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Hundreds Join Antivax Rally In Washington Following Measles Outbreak

Parents and guardians marched down to Washington to oppose a bill that will require measles vaccination for students in public school. The bill is a response to an ongoing measles outbreak in the state.

Public Health February 9, 2019

Measles Cases Confirmed In New York And Oregon

Two cases of measles were recently confirmed by authorities, one on New York and another in Oregon. The case in New York involves an unvaccinated child.

Public Health January 5, 2019

Travelers Who Went Through Newark Airport On Christmas Eve Possibly Exposed To Measles

People who were at Newark Liberty International Airport might have been exposed to measles from a passenger who was ill. It is unrelated to the ongoing measles outbreak at Ocean County.

Public Health December 29, 2018

Low Trust On Vaccines Puts More Children At Risk In The Philippines

At least 18 deaths were confirmed to be related to the measles outbreak in the southern Philippines. The lowering rates of vaccine coverage worldwide is alarming, but health experts said it is not surprising.

Public Health December 5, 2018

Measles Cases Increase By 31 Percent In 2017, Parents Partly To Blame

In 2017, 173,330 cases of measles were recorded, a 31-percent increase from 2016. Health organizations partially pointed at parental neglect as a reason for the uptick.

Public Health November 30, 2018

CDC Says Number Of Unvaccinated Children Growing Alarmingly

A new report from the CDC revealed that more young children have not received their recommended vaccines. In the past year, an estimated 100,000 children have no vaccines at all to protect them from 14 preventable but deadly diseases.

Public Health October 13, 2018

Boston Officials Warn Of Possible Measles Exposure In Restaurant And Airport

People who passed Logan Airport and went to a restaurant in Boston in mid-July may have been exposed to the measles virus. The United States technically eradicated measles in 2000, but the virus still gets into the country.

Public Health July 29, 2018

Child Visiting US May Have Spread Measles: These Are The Public Places The Youngster Visited

A visiting foreign minor was confirmed to have contracted measles during a stay with the host family in Snohomish County in Washington state. Local health officials released the list of public places visited by the sick child.

Public Health July 9, 2018

Measles Patient May Have Exposed Virus To People At Dulles International Airport And Other Areas

A measles patient may have exposed Dullus International Airport and Montgomery County individuals to the virus in mid-May. Most cases of measles in the United States originate from unvaccinated international travelers.

Public Health May 25, 2018

New Jersey Authorities Confirm Travel-Related Measles Cases: What's The Threat?

Measles complications can go from diarrhea to pneumonia and brain swelling. Though children below five years old and adults older than 20 years old are most at risk of such complications, measles can be severe for all ages.

Public Health May 13, 2018

Up To 4 Places In New Jersey Could

The New Jersey Department of Health confirmed two cases of measles. Residents may have been exposed to measles in four places, including Newark Liberty International Airport.

Public Health May 11, 2018

State Health Officials Issue Measles Exposure Warning For Tri-State Area

If you’re in any of the tri-state cities of New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, beware of a possible measles exposure. European tourists carrying the disease went around town and apparently spread the disease.

Public Health April 23, 2018

Measles Outbreak In Santa Clara County: Five Cases Confirmed So Far

Five Santa Clara County residents are now confirmed to have been afflicted by a measles outbreak. Experts say, however, that public threat is very low.

Public Health April 7, 2018

Officials Caution About Possible Measles Exposure In St. Louis, Missouri

Health officials are concerned about a possible measles exposure in the state of Missouri. A man infected with the virus apparently went into a museum and might have transmitted the virus in the air.

Public Health March 22, 2018

Kansas Suffers Measles Outbreak, Now With 10 Cases Across Different Counties

The measles outbreak in Kansas has infected more people, expanding to two other counties. Health departments are concerned that there’ll be more cases over time, as measles is a highly contagious virus.

Public Health March 20, 2018

Measles Alert: Detroit Metropolitan Airport Travelers At Risk Of Exposure To Contagious Infection

Travelers who were at Detroit Metropolitan Airport's North Terminal on March 6 afternoon are at risk of contracting measles. This warning comes after a passenger who arrived on such day was confirmed to have the contagious respiratory infection.

Public Health March 15, 2018

New York Fears Australian Tourist May Have Spread Measles In Early February

New York City fears that an Australian tourist may have exposed people to measles earlier this February. The New York State Department of Health has issued a warning to those visiting certain hotels.

Public Health February 26, 2018

Measles Patient Possibly Exposed Hundreds Of Airport Passengers To Contagious Disease

On Wednesday morning, a passenger with a confirmed case of measles landed at the Chicago O’Hare Airport. Now, hundreds of travelers are at risk of contracting the contagious and deadly disease.

Public Health January 15, 2018

Contaminated Measles Vaccine Kills 15 Children In South Sudan

Health workers who vaccinated children in South Sudan against measles reused the same unsterilized syringe 15 times. The investigation also revealed they committed another blunder that cost the lives of more than a dozen children in the country.

Medicine June 3, 2017

Germany Vaccination Law To Oblige Kindergartens To Report Parents Who Refuse To Vaccinate Their Kids

Germany's parliament will vote on a law that will oblige kindergartens to report parents of children who refuse vaccination advice. What will be the consequences for those who refuse to attend vaccine consultations?

Feature | Health May 26, 2017

Millions Of US Travelers Skip The Measles Vaccine: Here Are The Potential Consequences

More than half U.S. travelers who are eligible for the MMP vaccine don’t get immunized against measles before traveling abroad, revealed a new study. Almost half of them simply refused vaccination, increasing their chances of importing the virus.

Public Health May 17, 2017

Minnesota Health Department Needs $5 Million To Combat Measles Outbreak In The State

The Minnesota Health Commissioner revealed that the state needed $5 million to combat the outbreak of infectious diseases in the state, including measles. The measles outbreak has stretched the state’s resources.

Public Health May 11, 2017

Anti-Vaxx Drive Continues Amid Measles Outbreak In Minnesota: What’s Fueling Our Vaccine Fears?

The measles outbreak in Minnesota was fueled by anti-vaccination groups, health experts suggest. Anti-vaxx advocates, including Andrew Wakefield, are actively engaged in misinformation campaigns against the MMR vaccine, targeting the Somali community in Minneapolis.

Public Health May 9, 2017

Minnesota Health Officials Report 5 New Measles Cases

Minnesota health officials reported five new measles cases, taking the total to 29 since March end. While four of the cases were detected in Hennepin County, the fifth was reported in the neighboring Stearns County.

Public Health April 28, 2017

New Measles Case Confirmed In Minnesota: Health Officials Estimating Numbers To Increase

Minnesota recorded the ninth case of measles infecting young children, all of whom were not vaccinated. Most of the infected children belonged to the Somali-American region, having a history of low vaccination rates.

Public Health April 18, 2017

Reports Of Measles And Mumps Cases Continue To Rise; What Should You Know About MMR Vaccine?

Cases of measles and mumps continue to rise, and vaccinations are the best means of protection. Here are some things you need to know about the MMR vaccine.

Medicine April 16, 2017

Measles Outbreak In Europe: More Than 500 Infected By Contagious Virus Amid Declining Vaccination Rates

Countries most hit by the measles outbreak in Europe have low vaccination rates, WHO revealed. What factors are behind the declining immunization levels in these countries?

Public Health March 29, 2017

Mumps Cases In Arkansas, Illinois And Iowa Continue To Rise

Instigated this year in August, mumps virus continues to spread in the areas of Arkansas, Illinois and Iowa. The overall count of the cases reported has crossed 4,000, which has topped the charts in recent years. Arkansas being the highly affected area accounts for about 2,200 of the 4,000 cases.

Public Health December 21, 2016

Measles Complication That Can Occur Years After Infection Kills More Than Previously Thought

SSPE, a deadly complication that occurs years after a child gets infected by the measles virus, is more common than previously believed. Experts recommend that children get two doses of MMR vaccine.

Public Health October 30, 2016

Endemic Measles Now Eliminated In The Americas: WHO

Americas, from Canada to Chile, have become measles free. This was announced by the World Health Organization, which said the Americas is the first region in the world to achieve that feat.

Public Health September 28, 2016

Person Infected With Measles Attends Northern Illinois University Graduation Ceremony

A relative of a graduating student might have exposed other people to measles during the Northern Illinois University graduation ceremony on May 14. The Illinois Department of Public Health confirmed it as northern Illinois's first measles case.

Public Health May 23, 2016

European Tourist May Be Responsible For Measles Outbreak In Eastern Massachusetts

A European tourist may have exposed residents in Eastern Massachusetts to measles. Officials warned that the foreign tourist, who traveled from May 1 to 8 in the Greater Boston area, was contagious.

Public Health May 13, 2016

Measles Case Of Unvaccinated Child In Nevada County, California Prompts School Shut Down

Yuba River Charter School in Nevada County, California has shut down to curb the spread of measles that an unvaccinated child might have been infected with.

Life March 31, 2016

More Than Half Of Those Who Get Measles Are Not Vaccinated: Study

Since measles was declared eliminated in 2000, over half of its cases reported in the U.S. were for those without history of measles vaccination. Experts believe a majority of cases in measles and pertussis outbreaks were due to intentionally skipping the shots.

Life March 16, 2016

Rubella Screening During Pregnancy To End In UK As MMR Vaccine Eliminated Disease

Pregnant women in England no longer need to undergo rubella screening. Health experts say the high rate of MMR vaccination eliminated the disease thus the infection rates in the country have gone extremely low.

Life January 28, 2016

California To Require Vaccinations For Workers, Volunteers At Daycare Centers

Daycare facilities will be required to maintain records proving measles, flu and whooping cough vaccinations for staff and volunteers. California now has some of the nation's toughest mandatory vaccination laws.

Life October 15, 2015

Immunization Gap Leaves 9 Million US Children, Americans Traveling Overseas At Risk For Measles

Research found one in every four children in the U.S. below three would catch measles. Findings showed 4.6 percent of teenagers below 17 years old have not received their MRR shots.

Life October 10, 2015

US Faces Looming Measles Outbreak: One In 8 Children At Risk Of Contracting The Disease

One in every eight children in the United States is at risk of acquiring measles, a new study says. Researchers fear that an outbreak is looming over the country.

Life October 9, 2015

Most US Children Now Getting Vaccinated Says Report

The vaccination rates of children in the US continue to increase. According to the CDC, this trend must persistently stay high to ensure that immunity against outbreaks are boosted among communities.

Life August 28, 2015

Washington Woman Dies From Measles: First Case In The US In More Than A Decade

A measles death in Washington is the first such death confirmed in the U.S. since 2003, officials say. The woman was likely exposed during a recent outbreak in the state, they say.

Life July 5, 2015

Protesters Against California Vaccination Bill Gather At Golden Gate Bridge

In response to SB 277 being signed into law, protesters marched across the Golden gate bridge demanding the repeal of one of the country's strictest vaccination laws.

Life July 4, 2015

New Vaccine Bill Passed In California Could Prevent Outbreaks From Happening Says Experts

A California bill seeks to require students to be vaccinated before they can attend public schools. The legislation could help boost immunization and reduce odds for future outbreaks in the state.

Life June 30, 2015

California Senate Gives Nod Of Approval To Vaccination Bill

California’s a step closer towards getting a law banning personal and religious belief exemptions for vaccinations as the state’s senate passes bill SB 277.

Life May 18, 2015

Measles Vaccine Protects Against Other Diseases As Well, Study Concludes

Children may be protected against more than measles by receiving the vaccine. How does this work?

Life May 8, 2015

North And South America Finally Eradicate Rubella: Here's A Brief History Of Our Measles War

The Americas has now completely eradicated rubella, indicating the possibility of the disease being eliminated worldwide. Following massive vaccinations, rubella becomes the third vaccine-preventable disease to be wiped out in the region.

Life April 30, 2015

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