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E-cigarette Flavorings Can Raise Cardiovascular Risk : Here Are The Most Dangerous Flavors

Researchers found that exposure to e-cigarette flavorings can cause damage to the endothelial cells, which can lead to cardiovascular disease. These are the e-cigarette flavors that pose the biggest risk to heart health.

Public Health May 28, 2019

Many Teens Do Not Know Vaping E-cigarettes Exposes Them To Nicotine

Most teens who smoke e-cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes do not know that vaping exposes them to nicotine, a new study revealed. Experts call for stricter regulations regarding e-cigarettes to raise awareness.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 23, 2019

Vaping May Be More Dangerous Than Previously Thought

Vaping may be more harmful than what a lot of people think, according to multiple studies. Preliminary research suggests it may increase the risks of cardiovascular disorders and events, as well as encourage traditional smoking among the youth.

Public Health April 3, 2019

Fathers-To-Be Who Smoke May Raise Baby's Risk For Congenital Heart Defects

Scientists found that paternal smoking or secondhand smoke coming from fathers-to-be can lead to congenital heart defects in babies. This new study reinforces the need for men and women to quit smoking.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 27, 2019

Study Finds Uncertain Results On E-Cigarettes As Useful Tool To Quit Smoking

Within six months, 10 percent of smokers who used cigarettes were able to quit smoking, while 28 percent of those who did not use e-cigarettes successfully quit. More research is needed to study e-cigarettes' effectiveness to help quit smoking.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 30, 2018

Vaping Not As Safe As Promoted: Study Finds E-Cigarettes Can Cause Fatty Liver Disease

It's all a marketing ploy, warns researchers. Apparently, they have found vaping to be as dangerous as smoking actual cigarettes because it can lead to liver disease.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 20, 2018

E-cigarette Liquid Flavorings May Still Cause Lung Damage Even Without Nicotine

The liquid flavorings in e-cigarettes may still damage the lungs regardless that they do not contain nicotine. Here are the most dangerous flavors that were found to be most toxic to lung cells.

Public Health February 11, 2018

Nicotine In E-Cigarette Vapors May Cause Cancer, Mouse Study Suggests

Experiments conducted on mice and cultured human cells show that nicotine in e-cigarette vapors may cause changes in the DNA that may elevate cancer risk. Does this mean e-cigarettes can cause cancer in humans?

Public Health January 30, 2018

Nicotine Can Normalize Genetically-Induced Brain Impairments: Study

A new study suggests that nicotine can normalize genetically-induced brain ailments. The study published in the journal Nature Medicine was conducted by a team assembled by University of Colorado Boulders.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 24, 2017

E-Cigarettes Encourage Youth To Use Tobacco Products, New Study Suggests

A new study conducted by the University Of California reveals that e-cigarettes are increasing the number of youth smokers rather than reducing it. The study was published in the journal Pediatrics on Jan. 23.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 23, 2017

Can Nicotine Protect An Aging Brain?

Outside of tobacco use, nicotine may have protective benefit for aging brains. This opens the possibility that the substance can be used in addressing neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 25, 2016

Level Of Smoking Addiction Determined By Smoker’s Perception Of Nicotine

Can smoking addiction be all in your head? A study has found that a person’s perception and beliefs influence the effect of substances in issues like craving and addiction.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 14, 2016

Teens Who Would Have Never Smoked Cigarettes Are Vaping: Study

The popularity of e-cigarettes among teens may reverse progress in tobacco control. Researchers found that teens who would have never tried smoking cigarettes are now vaping.

Public Health July 11, 2016

Can Using E-Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking? British Medical Group Thinks So

An influential British medical group endorsed e-cigarette use as an effective smoking cessation method. How did they arrive at such a conclusion despite the presence of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and some widely documented e-cigarette dangers?

Healthy Living/Wellness April 29, 2016

Health Canada Mulls Forcing Tobacco Companies To Make Cigarettes Less Addictive

The battle against smoking continues. Health Canada is looking at potentially forcing tobacco companies to make cigarettes less addictive by lowering the nicotine content in consumer's daily sticks.

Life April 21, 2016

Here Are The Five Most Addictive Substances On Earth

In a study, researchers have listed the top five most addictive substances in the planet. The deadly heroin tops the list.

Life March 6, 2016

Hookah vs. Cigarettes: Water Pipe Smoking Not As Harmless As Many Think

Some believe that hookah smoking is a less harmful alternative to cigarette smoking. Here's what a comparison of the amount of toxicants inhaled by hookah smokers and cigarette smokers reveals.

Life January 14, 2016

Want To Quit Smoking? Nicotine Replacement Therapy Not As Safe As Believed, Say Experts

The use of nicotine replacement therapy may not be as safe and effective as experts previously believed. Researchers in India revealed that NRT has not made dramatic impact to public health.

Life December 30, 2015

E-cigarette Ads May Trigger Usage Among Teens

E-cigarettes are growing popular nowadays, especially among young adults. Researchers found that advertisements play a part in encouraging young adults to take up the habit.

Life November 23, 2015

Flavored Tobacco Products Popular With Kids A 'Gateway' To Nicotine Addiction, Researchers Say

Flavored tobacco products that kids smoke, vape or chew are likely leading to subsequent smoking of conventional cigarettes, a USFDA study says. Flavored products are seen as an introductory gateway to nicotine for the 3,200 American kids who try smoking for the first time every day.

Life October 28, 2015

Enzyme From The Bacteria Pseudomonas putida Might Help You Quit Smoking: How It Works

An enzyme found in a bacterium that consumes nicotine for nitrogen and carbon shows potentials as another smoking cessation alternative.

Life August 11, 2015

To Be Or Not To Be High? William Shakespeare's Pipes With Traces Of Cannabis

Researchers at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa have found traces of cannabis on fragments of 400-year-old smoking pipes that were unearthed in the garden of William Shakespeare's Stratford-upon-Avon home.

Society August 10, 2015

Little Pac-Man: Scientists Discover Nicotine-Chomping Bacterial Enzyme That May Help People Quit Smoking

Naturally occuring enzyme could lead to a drug to take the "reward" out of smoking, helping people to quit, researchers say. Found in soil in tobacco fields, the enzyme has a voracious appetite for nicotine, they explain.

Life August 10, 2015

FDA Cloud Hovers Over E-Cigarette Sales Following Uptick In Nicotine Poisoning Cases

FDA mulls new rules that would allow it to regulate e-cigarette sales and marketing just as it does traditional cigarettes. Agency says it wants to warn the public about the dangers of nicotine exposure from 'vaping.'

Life June 30, 2015

NY Attorney General Blasts Liquid Nicotine Sellers For Inadequate Packaging

Liquid nicotine inappropriately packaged in non-child-resistant containers may be a factor in the increased incidence of poisoning in New York. The attorney general is now telling companies to comply with the law to help safeguard the children from intoxication.

Life June 24, 2015

What Lures Teens Into Using E-Cigarettes? Flavors And Smoke Tricks

It's not just the flavors - a new study reveals that teenagers are attracted to vaping because of the ability to do smoke tricks using e-cigarettes.

Internet Culture May 3, 2015

Underage Smokers Easily Buying e-Cigarettes Online: Study

Many states in the U.S. prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to minors but young people below 18 years old are still able to get them because they can easily buy them online.

Life March 3, 2015

Smokers Get Nicotine Fix From Multiple Places

Nicotine users often get their drug from multiple sources, a new study found. Why are e-cigarettes so popular?

Life February 27, 2015

Toxic Chemicals In Caffeine And Nicotine May Protect Bumblebees Against Intestinal Parasites

Toxic chemicals known as secondary metabolites, which are found in certain plants including coffee and tobacco, can reduce intestinal infection in bees by as much as 81 percent.

Animals February 20, 2015

California Health Authorities Warn Users of E-Cigarettes, Call for Strict Regulations

The California Department of Public Health has issued an advisory that e-cigarettes contain harmful chemicals including nicotine, which is as addictive as the nicotine found in regular cigarettes.

Life January 29, 2015

Neuroscience Study Indicates Quitting Smoking Gradually is the Best Method

Slow and steady wins the race. Researchers weigh in on how to quit smoking and their verdict is to be kind to your brain by doing it gradually.

Life January 29, 2015

Scientists Create Effective Nicotine Vaccine to Help Smokers Quit

A team of scientists working on a nicotine vaccine improved their success by taking the handedness of nicotine into account. The researchers found that by focusing on the left-handed form of nicotine rather than both left and right forms, they could increase antibody production by as much as 40 percent.

Life January 13, 2015

Quit Smoking? Blood Markers can Tell if You Should Use Patch or Pill

Using a biomarker called nicotine metabolite ratio, researchers were able to determine the rate on which smokers metabolize the nicotine in their body and this could tell which smoking cessation treatment is more effective for them.

Life January 12, 2015

Which Brain Regions Are Responsible for Quitting Smoking?

Research focuses on changes in the brain when people try to quit smoking. Increases and decreases in brain activity can predict whether they'll be successful, researchers say.

Life December 3, 2014

E-Cigarettes pave the road to quitting, though only as last resort

The American Heart Association is advocating for the use of e-cigarettes as a last resort for people who want to quit smoking. Though the previous research is inconclusive, the AHA suggests doctors give their patients the option while informing them that it is unregulated and unproven.

Life August 25, 2014

Cigarettes with very low levels of nicotine lower risk of addiction

A new study found that switching to cigarettes with very low levels of nicotine does not cause smokers to smoke more intensely and more frequently.

Life August 25, 2014

Reduced nicotine levels will not prompt smokers to puff more cigarettes

Reducing amounts of nicotine in cigarettes could be effective in combating tobacco addiction, study suggests. Fears smokers would just increase daily intake to make up for it are unfounded, researchers say.

Life August 24, 2014

States want tougher e-cigarette regulations, urge FDA to initiate

Federal government urged to put curbs on e-cigarettes. Opponents want bans on advertising, online sales and on flavored versions aimed at young people.

Life August 8, 2014

E-cigarette nicotine safety caps needed to stop poisonings, says NY lawmaker

New York Senator Charles Schumer said poisonings from liquid nicotine used for e-cigarettes are already nearly double this year, with 70 reports. There were 46 incidents in 2013.

Life June 30, 2014

Smokers beware: Neither e-cigarettes or hookahs are likely safe alternatives, say reports

Cigarette and cigar smokers looking to quit may be inclined to try e-cigarettes or even the popular hookah option, but new studies are showing that neither alternative smoking option may be a good health choice.

Life May 19, 2014

Smoking a hookah is fun but may expose users to carcinogens, nicotine

Smoking a hookah increases nicotine and carcinogens in users. Smoking hookah poses health risks similar to cigarette smoking.

Life May 18, 2014

E-cigarettes are not a good nicotine-quitting approach or completely harmless, says study

Another day, another study on e-cigarettes and whether they're harmless or harmful. This report rebukes claims that the electronic smoking devices help smokers quit the habit.

Life May 13, 2014

New York, Chicago ban e-cigarettes, CDC director hints crackdown has just begun

More cities banning e-cigarettes as debate over health issues continues. Both Chicago and New York institute new prohibitions.

Life April 30, 2014

Brain structure of young smokers throws a curve ball at scientists

Scientists have found the insula - or the decision making part of the brain - is thinner in smokers who pick up at habit at an earlier age.

Life March 3, 2014

This caterpillar puffs out nicotine to ward away predators

New study shows that caterpillars are capable of warding off predators with nicotine.

Animals January 2, 2014

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