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Switching Street Lights Off At Midnight May Help Nocturnal Insect Pollinators

Light pollution can apparently also affect our food supply because it can affect the pollination of nocturnal insects such as moths. Here's a simple solution to help these pollinators.

Animals January 22, 2019

Light Pollution Linked To Decline In Insect Population: Here's How Artificial Lighting At Night Can Affect You

Light pollution has contributed to the declining population of insects. Exposure to artificial light at night has also been associated with a range of impact on human health.

Earth/Environment June 19, 2018

Check Out New York City Without Light Pollution

New York without light pollution is a gorgeous place. That’s exactly what the Skyglow project wanted to illustrate ahead of the upcoming Dark Sky Week, which encourages people to turn off their lights.

Earth/Environment April 7, 2018

Light Pollution Is Spreading: Here's How This Will Affect Human Health

Using satellite data, researchers found that Earth gets brighter at night because of artificial lighting. What are some of the potential effects of light pollution on human health?

Earth/Environment November 26, 2017

LED Lights Were Supposed To Solve The Light Pollution Problem, But They Made Things Worse

Outdoor LED lights, with their energy-saving capabilities, were supposed to help solve the light pollution problem. However, the technology has backfired and made things worse, with the Earth slowly losing its nights to artificial light.

Earth/Environment November 22, 2017

Spring Awakening: Nighttime Light Pollution Causes Spring To Come Earlier

Excessive light pollution is messing up Mother Nature's schedule. A study finds that nighttime light pollution is causing trees, even the later-budding ones, to bud earlier - at least a week in advance.

Earth/Environment June 30, 2016

Light Pollution That Dims Milky Way Is Reversible: Here's How To Bring Back The Dark Night Sky

Light pollution driven by artificial lights from billboards, homes and streetlamps is dimming our view of the Milky Way. Here's what we can do to restore the dark night sky.

Space June 13, 2016

One-Third Of World Can No Longer See Milky Way

Light pollution is now drowning out views of the Milky Way for one-third of people on the Earth. Where is the problem the worst, and what issues could this present?

Space June 11, 2016

Electronic Billboards Threaten Arizona's Astronomy Industry

Arizona is facing a struggle between light and dark, as policymakers propose a new bill that would extend the scope of electronic billboards in the state. Scientists, however, believe the bill would injure the state's astronomy industry.

Space March 7, 2016

Light Pollution Can Mess Up Your Sleep

If you can't sleep at night, your the lights on your street may be at fault. A study found that the light pollution in urban areas messes up sleeping patterns and contributes to sleep disturbances.

Life March 4, 2016

Scientists Use ISS Photos Of Earth To Study Light Pollution From Cities

The Cities at Night project uses photos taken by astronauts at the ISS to measure light pollution across the globe. The project aims to come up with a global color map of Earth at night.

Space August 14, 2015

New Research Tags Artificial Lights In Coastal Areas As Pollutants Harmful To Marine Life

A study revealed that artificial light pollution greatly affects marine ecosystems near the coasts. With the development of LED lighting, brighter lights influence colonization of invertebrates in newly available habitats.

Earth/Environment April 30, 2015

Light pollution affects rainforest regrowth by altering feeding habits of fruit bats

Fruit-loving bats may avoid eating in areas illuminated by artificial light. But what is seed rain, and why do you not want to be caught in it?

Earth/Environment March 16, 2014

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