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Rivers In The Sky: Atmospheric Rivers Can Wreak Widespread Calamities

Atmospheric rivers can wreak widespread calamities that will prove to be costly because of the hazards it can bring to lives and properties. More than 10 rivers are expected this winter, according to the National Weather Service.

Earth/Environment February 23, 2017

Tornado With 100 MPH Winds Overturns Cars, Uproots Trees In Florida

A tornado with 100 mph winds overturned cars and uprooted trees in Florida, Wednesday. Fortunately, no major injuries were reported.

Society January 28, 2016

Massive Swarm Of Bugs In Texas Looks Like A Rainstorm On Radar

Meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Oklahoma detected a massive swarm of beetles and grasshoppers flying above North Texas that was initially thought to be a formation of rainclouds.

Earth/Environment July 24, 2015

More Heavy Rains Pour Down On Texas After Major Flooding

After the flash flooding in Texas, more heavy rains have poured down, but no major problems were recorded.

Society June 1, 2015

Heavy Rain And Flooding Force Oklahoma Residents To Evacuate

At least 48 high-water rescues have been made, while more rain is expected to pour down on the already drenched Southern Plains.

Society May 24, 2015

#HaloSolar In Mexico City Triggers Flood Of Memes In Twitterverse

Solar halo was a great viewing phenomenon in Mexico City, and it also caused meme phenomenon in Twitterverse. See the most favorite memes people posted.

Internet Culture May 23, 2015

Authorities Confirm One Fatality After Tornadoes Wreak Havoc In North Texas

A number of tornadoes ravaged through North Texas on Saturday which left one person dead, authorities confirmed. One of them caused destruction as huge as 5 miles as it hit houses in a rural area near the town of Cisco.

Society May 11, 2015

Oklahoma Braces For Incoming Storms After Struggling With Tornadoes And Floods

Weather experts from the Storm Prediction Center in Oklahoma have cautioned residents about another series of thunderstorms and tornadoes potentially hitting the state again this weekend.

Society May 9, 2015

New Winter Storm Slams Into U.S. East Coast

The U.S. East Coast was battered with more snow on Saturday, placing Baltimore and Washington, D.C. under a deep freeze. Snow and sleet were expected to accumulate further on Sunday morning with up to 10 inches expected in Baltimore.

Society February 23, 2015

Winter Snow Storm Heading For East Coast: Warning -- Up To A Foot Of Snow Expected, Also Rain

As region digs out from one storm, another is on the way, forecasters say. Major cities prepare plans for dealing with storm's impact.

Life February 1, 2015

Last-Minute Items You Need Before the Blizzard Hits

The National Weather Service estimates two to three feet of snow in New York City and surrounding areas. If the weather is still holding up, here's your chance to stock up on the last-minute things you will need to survive the storm.

Feature January 26, 2015

Snow, Icy Chill Grip Midwest to Northeast: Brace for Worse on Thursday

As temperatures continue to drop, states from Midwest to Northeast have been taking precautions to avoid the dangers posed by the bitterly cold winter.

Animals January 9, 2015

Snow Storm, Icy Rain to Hit Parts of US This Weekend as Prelude to Arctic Cold

The National Weather Service has warned of the threats of winter. The cold weather has already brought snow storms, freezing rains and hazardous conditions to travelers on the road.

Animals January 4, 2015

East Coast Winter Storm May Spell Thanksgiving Nightmare for Travelers

A winter storm is expected to hit the East Coast on Wednesday, bringing with it an unwelcome pre-Thanksgiving spoiler made up of rain, sleet and snow. Some people had to reconsider their travel plans.

Society November 26, 2014

Predicting Britain's weather just got a whole lot easier with this supercomputer

British Met Office is building a supercomputer to better predict weather forecasts and long-term climate change.

Geek October 29, 2014

Not a big storm but huge swarm of mayflies shows up on weather radar

It's not uncommon for mayflies to swarm in the summer. The hatching that happened last Sunday, though, was so big it was thought that a thunderstorm was coming.

Earth/Environment July 28, 2014

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