovations December 14, 2018

Climate Change Could Have Damaging Effect On Male Insect Fertility Says Study

A new study discovered evidence that climate change is contributing to the collapse of biodiversity worldwide. After scientists had exposed the beetles to heatwaves, they found that the insects produced less sperm and fewer offsprings.

Animals November 14, 2018

Warming Climate May Cause Insect Pests To Eat More Crops: Study

New research finds that warming climate may increase the metabolism and population of crop pests, meaning larger pest population will hunger for more vital crops. Can farmers combat this issue?

Earth/Environment August 31, 2018

New Breed Of Wasp With Exceptionally Large Stinger Discovered In The Amazon

Scientists discovered a new breed of wasp in the Amazonian rainforest that have exceptionally long stinger. The stinger is used not only to inject venom to the enemy but also to lay eggs.

Animals July 7, 2018

Light Pollution Linked To Decline In Insect Population: Here's How Artificial Lighting At Night Can Affect You

Light pollution has contributed to the declining population of insects. Exposure to artificial light at night has also been associated with a range of impact on human health.

Earth/Environment June 19, 2018

New Exotic Tick Species Is Spreading In The US

On top of the increase in ticks this season, US residents may also have to be wary of a new species. The East Asia native ticks had been found to be spreading across New Jersey, where it was first found.

Public Health May 13, 2018

Woman Had Cockroach Stuck In Ear For 9 Days: Here Is Why Live Insects Could Crawl Into Your Body

Experts said cockroaches in the ear are not unusual because these insects are always looking for food. In the case of a Florida woman, it took nine days before parts of the cockroach’s body were completely removed from her ear.

Public Health May 5, 2018

Taj Mahal Is Changing Color From Ivory White To Yellow And Now Brown And Green

The change in color of the Taj Mahal from Ivory White to green and brown had been a subject of a hearing in India. Justices believed that foreign intervention is needed to address the palace’s decaying color.

Earth/Environment May 2, 2018

The Origami-Like Wings Of Earwigs Could Inform How We Design Foldable Devices

A team of researchers just studied how an earwig folds and unfurls its wings, which appear to employ mechanisms that violate the rules of origami. It’s yet another case of nature influencing design and technology.

Animals March 23, 2018

Cockroach DNA Reveals Why These Household Pests Are Hard To Kill

DNA analysis revealed that roaches have expanded set of genes that allow them to thrive in filthy environments and consume toxic food. These genes also include those that allow these bugs to regrow broken limbs.

Animals March 21, 2018

New Classification Identifies Termites As Cockroaches With Social Hierarchies

Termites no longer have their own order in the insect kingdom. An update on the master list of insect names identified termites as a member of the cockroach family Blattodea.

Animals March 3, 2018

Not So Silent After All: Caterpillars Actually Whistle Like Tea Kettles

If you thought that caterpillars don’t make sounds, then you couldn't have been more wrong. The insects actually use the same mechanism as a whistling kettle to cry when attacked by predators.

Animals February 27, 2018

Bed Bugs Found To Poop Chemical Making Humans Sick

Suffering from allergic reactions like a runny nose or skin rash? A new study involving bed bug poop suggests the culprit may be living right in your bedroom.

Animals February 14, 2018

This Is How Cockroaches Survive After Ramming Head First Into Concrete Walls

Cockroaches are among the fastest in the insect world. However, its speed is not the only reason why it could survive collisions without getting injured.

Animals February 14, 2018

Termite-Hunting Matabele Ants Treat Wounded Comrades By Licking Them

The sub-Saharan Matabele ants rescue their wounded mates in the battlefield, bring them back to their nests, and take turns to lick the wounded legs. Does this behavior help save lives?

Animals February 14, 2018

Venus Flytraps Do Not Eat Insects That Pollinate Their Flowers

The Venus flytrap avoids eating bees and beetles that pollinate its flowers. How does the carnivorous plants avoid gobbling up pollinators that help it reproduce?

Earth/Environment February 8, 2018

Epilepsy Drug May Cure Lethal Centipede Bites: Study

Centipede bites have no known treatment until a recent study suggested an anticonvulsant prescribed for epilepsy. This recommendation comes after scientists pinned down SsTx, the toxin that makes the insect’s venom deadly.

Animals January 24, 2018

Population Of Flying Insects Drops By 75 Percent Over 27 Years

A new study shows that the population of flying insects in Germany’s nature reserves has dropped significantly by 75 percent over a period of 27 years. Scientists say the drop could place ecosystems in jeopardy.

Animals October 20, 2017

Female Dragonflies Fake Death To Avoid Sexual Harassment

A zoologist made a surprising discovery while observing odonates in the Swiss Alps. Female dragonflies pretend to die when harassed by males that wish to mate.

Animals April 30, 2017

Mead Johnson Faces Lawsuit Over Dead Insects Found On Baby Formula Enfamil

Paulina Rodriguez claimed to have found insects on Enfamil milk formula on four different occasions, one of which was captured on video. An earlier whistleblower lawsuit is connected to Rodriguez's claims.

Public Health April 11, 2017

WATCH: Caterpillar Discovered In Peru Builds And Crawls In Strange Leafy 'Armor'

YouTube star and real-life biologist, Joe Hanson, discovered a unique caterpillar while filming his documentary show in the Peruvian Amazon. The crawling insect builds its own moving shelter out of leaves.

Animals January 31, 2017

Dinosaur-Era Insect Found Preserved In Amber Looks Like An Alien

An insect that lived during the time of the dinosaurs resembled the appearance of E.T. Its features were unique enough that scientists placed it into its own order.

Animals January 26, 2017

3.5 Trillion Insects Take To Skies Every Year Over UK To Migrate

There are a whole lot more insects than you realize. In the UK, 3.5 trillion bugs have been revealed to take to the skies every year to undertake migratory movement.

Earth/Environment December 24, 2016

Researchers Uncover Clues To Heart Disease: Thanks, Thai Water Bug

Heart disease has long been a topic for studies and researchers continue to explore ways to shed light on the health condition. Now, researchers have tapped a surprising study aid: the Thai water bug.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 3, 2016

Hawaii Yellow-Faced Bees To Receive Protection Under Endangered Species Act

Seven species of yellow-faced bee that are native to Hawaii received federal protection under the Endangered Species Act. The listing is the first for any bee in the U.S.

Animals September 30, 2016

Rusty-Patched Bumblebees May Soon Join List Of Endangered Species

Wildlife officials in the United States have proposed to place the rusty-patched bumblebee under the protection of the Endangered Species Act. If it happens, the bumblebee will be the first bee species to achieve this status.

Animals September 26, 2016

18-Year Study Finds Link Between Neonicotinoid Pesticides And Decline Of Bee Populations

A new study that involved 60 species of bees and used field data spanning 18 years supported findings of earlier smaller studies. The insecticide neonicotinoid is linked to population decline in bees.

Animals August 17, 2016

Scientists Sequence The Genome Of This Hungry Caterpillar

The tobacco hornworm is a caterpillar known for eating too much before turning into the Carolina sphinx moth. In a new study, researchers successfully sequenced the genome of this hungry caterpillar.

Animals August 15, 2016

Swarm Of Bees Escapes Hives, Attacks Shoppers In Walmart Parking Lot

A swarm of thousands of bees escaped and stung people in a Walmart parking lot. Three people were hospitalized as a result of the bee attack.

Animals August 7, 2016

Wealthier Households Have More Diverse Insect Populations

Scientists at UC Berkley found that richer households tend to have more diverse populations of insects indoors than poorer homes. This phenomenon may have something to do with the presence of more green spaces in affluent houses.

Animals August 4, 2016

2 New Ant Species Remind Scientists Of 'Game Of Thrones' Dragons

The dragon ants are coming. Two new species of ants with strange spikes resemble the dragons in 'Game of Thrones' so much that scientists have decided to name the species after them.

Animals July 27, 2016

How Did Insects Use Camouflage 100 Million Years Ago?

Insects were using pieces of the natural world for camouflage, even 100 million years ago. What secrets are fossils trapped in amber revealing to biologists?

Ancient June 25, 2016

Insects Are World’s First Farmers: Termites Started Farming About 25 Million Years Before Human Agriculture

The oldest fossil evidence of agriculture shows that termites started to tap on farming millions of years before humans did. How did farming impacted the evolution of these social insects?

Animals June 25, 2016

Yamuna Bug Causes India's Taj Mahal To Turn Green

The Taj Mahal is turning green, prompting officials to start investigations. The reason for the discoloration is said to be the Yamuna bugs.

Feature | Science May 23, 2016

Robobee Can Land Anywhere Thanks To Static Electricity

A drone the size of an insect has been designed by researchers with a unique ability - being able to rest. Why is this such an important development in the evolution of these electronic devices?

Robotics May 22, 2016

How Dancing Dung Beetles Capture 'Sky Photographs' To Navigate The World

Researchers from Lund University studied how dung beetles are able to navigate their way using the Milky Way lights. Dung beetles dance while taking sky photographs to guide their way.

Animals May 14, 2016

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