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Simulated CAPTCHA Solver Proves This Web Security Feature Will Soon Be Unreliable

A simulated CAPTCHA attack conducted by computer engineers from China and UK showed that websites are vulnerable and need multi-layer security. Researchers reported that website owners should consider discarding CAPTCHAs for future use.

Security December 8, 2018

Researchers Develop High-Speed Quantum Encryption, And It Might Just Be The Future Of Cybersecurity

The key to a secure and safe internet might just be quantum encryption. A team of researchers have developed a new encryption system that’s basically hack-proof, potentially improving the state of cybersecurity.

Security November 27, 2017

Unsecured Data Warehouse Exposed Almost All American Voters To Risk

The 2016 election may be over, but the consequences live on. A Republican-affiliated data firm left the data of nearly 200 million Americans in an unsecured data warehouse.

Security June 20, 2017

Cloudflare Leak: How Bad Is CloudBleed And What You Should Do

You might have heard of the Cloudflare leak and you might be worried if you're affected by Cloudbleed. Here are the details you need to know.

Security February 25, 2017

Which Is The Safest Among Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox?

A study shows that Microsoft Edge is the safer browser to use for Windows 10 users. Read on to find out if this claim is true.

Internet January 29, 2017

LastPass Multi-Device Access Now Free: You Can Now Manage Passwords Across Devices Without Spending A Dime

LastPass' multi-device support, a feature that has probably driven most of its premium subscribers to upgrade, has just been made free. Now, LastPass passwords are instantly accessible from PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones for all users.

Security November 3, 2016

Chinese Firm Confirms Its DVRs, Internet-Connected Cameras Were Pawns In Friday's DDoS Attack

A Chinese electronics maker confirmed that its DVRs and internet-connected cameras were used as pawns in Friday's massive DDoS attack. Mirai malware-powered botnets were behind at least some of the disruption that took down Reddit, Netflix, Twitter and others.

Security October 23, 2016

Internet Service Recovering After Cyberattacks That Took Down Twitter, Netflix, Reddit And More, But Should We Brace For Worse?

A wave of at least two cyberattacks destabilized the internet and crippled major websites such as Netflix, Reddit, Spotify, Twitter and others. Services have resumed, but these massive DDoS attacks on DNS servers are just the beginning.

Security October 21, 2016

Researchers Find Security Issues With Samsung’s SmartThings, While Report Shows 6 In 10 Internet Users Concerned With Privacy

About 80 percent were 'concerned' that their information was being bought or sold on the Internet, or it was being monitored.

Security May 2, 2016

11 Incidents Of Fiber Optic Cable Cutting Reveals Security Issues On Infrastructure

For all our talk on cybersecurity, we still remain vulnerable as long as attackers can easily access the physical Internet infrastructure.

Business July 2, 2015

Google Warns Password Security Questions Aren't That Secure

Google posted a study of security questions, revealing that security questions don't make accounts as safe as expected.

Internet May 21, 2015

Google Patches Password Alert Protection After First Flaw ... But Another Flaw Emerges

Google trades blows with a cybersecurity consultant who pointed out flaws in Chrome's anti-phishing extension. It only took seven lines of code to stun the extension.

Internet May 4, 2015

Homeland Security Eyes Silicon Valley Office, Warns Of Risks Of Unbreakable Encryption

The Feds claim the new office will help them recruit smart security leaders and foster better relationships with tech players. Some believe, however, it is a way for Washington to increase pressure on tech players and access data more easily.

Internet April 22, 2015

CES 2015: Internet of Things Is Buzzword Despite Security Concerns

While CES 2015 saw the announcement of a number of great new products, the Internet of Things stole the show. Although IoT products may be taking off, many are concerned about the security implications of such devices.

Internet January 12, 2015

Geek Gift: Top 3 Free PC Antivirus, Internet Security Tools

Operating a PC without any third-party antivirus software puts digital life at risk and there's no need to kick off a new year doing that. The support and girth of premium antivirus tools are worth every cent, but these free tools can get the job done quick in the meantime.

Apps/Software December 17, 2014

North Korea Deems Sony Pictures Hack and Celebs Data Leak 'Righteous Deed': Here's Why

“We didn't do it but we’re happy you’re hacked.” That is what Pyongyang tells Sony Pictures amidst reports that the massive hack is being traced to the North Korean leadership.

Internet December 8, 2014

You cannot hide from canvas fingerprinting. Here's what you need to know

They're on to you! Spying isn't just for criminal activity anymore as canvas fingerprinting doesn't discriminate, tracks down anyone it can access.

Internet July 27, 2014

UK's GCHQ with wide range of hacking, propaganda tools, Snowden archive reveals

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden disclosed documents showing the alleged hacking and other malicious activities of UK’s National Security Agency. Read on for juicy details we’ve gathered from an online publication.

Internet July 18, 2014

Data breaches cost New York a hefty $1.3B in damages, says AG report

It's been a tough year for New York state businesses and consumers, as Internet data breaches and hacking have rung up over $1.3 billion in damages and recovery costs. A new report by New York's Attorney General breaks down the situation.

Business Tech July 15, 2014

Google Project Zero aims to make Internet a safer place

Here they come to save the day. Google launches an ambitious bug-squashing Project Zero, recruiting the best hacking minds to ensure the triumph of good over evil in the wild and wooly Internet.

Business Tech July 15, 2014

Experts find smart TV 'red button' vulnerability and put you at risk

The "red button" flaw is a very dangerous threat to home network security. Hackers only need equipment worth $450 to attack more than 20,000 devices all at once.

Gadgets June 12, 2014

Chrome users can now only install plug-ins coming from the Web Store

Google is also taking down NPAPI plug-ins, as the company aims to increase Chrome's speed and security.

Apps/Software May 29, 2014

EBay initially thought customer's data was safe, authorities see red

At least three states have vowed to probe the eBay customer account security breach after the auction site announced that hackers were able to infiltrate its system. The company reported the breach a couple of months after it happened. Now 233 million eBay users are seeing red.

Business May 24, 2014

Hackers attack U.S. public utility, compromises control of systems: Homeland Security

Homeland Security says a public utility has been breached due to an antiquated password mechanism that hackers can easily break into using simple brute force.

Internet May 21, 2014

Microsoft has heard your cries by releasing IE patch for Windows XP

Surprise, surprise, Microsoft has chosen to release a fix for the 0-day bug, and Windows XP users are among the mix. However, XP users should not expect future security updates from the company going forward.

Apps/Software May 5, 2014

Did Google hide its knowledge of the Heartbleed Bug?

Reports are surfacing that Google may have known about the Heartbleed Bug. The question now is whether this in a violation of the tech world's norms and if Google used it to its advantage against rivals.

Internet April 21, 2014

NSA claims ignorance about Heartbleed bug: Surprised?

The NSA has denied knowledge about the Heartbleed bug and exploiting it even before reports came out, but critics have doubts to such claims of the agency.

Internet April 13, 2014

Heartbleed Bug: OpenSSL nightmare becomes reality, everyone might be eavesdropping over the Internet

There's a serious bug that has been existing for two years already but only revealed today. Security experts warn everyone of possible compromise of data. The bug has been dubbed as Heartbleed, which leaves no trace at all following any kind of attacks. Understand what it is and learn how you can protect yourself and your business from this vulnerability.

Business Tech April 9, 2014

Turkish ISPs intercept Google DNS services to spy on Internet users

The Turkish government allegedly has intercepted Google DNS. What does this mean for Internet users?

Internet March 31, 2014

Target credit card data breach: Retailer not alone in making disastrous Intenet security decisions

Target's decision to ignore a threat warning from its own security system may seem particularly ignorant, but the retailer is in good company. Many corporations fail to act when told their system is vulnerable to hackers.

Business March 15, 2014

Huge DDoS attack hits Cloudflare: What does it mean for Internet security?

Hackers carried out a massive Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against a Cloudflare client on Monday. The attack hit a record-breaking 400Gbps and Cloudflare security experts warned that this attack is the "start of ugly things to come."

Internet February 12, 2014

Germany probing 16 mn hacked email accounts

At least 16 million email accounts in Germany were found to have their security compromised, according to an investigation by the Federal Office for Information Security.

Internet January 22, 2014

123456 tops list of Adobe's hacked user passwords

Despite Adobe advising users for having strong and complex passwords, they prefer to remain in their comfort zone and create passwords such as '123456' or 'letmein' or even just 'password'.

Society November 10, 2013

Microsoft awards hacking expert $100k for plugging Windows 8 security hole

Microsoft paid a hacker big money for locating security threats within its software.

Apps/Software October 10, 2013

Blackhole malware toolkit creator Paunch arrested in Russia

The man behind the Blackhole exploit is now behind bars. Big win for security forces against cybercriminals.

Internet October 10, 2013

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