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Sexist Trolls Undermine Katherine Bouman's Role In Black Hole Image

Her work in taking the first image of a black hole has gained Katie Bouman overnight fame. Unfortunately, sexist trolls were also quick to try and pass the credit to a white male scientist.

Feature | Science April 13, 2019

200,000 Tweets By Troll Accounts During 2016 Election Leaked

Twitter decided to deal with the effects of Russian meddling by deleting the tweets from Russian troll accounts. Two hundred thousand of those deleted tweets were leaked.

Defense February 20, 2018

Twitter Wants You To Steer Clear Of Trolls, Launches Feature That Lets You Mute Strangers

Twitter just rolled out new options that will enable users to mute notifications from certain accounts. By accessing the Advanced Filters settings, users can now choose to avoid receiving notifications from trolls and users who spew abusive content.

Internet July 11, 2017

Science Unveils Techniques To Effectively Win Arguments On Facebook

Want to become a connoisseur in the art and science of online debate? Researchers from Cornell University have found an effective technique in winning over an argument on Facebook or Reddit, like a boss.

Society February 12, 2016

In The Name Of Operational Security, Cat Facts Coder Makes Twitter Users 'Meow' At Edward Snowden

A programmer made waves on Twitter with his awareness campaign on online security. Users who shared their phone number online got their inboxes littered with cat facts, and the only way to end the catilicious info overload involved Edward Snowden.

Internet November 21, 2015

Twitter Now Lets You Share Your Blocked List: Buh-Bye Trolls

Twitter beefs up security measures for its users. The social network has admitted its struggles in combating trolls and bullies and is still trying to improve.

Internet June 11, 2015

The Dancing Man Enjoys Star-Studded Party In Hollywood: Sorry, Internet Trolls

The Dancing Man has the last laugh as he rubs elbows and dances the night away with celebrities in Hollywood after being a victim of online bullying.

Internet Culture May 25, 2015

Google Funds Algorithm That Targets Internet Trolls For Banning

Google recently funded a study by Stanford and Cornell scientists that resulted in an algorithm that can identify and target Internet trolls for banning with an 80 percent accuracy rate.

Internet Culture April 22, 2015

Survey finds men are harassed more, but women endure harsher forms of trolling

A new survey from the Pew Research Center found that men are slightly more likely to suffer from Internet harassment, but women endure harsher forms of trolling.

Internet Culture October 22, 2014

Twitter will remove tweets, images of deceased under new policy

Twitter trolls and sociopaths have been feasting on the deaths of Robin Williams, Michael Brown and James Foley this week. In response, the company has suspended offending accounts and created a new policy for removing abusive messages and imagery.

Internet August 20, 2014

Twitter will remove images of deceased to respect family members

Social media site Twitter announced Tuesday that it will make changes to its policy to prevent the spread of offensive and graphic images of the deceased. Family members can now request for images and video of their lost loved ones to be removed.

Internet Culture August 20, 2014

Robin Williams' daughter quits social media after being bullied

The daughter of Robin Williams quit Twitter and Instagram after Internet trolls sent her graphic photoshopped images. Zelda Williams’ accounts are still active, but she reported that she deleted the apps so she can heal.

Movies/TV Shows August 13, 2014

Who really are internet trolls? Read on if you dare…

Experts from the University of Manitoba have concluded that online trolls are mostly sadists. The other two classifications are no better - self-centered and manipulative.

Internet February 17, 2014

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