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US President Donald Trump Signs Executive Order To Expand America-First Offshore Drilling, But Industry Demand Is Low

U.S. President Donald Trump just signed an executive order to expand offshore drilling to areas that were previously off-limits, despite low industry demands. The move angered environmental groups, which plan to fight it in court.

Business Tech April 29, 2017

Oil Industry Knew Of Fossil Fuel Dangers To Climate In 1960's New Report Reveals

Did the fossil fuel industry know of the dangers of global climate change 45 years ago? A new study suggests the industry has withheld evidence for decades.

Earth/Environment April 15, 2016

Obama Will Not Allow Oil Drilling In The Atlantic Ocean

The Obama administration has changed its plan of allowing oil drilling in the Atlantic ocean. The decision pleased various advocacy groups and local communities, who think that oil drilling could affect economies and possibly cause oil spills and other dangers.

Earth/Environment March 16, 2016

Analysts See Decline In Stock, Oil Price Following Paris Attacks

Paris economy is now under a lot of pressure after the attacks that killed more than a hundred people. Oil and stock prices are predicted to drop but experts said it would not last long.

Society November 15, 2015

Saudi Arabia To Diversify Oil Economy To Combat Climate Change

Saudi Arabia has submitted plans to the UN to help combat climate change. The kingdom pledged to reduce their annual carbon emissions by 130 million tons by the year 2030.

Earth/Environment November 12, 2015

Gas prices likely to spike come the July 4 holiday weekend

Ahead of Independence Day weekend, gas prices on the first day of July 2014 were approximately 20 cents higher than a year earlier. Violence in Iraq has been cited as the cause.

Society July 1, 2014

Atlantic oil drilling using seismic airgun may wipe out endangered right whales

The North Atlantic right whale could be pushed to extinction by a proposed exploration technique, championed by the oil industry. The Interior Department just recommended going forward with the plan.

Animals March 1, 2014

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