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The Evolution Of Capuchin Monkeys’ Stone Tools Create An Incredible 3,000-Year Archaeological Record

These monkeys are in the middle of their own Stone Age. In the same way changes in human tools over millennia allowed scientists to trace human evolution, the changes in capuchin monkey tools do the same for these primates.

Animals June 25, 2019

Monkeys Use New ‘Eagle’ Calls To Warn Each Other Of Flying Drones

West African green monkeys don't have an alarm call for aerial threats. However, when faced with one, these monkeys learned quickly and used eagle alarm calls that are not a part of their everyday language.

Animals May 29, 2019

Monkey Brains Experience Pleasure After Looking At AI Generated Images

Scientists tried to figure out what stimulates every neuron in the brain’s visual cortex by hooking up monkeys with a computer capable of deep learning. The result: bizarre and abstract AI-generated images.

Animals May 4, 2019

Chinese Experiment Creates Super Monkeys With Human Brain Genes

Gene-hacked monkeys that had human brain genes in their genomes appeared to be smarter than their unaltered peers. However, the scientific community raised ethical questions on the use of transgenic monkeys for experiments.

Animals April 12, 2019

Promiscuous Monkeys Create Hybrids By Mating With Other Species, Research Says

An anthropology professor discovered a new species of monkeys in Tanzania, Africa. According to her research, the monkeys were products of two different species that had been mating for thousands of years.

Animals April 25, 2018

4 Baboons Escape From Research Facility In Texas

Four baboons were shortly returned to their enclosure after they had escaped earlier from a primate research facility. All the baboons that escaped are accounted for, and veterinarians confirmed that they are all okay.

Animals April 15, 2018

Macaque Monkeys Have Learned To Use Tools To Feed Themselves

Researchers have reported to seeing wild macaque monkeys adapting to learn to use tools. They've been observed using tools to open nuts and shuck oysters.

Animals March 21, 2018

Big-Nosed Males Are Attractive For Female Proboscis Monkeys: Other Unique Animals Traits That Attract Mates

Male proboscis monkeys tend to have larger testes and more females in their harlem. Here are other animal traits that help attract potential mates during breeding season.

Animals February 25, 2018

Florida Monkeys May Infect Humans With Possibly Fatal Herpes Virus

Monkeys in Florida may possibly infect humans with herpes B, which is a possibly fatal virus. While state officials determine their best course of action, people who come across the monkeys are advised to stay away.

Public Health January 11, 2018

Dogs Judge You Based On How You Treat People: Study

A new study showed that canines and monkeys probably know when someone is being nice or rude. This lends further insight on the evolution of dog-human relationship as well as the furry friends' potential sense of morality.

Animals February 13, 2017

Calorie Restriction Diet Found To Extend Monkey Life By Years: Will It Work On Humans Too?

Calorie restriction in one's diet has often been wrapped in controversy, and now a new set of findings reveal that it helps monkeys live healthier, longer lives. But do the seeming benefits actually apply to humans?

Healthy Living/Wellness January 21, 2017

Rendezvous Between Monkey And Deer Renders Interspecies Sex Possible: Study

Researchers cite mate deprivation as the most likely reason for the unusual site of a male snow monkey attempting to have intercourse with female sika deer on Yukushima Island in Japan.

Animals January 11, 2017

Monkeys Can Talk: Lack Of Speech Due To Brain Wiring

Monkeys have vocal tract that make these primates anatomically equipped to talk. The key to acquiring speech though lies somewhere in the brain.

Animals December 10, 2016

Paralyzed Monkeys Regain Leg Movement With Wireless Brain Implant

A brain implant developed by Swiss scientists helped several partially paralyzed monkeys regain leg movement, a new study revealed. Experts hope the device can be used in rehabilitation of spinal injury patients.

Animals November 9, 2016

Capuchin Monkeys Make Stone Tools Believed To Be Unique To Humans

Capuchin monkeys in Brazil produce sharp stone flakes, a behavior believed to be unique to humans and their ancestors. The primates, however, do not see a purpose in these stone tools.

Animals October 19, 2016

NIH, Emory Researchers Achieve Sustained HIV Remission In Monkeys

NIH and Emory University researchers have found that it’s possible for the simian immunodeficiency virus, HIV’s form in primates, to undergo sustained remission. This opens up the possibility of sustained HIV remission in human patients.

Medicine October 14, 2016

Capuchin Monkeys In Brazil Use Stone Tools For At Least 700 Years

Capuchin monkeys in Brazil use stone tools to open cashew nuts. Stone tools unearthed by archaeologists revealed these animals have been using tool technology for at least 700 years, before Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World.

Animals July 13, 2016

Why Do Monkeys Become More Selective With Friends As They Age, Just Like Humans?

As humans grow older, they become more selective in how they spend their time. New research suggests that the same behavior occurs in monkeys. The question is: why?

Animals June 24, 2016

Antibody Shot Shields Monkeys From HIV-Like Infection For Months

A single injection of antibody was able to provide protection for monkeys against an HIV-like virus. The study brings hope that someday, antibodies may be used to prevent the disease.

Medicine April 28, 2016

Wildlife Biologists Confirm New Primate Species First Spotted In Arunachal

A relatively newly-discovered species of monkeys, the white cheeked macaque, has been discovered in India. Previously, it was spotted for the very first time in China in 2015.

Animals April 26, 2016

Monkey Teeth Fossils Change History Of Primate Evolution: How Did Monkeys Reach North America?

A team of researchers from Florida believes that an early species of monkey from South America made its way into North America without using the Isthmus of Panama. These ancient primates crossed the ocean using makeshift rafts instead.

Animals April 22, 2016

Monkey Mariners Made Migration To North America 21 Million Years Ago, Teeth Reveal

Monkeys may have arrived in North America from South America 21 million years ago, by building rafts and setting out across the ocean. How do biologists know this event took place?

Animals April 20, 2016

This Monkey Controls A Wheelchair Using Its Mind

A new study found that monkeys can control a wheelchair only through its mind. The study findings may pave the way for better control of paralyzed patients over assistive devices and other equipment.

Life March 4, 2016

Chinese Scientists Genetically Modify Monkeys To Exhibit Autism Symptoms

Researchers in China have successfully bred macaque monkeys exhibiting symptoms associated with autism. Their work resulted in a superior animal model for the condition that can help further more research.

Life January 29, 2016

Australian Zoo Announces Birth of Rare Francois' Langur Monkey

A bright orange Francois' Langur monkey, one of the world's rarest monkey was born in Taronga zoo. It is listed in the world's endangered species as its population declined by 50 percent in the last 36 years.

Animals November 30, 2015

More Than Half Of World's Primates On The Brink Of Extinction

International experts warned that over half of the world's primates such as monkeys, lemurs and apes are on the brink of extinction. The huge reduction in numbers can be traced to widespread destruction of the primates' natural habitat and other man-made activities such as illegal wildlife trading and killing primates for wild meat.

Earth/Environment November 25, 2015

King Kong Is Not Your Father: Ancestors Of Humans And Apes More Gibbonlike Than Previously Thought

Researchers found that human and ape ancestors may have resembled gibbons instead of great apes. Through a recent study of a fossil, King Kong may not be humanity's father after all.

October 30, 2015

Monkey Research Suggests Men Who Catcall Overcompensate For Their Small Balls

A recently published study proves that there is a trade-off between big voice and big balls in Howler Monkeys. The same research could also extend to other, more developed male primates

Internet Culture October 23, 2015

Animal Rights Group Claims Monkeys Are Secretly Subjected To Harmful Scientific Tests

Cruelty Free International, presenting its review of published data, cried foul over the lack of "special protection" for laboratory monkeys in the UK. According to them, monkeys are still undergoing “extremely distressing, invasive and harmful experiments.”

Animals October 6, 2015

PETA Files Lawsuit Over Monkey Selfie, Says Copyright Should Go To The Animal

PETA filed a lawsuit in San Francisco federal court on behalf of the macaque named Naruto to get the copyright to his famous monkey selfie.

Legal September 23, 2015

MERS Vaccine Shown To Be 100 Percent Effective In Animal Testing

Animals, today. Humans, tomorrow! Researchers successfully developed a vaccine that protected animals against the MERS virus, taking a step closer towards preventing the disease.

Life August 21, 2015

Monkeys Are Wreaking Havoc On Solar Panels In India

Researchers in India will soon launch a concentrated solar power project, but located in the lush forest are tribes on monkeys that are attracted to the site.

FUTURE TECH August 7, 2015

Johnson & Johnson HIV Vaccine Can Block Virus In 50 Percent Of Monkeys In Trial

Scientists have developed an HIV vaccine that turns out to be effective in half the monkeys it was tested on. They aim to further pursue this study in the hopes of getting similar results in its effectiveness on humans.

Life July 4, 2015

Empty Animal Mummy Scam: Why Did Ancient Egyptians Mummify Animals?

More than 800 mummified animals, ranging from birds to cats, have been scanned by archaeologists in Manchester. However, one-third of the religious offerings were found to be empty of real animal remains.

Earth/Environment May 12, 2015

Baboons Don't Like Big Butts After All - Sorry, Sir Mix-A-Lot

Male baboons do not prefer to mate with females showing larger posteriors, a new study reveals. Why is this so surprising?

Animals April 21, 2015

Scientists Discover New Species Of Macaque — Here's What's Unique About Them

A new species of Tibetan monkeys has been identified as the white-cheeked macaque — but what sets it apart from the four other macaque species in the region has nothing to do with cheeks.

Geek April 12, 2015

Full Body Scan Reveals Hiding Places Of HIV-Like Virus In Monkeys: Could New Technique Lead To HIV Cure?

By using PET scan, researchers have found the protein associated with the monkey's version of HIV in a range of sites in the body. The technique could possibly be applied to the viral protein linked to the human strain of the virus.

Life March 11, 2015

ARHGAP11B Gene Makes Human Brain Bigger: Here Are Other Studies That Show Differences Between Us And Primates

The ARHGAP11B gene makes the human brain bigger than the monkey's. It may also be responsible for humans being more intelligent than other creatures. Other studies likewise show what makes the human brain unique.

February 28, 2015

Monkeys can Learn to Recognize Themselves in the Mirror

Chinese researchers were able to train monkeys to recognize themselves in the mirror and pass the mark test for self-recognition.

Animals January 10, 2015

Congress Asks for Investigation of NIH Monkey Lab

Experiments on macaque monkeys expose the primates to alcohol, stress, and pain. Is this science, or animal cruelty?

January 2, 2015

Watch: Heroic Monkey Saves Unconscious Friend

Watch a monkey saves its friend from a railway station in India.

Internet Culture December 22, 2014

Turns Out Monkeys Are Better Bargain Shoppers Than Humans

According to research from Yale psychologists, capuchin monkeys are not fooled by higher price tags for equivalent items. The 'New World Monkeys' prove to be bargain shoppers than humans.

Internet Culture December 5, 2014

Monkey Waiters Serve Beer In Japan's Best Tavern

What is the single greatest achievement of the year 2014? Monkey waiters. Nuff said.

Internet Culture December 3, 2014

Experimental drug for Ebola cousin holds promise

Marburg, the simian version of Ebola, has been successfully tested in primates, and may show how a human drug could be developed.

Life August 24, 2014

Monkeys evolve differing faces to avoid crossbreeding

Guenon monkeys have distinctive faces, making it easy to tell one species from another - but why did these stylish animals evolve?

Animals June 27, 2014

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