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Scientists Find Telltale Signs Of Water On Ultima Thule

New Horizons mission scientists found traces of water ice, methanol, and organic materials on the surface of Ultima Thule. The Kuiper Belt object is the farthest ever explored by the spacecraft.

Space May 21, 2019

New Horizons' Latest Image Of Ultima Thule Is The Best View Yet

New Horizons' latest image Ultima Thule is the best view of the object yet. It is the first small KBO ever explored by a spacecraft.

Space January 25, 2019

New Horizons Spacecraft To Do A New Year's Flyby Of Kuiper Belt Object Ultima Thule

New Horizons will flyby object 2014 MU69, also referred to as Ultima Thule, on Jan. 1, 2019 at 12:33 a.m. It will be the first time that a spacecraft has explored the region which is made up of trillions of celestial objects.

Space October 7, 2018

New Theory About Trans-Neptunian Objects Fails To Completely Debunk Planet Nine

A new theory suggests gravity of smaller space debris could explain the strange orbits of Sedna and other trans-Neptunian objects. Here's why it failed to debunk the existence of Planet Nine.

Space June 7, 2018

Exiled Asteroid May Have Been Kicked Out Into Kuiper Belt By Young Gas Giants

Gas giants such as Saturn and Jupiter may have thrown out the carbon-rich asteroid 2004 EW95 into the Kuiper Belt, beyond Neptune during the early stages of the Solar System’s formation. How did this happen?

Space May 11, 2018

Exiled Asteroid Discovered Past Neptune In Kuiper Belt: How Did It Get All The Way Out There?

Scientists have discovered the first carbon-rich asteroid found in the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune. The asteroid has originally formed between Mars and Jupiter.

Space May 10, 2018

Exploring Ultima Thule: New Horizons' Next Target MU69 Gets Mythical Nickname

New Horizons' next flyby target has been given the nickname Ultima Thule, which is used for places 'beyond the known world.' As the most primitive and distant object to be explored in history, the name fits MU69 just perfectly.

Space March 16, 2018

NASA Makes History: New Horizons Captures Photos At Greatest Distance From Earth

Last December, the New Horizons spacecraft snapped images of objects along Kuiper Belt. At billions of kilometers away in outer space, these photos set the record for being the farthest to be captured from Earth.

Space February 12, 2018

Dwarf Planet Pluto Surface Features Get First Official Names

Pluto is getting the attention it deserves as the official names for 14 of its surface features were recently announced. Some of the dwarf planet's features were named after mythologies around the world.

Space September 8, 2017

Planet 9 Out, Planet 10 In? What We Know About The Planet Potentially Hiding At Solar System’s Edge

New observations offer evidence that a Planet 10 may be hiding closer to home based on its effects on Kuiper Belt objects. How does this affect the search for Planet 9 and other worlds in the outer solar system?

Space June 27, 2017

Kuiper Belt Tilt Suggests Planet 10 Could Be Lurking At The Edge Of The Solar System

Scientists from the University of Arizona found evidence of a planetary mass object possibly the size of Mars in the outskirts of the Kuiper Belt. Could this be a hidden member of our solar system?

Space June 24, 2017

NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Now Halfway Between Pluto And Target Remote Asteroid

The New Horizons spacecraft has reached the halfway point between Pluto and its target Kuiper Belt object, 2014 MU69. What's in store for the probe known for its historic Pluto flyby last year?

Space April 7, 2017

Solar System Could Have More Than 100 Planets

A group of scientists is proposing a new definition that would classify celestial objects as planets. If the new criteria get adopted, the Solar System could be home of more than 100 planets, which would include the Earth's moon.

Space March 19, 2017

Young Solar System 300 Light-Years Away Shows Scientists How Planets Evolve

Astronomers studying a recently discovered planet gain new insight into how solar systems are formed. Unlike other planets, this one exists outside its debris disk.

Space March 18, 2017

Ever Wondered What A Pluto Landing Would Be Like? Let NASA Show You

Getting to Pluto was one of NASA’s biggest achievements and the space agency has shared a video showing what the view would have been like if you were landing on the dwarf planet.

Space January 21, 2017

New Study Reveals Similarities, Relationships Between Chemicals Found On Comets

A new research has revealed that there are profound similarities and relationships between certain chemicals existing on 30 different comets despite variations in the comets' overall composition. The study is vital in knowing more about the birth of the solar system.

Space December 6, 2016

NASA Finally Has All The Data From New Horizons Pluto Flyby In 2015

NASA's New Horizons Pluto mission has sent back the last bit of data on the Pluto flyby. Traveling 3.1 billion miles, the data had segments of the Pluto moon Charon captured by the Ralph/LEISA.

Space October 29, 2016

Pluto Emits X-Ray: Scientists Baffled How Dwarf Planet Releases Radiation

Observations made through NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory revealed Pluto emits X-rays. Why are astronomers puzzled by the radiation from the dwarf planet?

Space September 18, 2016

NASA Pluto Probe New Horizons To Fly By Another Object In The Kuiper Belt

2014 MU69 is believed to be one of the first building blocks of the Solar System and may shed light on planetary accretion. NASA's New Horizons is set to visit this icy Kuiper belt object by 2019.

Space July 4, 2016

New Horizons Headed For Summer Trip To 2014 MU69?

A Kuiper Belt object named MU69 could be a relic from the earliest days of our solar system. And this summer's blockbuster in science may be a visit to the distant body by the New Horizons spacecraft.

Space May 21, 2016

New Horizons Images First Kuiper Belt Object Past Pluto

New Horizons has sent its first scientific data on an object beyond the orbit of Pluto. What do these new observations tell astronomers about objects at the edge of the solar system?

Space May 19, 2016

Makemake Is Not Alone: Hubble Detects Dark Moon Around The Dwarf Planet

The second brightest icy dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt is not alone. NASA's Hubble Space telescope has detected a small, dark moon around Makemake, revealing insight about dwarf planet systems.

Space April 27, 2016

What's All The Fuss About Planet Nine: Just Another Planet Or Something Scientists Are Worried About?

Heard about Planet Nine? The theoretical planet is getting many astronomers all fired up trying to know what, where, and how it is, so here’s a guide for you.

Space April 10, 2016

Cassini Probe May Help Find Planet Nine

Some observations on the Cassini spacecraft, which is orbiting Saturn, are fueling hope that the elusive Planet Nine may soon be detected.

Space April 8, 2016

New Evidence Suggests Solar System's Planet Nine Exists

The hypothetical Planet Nine may or may not exist beyond the outer solar system, but scientists believe they found new evidence to support its presence. The evidence is supported by eccentric objects lining up in the Kuiper Belt.

Space March 30, 2016

NASA's New Horizons Sets Eye On 2014 MU69

The science team behind the New Horizons project is now planning to send the spacecraft to an object in the Kuiper Belt known as 2014 MU69 for its next mission. The space probe will head to this destination as soon as it finishes its exploration of the Pluto system.

Space February 26, 2016

Some Scientists Interested In Searching For 'Planet X'

The New Horizons probe is set to explore Kuiper belt and the mission could eventually confirm the existence of the Planet X that some scientists think lies hidden in this region.

Space September 6, 2015

After Pluto, New Horizons Aims For Kuiper Belt But Where Is The Spacecraft Now?

New Horizon already made its historic flyby on Pluto but its mission isn't over yet. NASA said that its next flyby destination would likely be a KBO called 2014 MU69.

Space September 1, 2015

New Horizons Given New Target A Billion Miles Beyond Pluto: 2014 MU69 Kuiper Belt Object

Following the flyby of Pluto that NASA's New Horizons spacecraft recently performed, NASA has come up with a new mission - to fly the spacecraft to a Kuiper belt object almost a billion miles past Pluto.

Space August 30, 2015

New Horizons: What's Next After Mission To Pluto?

After exploring the Pluto system, the New Horizons spacecraft will proceed to the Kuiper belt to conduct further surveys before it finally uses up all of its energy supply.

Space July 20, 2015

Submission Window For IAU Pluto Naming Campaign Ends This Friday

NASA has announced that the IAU Pluto naming campaign will end until midnight Friday, April 24, 2015. All the names received can be a possible title for the features that will be revealed at Pluto or its moon Charon.

Space April 24, 2015

Organic Molecules Found Circling Nearby Star — Possible Building Blocks Of Life?

Complex molecules, similar to what started life on Earth, were found circling a young, distant star.

Space April 8, 2015

NASA New Horizons Spacecraft Set to Snap Close-ups of Pluto

The New Horizons space probe is ready to take its first photos of Pluto. However, Pluto will only be visible as a speck of light in the first set of images taken by the spacecraft.

Space January 26, 2015

Our Solar System May Be Hiding Two More Planets Beyond Pluto: Study

Scientists suspect that there may be at least two planets bigger than the Earth that belong to the solar system and are located beyond Pluto.

Space January 17, 2015

New Horizons Probe Wakes Up, Gets Ready for Date with Pluto

After nearly nine years of journeying mostly in hibernation mode, NASA's New Horizons is now awake. The probe will prepare for the start of its mission to study the dwarf planet Pluto.

Space December 7, 2014

NASA New Horizons Preps for Historic Pluto Flyby: Spacecraft will Wake Up on Saturday

The New Horizons spacecraft will wake up from hibernation on December 6 for the last time, preparing for mankind's first encounter with Pluto.

Space December 6, 2014

Pluto-Bound NASA Spacecraft New Horizons Will Wake Up on December 6

The New Horizons spacecraft has been travelling toward Pluto since 2006. On Dec. 6, it will wake up from hibernation to prepare for its long-awaited encounter with the dwarf planet in January 2015.

Space December 2, 2014

New Horizons isn't tired yet: Spacecraft discovers three Kuiper Belt objects

Three Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO) have been spotted, potential targets for the New Horizons spacecraft after its close encounter with Pluto.

Space October 16, 2014

What’s after Pluto? NASA picks objects in the Kuiper belt for New Horizons mission

NASA recently used the Hubble Space Telescope to detect objects in the Kuiper Belt for potential future missions for its New Horizons spacecraft after it flies by Pluto next year.

Geek October 16, 2014

NASA New Horizons spacecraft flies by Neptune. Next stop: Pluto

New Horizons, headed to Pluto, has just passed the orbit of Neptune, setting a new speed record for the journey.

Space August 27, 2014

New Horizons spacecraft just a year away from Pluto

On this day next year, astronomers will be receiving the most detailed images of Pluto’s surface mankind has ever taken. Welcome to the edge of the solar system, humanity.

Space July 14, 2014

Hubble Space Telescope spots two new objects beyond Pluto - will we soon visit these icy bodies?

The New Horizons Spacecraft could visit bodies unknown until recently and first theorized in science fiction.

Space July 6, 2014

Saturn moon Titan may pre-date Saturn

Evidence in the atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan suggests the moon is older than its parent planet. Titan shows similarities to ancient comets from the far reaches of the solar system, researchers say.

Space June 25, 2014

Hubble Space Telescope to help New Horizons find post-Pluto destination

NASA's Hubble telescope will help New Horizons spacecraft find a collection of Kuiper Belt objects to visit after the probe completes its fly-by of Pluto and Pluto's moon Charon in 2015.

Space June 18, 2014

Hubble hunts for Pluto probe New Horizon's next target

New Horizons is headed for Pluto and its system of moons. Where to next? Astronomers could turn to the Hubble Space Telescope in the hunt for a Kuiper Belt Object as the spacecraft's next destination.

Space June 17, 2014

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