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CDC Denies That Missing Scientist Was Passed Over For Job Promotion

A month after the mysterious disappearance of Timothy Cunningham, the CDC clarified he was granted an early promotion. It contradicts the Atlanta police’s statement claiming he was upset about being turned down for a career advancement.

Public Health March 13, 2018

Apple To Extract Data From iPhone 6 Of Florida Teen Lost At Sea

Apple is set to extract data from the iPhone 6 of missing Florida teen to provide evidence related to the case. The retrieved phone may hold clues as to how the teens got lost at sea in 2015.

Apple April 30, 2016

Indiana Woman Missing For 42 Years Found Alive In Texas

A mother has been missing for 42 years, but with the help of an investigator, she was found alive under an alias. Tammy Miller, the daughter looking for her, was shocked to find her alive.

Society March 27, 2016

Man And Car Missing Since 2006 Visible On Google Maps All This Time

The body of a man who went missing nine years ago was found in his car submerged in a town in Michigan. It turned out, his car was visible on Google Maps all along.

Society November 14, 2015

Hannah Graham disappearance mystery: Suspect Jesse Matthew arrested

Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr. is now in police custody a day after police said that they now have probable cause to charge him with the disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham who went missing on Sept. 13.

Society September 25, 2014

Hannah Graham disappearance mystery deepens as parents fear foul play: Person of interest questioned

A 'person of interest' was questioned by police in the case of the disappearance of Hannah Graham. The University of Virginia student has been missing since Sept. 13.

Society September 20, 2014

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