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Middle School Girl Avery Fauth Finds Megalodon Tooth In North Carolina Beach

A girl from North Carolina found a shark tooth that belonged to a megalodon, the largest shark ever to have lived. It is believed that megalodons became extinct even before humans evolved.

Animals April 21, 2019

Supernova May Have Killed Off Prehistoric Mega Shark Megalodon

Radiation from exploding stars 2.6 million years ago may have contributed to the extinction of the megalodon. Here's why the ancient mega shark was more vulnerable to the effects of muon exposure.

Animals December 16, 2018

Prehistoric Shark Megalodon May Have Gone Extinct Because Of Its Body Temperature

The megalodon, one of the largest marine predators that ever lived, had higher body temperature than modern-day sharks. How did this contribute to the extinction of the species 2.6 million years ago?

Animals December 12, 2018

North Carolina Couple Finds Megalodon Tooth While Strolling On The Beach

The megalodon was one of the largest predators that ever lived. Before the many incredible discoveries of megalodon teeth, including the one recently found by a North Carolina couple, people thought they were dragon tongue or moon rocks.

Animals August 19, 2018

Citizen Scientist Finds Ancient Mega Shark Teeth At Australia Beach

A citizen scientist's find in an Australia beach is not just rare but significant as well. While other shark teeth fossil finds are of just one shark tooth, this one pulled over 40 teeth from a boulder.

Ancient August 10, 2018

Ancient Shark Tooth Stolen From Secret Location In Australia

A fossilized tooth belonging to the Megalodon shark was stolen from a secret location in a World Heritage site in Australia. What would a thief do with an ancient shark tooth?

Ancient March 14, 2018

New Extinct Species Of Giant Shark Related To Megalodon

The now extinct giant shark Megalolamna paradoxodon is related to the ancient marine predator Megalodon. Teeth fossils of this newly described species suggest it preyed on medium-sized fishes.

Animals October 3, 2016

Food Competition, Scarcity Of Prey Drove Megalodon Shark To Extinction

Carcharocles megalodon, the largest shark that ever swam Earth’s waters, may have disappeared due to competition for food and prey scarcity. These findings go against previous beliefs that climate change drove megalodon sharks to die off.

Animals April 2, 2016

300 Million-Year-Old Fossils Of Two Giant Sharks Found In Texas

The 300-million-year-old fossils of two giant sharks revealed that these marine predators existed before the emergence of dinosaurs 230 million years ago. The Texas supershark was found to be 25 percent larger than the great white shark.

Animals November 3, 2015

Megalodon Shark Teeth Wash Up On North Carolina Shore

High tides and storms in North Carolina have led to the appearance of several Megalodon shark teeth in the state’s shores. Megalodon sharks were once the largest sharks that roamed around the Earth’s waters.

Animals October 26, 2015

Discovery Channel Is Finally Done Making Fake Mermaid Documentaries

Discovery Channel chief Rich Moss says the channel is moving away from fake and sensationalistic programming.

Movies/TV Shows January 9, 2015

Megalodon sharks were terror of the oceans till 2.6 million years ago: Here's why

Megalodons were the largest sharks to ever swim the oceans of the Earth. Here are the reasons the giant fish was such a fearsome hunter.

Animals October 26, 2014

Megalodon sharks, terror of the oceans, became extinct 2.6 million years ago and whales grew

Whales only began to evolve to their current massive sizes with the disappearance of a fearsome ancient predator, researchers suggest. Whales may have been a preferred prey of prehistoric, 50-foot shark known as Medalodon.

Animals October 25, 2014

Extinction of largest shark paved way for growth of whales

Megalodon, a giant shark, went extinct millions of years ago, possibly assisting in the evolution of large whales. Why do people think the animals are still alive today?

Animals October 24, 2014

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