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Violent 'Wedge Tornado' Ravaged Missouri Capital: Here's What You Need To Know

A large and powerful tornado tore through Jefferson City in Missouri on May 22. Several tornadoes that struck the state in the past days left an extensive trail of devastation.

Earth/Environment May 25, 2019

Officials Caution About Possible Measles Exposure In St. Louis, Missouri

Health officials are concerned about a possible measles exposure in the state of Missouri. A man infected with the virus apparently went into a museum and might have transmitted the virus in the air.

Public Health March 22, 2018

'Fraud, Deception' Led To Opioid Crisis In Missouri, Says Attorney General

Missouri has accused three pharmaceutical companies of putting up a "deliberate campaign" of fraud and deception that led to the current opioid crisis. On Wednesday, June 21, the state's attorney general filed a lawsuit against these companies.

Public Health June 21, 2017

How Effective Is The Flu Vaccine? Number Of Cases Continues To Rise

Flu vaccine is only 48 percent effective against the most common strain of flu virus, according to epidemiologists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Health officials urged people to get vaccinated, noting that less than half of Americans got the shot.

Public Health February 26, 2017

Maryland Treats Patient With Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis: Were Other People Exposed?

A patient diagnosed with a drug-resistant tuberculosis was brought to Maryland for treatment. Health organizations are now investigating if other people were affected after being exposed to the patient.

Life June 9, 2015

Heavy Rain And Flooding Force Oklahoma Residents To Evacuate

At least 48 high-water rescues have been made, while more rain is expected to pour down on the already drenched Southern Plains.

Society May 24, 2015

Mercy Joplin Moves Patients To New Hospital Location

It’s a bittersweet moving for the staff and patients of the new Mercy Hospital Joplin after the old hospital was hit by a hurricane.

Life March 23, 2015

H5N2 Bird Flu Confirmed In Two Missouri Turkey Facilities: Should You Worry?

Two cases of H5N2 have been confirmed in Missouri, prompting the state’s Department of Agriculture to launch a thorough inspection of properties harboring birds around the affected turkey-growing facilities

Life March 11, 2015

Missouri Researchers Suggest Putting Asian Carp On University Canteen Menu

The Asian carp, an invasive fish that poses a threat to native fish species in Missouri, may soon appear in the University of Missouri's canteen menu. Which dish did taste testers find most delicious?

Earth/Environment February 17, 2015

Rare Case of Baby Born with Two Front Teeth

Alyssa Bailey was born with two teeth already showing. How rare is this in newborns?

Life January 8, 2015

Another Black Teen Killed in Missouri. Is Antonio Martin Another Michael Brown?

A police officer shot and killed 18-year-old Antonio Martin, who pointed a loaded 9mm handgun at the officer.

Society December 26, 2014

Michael Brown case: Authorities Prepare for Protests, Tensions Rise in Ferguson

As people await the grand jury’s verdict in the shooting of unarmed black teenager Micheal Brown, the FBI has beefed up law enforcement resources in Ferguson, Missouri. Authorities are antsy of the protesters' reaction post the decision, which may turn violent, and are preparing accordingly.

Society November 22, 2014

Michael Brown Case: Missouri in State of Emergency, Other Cities Across U.S. Prepare for Possible Protests

People from cities across the United States await for the grand jury’s decision on whether to indict Darren Wilson or not in the Michael Brown killing. Police departments from Boston to Los Angeles brace for threat of large demonstrations.

Society November 18, 2014

Ferguson police chief apologizes weeks after Michael Brown's death

Tom Jackson, the chief of police in Ferguson, Missouri, apologized to the parents of Michael Brown who was shot to death in August by a police officer.

Society September 26, 2014

Michael Brown memorial catches fire, sparks fire of distrust in Ferguson

One of Michael Brown's makeshift memorial caught fire on the morning of Sept. 23, igniting tension and violence in Ferguson, Missouri. Authorities say the blaze may have been an accident, but some residents believe it was deliberately started.

Society September 25, 2014

Protest against shooting of unarmed black man turns to looting in Missouri

Shortly after Michael Brown's shooting, people were causing riots everywhere in St. Louis County. People were protesting against the shooting of the 18-year-old black teenager.

Society August 12, 2014

Fish die from chilly reception in Missouri

Missouri residents are calling wildlife authorities, reporting large numbers of dead fish in waterways across the state. Some people think it's caused by pollution, but Missouri officials have another explanation.

Animals March 6, 2014

Missouri rape victim says politician's grandson spiked her drink amid fresh probe

Fresh probe suggests that the accused grandson of a politician had spiked his victim's drink.

Society October 21, 2013

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