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NASA's Opportunity Rover Begins 15th Year On Mars Surface

NASA's Opportunity Rover landed on Mars 15 years ago on Jan. 24, 2004. Its last communication with Earth was detected in June 10, 2018, and NASA still does not know the current status of the rover.

Space January 25, 2019

NASA Worries For Mars Opportunity Rover Amid Massive Dust Storm, But All Hope Not Yet Lost

NASA admitted that it may have already lost the Opportunity rover, as it has remained silent since June 10 amid the massive dust storm that has enveloped Mars. However, all hope is not yet lost.

Space August 18, 2018

NASA Engineers Play Wake-Up Song List While Opportunity Rover Remains In Slumber

Engineers with NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover program came up with a themed song list they have been playing each day, trying to awaken the Mars Opportunity Rover. The team’s morale had been low since the rover went silent on June 10.

Space August 15, 2018

Spectacular Image Of Dust Storm Over Martian North Pole Released By ESA

ESA unveiled a stunning new photo of a Martian dust storm brewing over the northern region in May 2018. The photo shows towering clouds of dust covering the Utopia Planitia region near the north pole.

Space July 23, 2018

NASA Opportunity Rover Still Silent Under Massive Mars Dust Storm

The Opportunity rover has not sent a photo back to Earth since June 10, as a massive dust storm enveloped Mars. NASA is confident that the rover will survive the ordeal, as it hibernates to ride out the storm.

Space July 6, 2018

NASA Curiosity Rover Shows Mars Surface In Stunning Selfie During The ‘Worst’ Dust Storm

Curiosity rover took a series of selfies during the worst dust storm in Mars. Meanwhile, the Opportunity rover went offline as it is running out of power due to lack of sunlight.

Space June 20, 2018

Is NASA's Mars Opportunity Dead? Rover Silent Amid Massive Dust Storm On Red Planet

Mission engineers failed to make contact with NASA's Mars Opportunity rover, which is now on low power fault mode after failing to recharge its batteries sufficiently. Can Opportunity survive the intense Mars dust storm?

Space June 14, 2018

NASA Shuts Down Opportunity Rover Due To Mars Dust Storm Bigger Than North America

NASA suspended the operations of the Opportunity rover in Mars as it was engulfed by a massive dust storm. Will the rover, which reached a milestone of spending 5,000 Martian days in February, make it through the ordeal?

Space June 11, 2018

NASA Opportunity Rover Hits 5000-Days Milestone On Mars Soil

NASA's Opportunity Rover was only set for a 90-day Martian exploration. Days turned into months and years and now, Opportunity has set another milestone for reaching 5,000 sols on the Red Planet.

Space February 19, 2018

Dust Devils On Mars Shape Climate Of The Red Planet

How do dust devils - as captured by the navigation camera of NASA's Opportunity rover - drive the climate on Mars? For one, these powerful updrafts are considered an important function in dust cycling, shaping the Red Planet's global climate.

Space April 6, 2016

Dust Devil Photographed On Mars Highlights Dangers Of Human Travel To The Red Planet

The Opportunity rover on Mars has returned a photograph showing a dust devil on the Martian surface. What could this mean to the future of human travel to the alien landscape?

Space April 3, 2016

NASA's Mars Opportunity Rover Tackles Steepest Climb Yet

The Opportunity rover is a veteran on Mars, spending 12 years lurking around the Red Planet. During its March 10 drive, the rover faced its steepest slope yet.

Space April 2, 2016

NASA's Mars Opportunity Rover Celebrates Its 12th Year On Red Planet

In its 12th year of active service, NASA's Mars Opportunity rover continues to provide researchers with valuable data on the Red Planet. Its current mission involves the exploration of Marathon Valley, which scientists believe contains concentrations of clay minerals that were formed under wet, non-acidic conditions.

Space January 27, 2016

Opportunity Rover Preparing For Active Winter In Mars

NASA’s Opportunity rover team plots out where it will be going and what it will be doing once winter sets in on Mars.

Space September 27, 2015

NASA Releases Time-Lapse Video Of Mars Rover Opportunity's Journey: 11 Years In Just 8 Minutes

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory releases video of Martian 'marathon' starring NASA's Opportunity rover. The short video covers 11 years of movement across the Red Planet.

Space July 7, 2015

Mars Rover Opportunity Again Suffers From Amnesia

Opportunity is still suffering from memory loss after engineers tried to re-engage systems. What is next for this durable craft?

Space March 31, 2015

NASA Budget Problems May Mean End Of Mars Rover And Moon Orbiter

NASA is going to move forward with its space programs but not with the Opportunity rover and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, missions that are going to be scrapped because of budget cuts.

Space March 30, 2015

NASA Mars Opportunity Rover Completes Marathon Milestone In 11 Years And Two Months: A Look Back

Opportunity clocks up a total of 26.219 miles, setting a record for the longest trek by a man-made vehicle on another world. Originally meant to complete a 3-month mission, the rover is still going strong more than a decade later.

Space March 25, 2015

NASA's Mars Opportunity Rover Spots Weird Rocks: What Did It Find Out?

The team behind Mars Opportunity Rover is halting other activities to conduct a more thorough study of oddly shaped rocks that have never seen before on the surface of the Red Planet.

Space March 11, 2015

Mars Rover Opportunity Completes 11 Years on Red Planet: NASA Celebrates with Hilltop Panorama

Opportunity has been exploring Mars for 11 years so far. What has NASA's robotic explorer found on the Red Planet?

Space January 24, 2015

Opportunity Rover Suffering from Memory Loss: Here's How NASA will Help Cure It

The Opportunity rover that is examining the surface of Mars since 2004 suffers from memory loss. NASA scientists are hoping to fix the issue in the next few weeks.

Space December 31, 2014

Mars Rover Opportunity Still Dealing with Flash Memory Issues

Having amnesia is never easy but the Opportunity rover is hanging on, attempting to complete its tasks despite the memory gaps. Problems were bound to arise given the rover has been working overtime for 10 years.

Space December 30, 2014

NASA will reformat Mars rover Opportunity flash memory: Here's how

The Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is in need of a reformatting of flash memory. This is what is wrong with the rover, and how NASA engineers will carry out the process from Earth.

Space September 4, 2014

NASA set to reformat flash memory of Mars Opportunity rover

Soon, the Opportunity rover will be like new. It will undergo a flash memory reformat to wipe out junk, improving Opportunity’s performance up on the Red Planet.

Space September 2, 2014

Mars rover Opportunity makes record-breaking drive

NASA rover on Mars breaks the distance-driving record for any vehicle on another world. Opportunity rover racks up 25 miles, beating previous Russian record.

Space July 30, 2014

Mars rover Opportunity smashes offworld distance record held by Lunokhod 2

Opportunity, a rover launched ten years ago, on a 90-day mission, is still going strong.

Space July 30, 2014

Squeaky-clean NASA rover Opportunity says, "But first, let me take a selfie"

NASA's Mars rover Opportunity took a photo of itself, showing cleaner-than-usual solar cells. What does this mean for the mission?

Space April 19, 2014

Martian rover Opportunity gets spring cleaning, snaps a 'selfie' of its shadow

If Mars rover Opportunity had a voice, it would probably be singing "Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy." The NASA rover has taken a selfie even as wind and sun pat its back.

Space April 2, 2014

Forget doughnut rock: Mars rover Opportunity celebrates 10 years on Red Planet by finding life-friendly trace of water

Scientists have found evidence suggesting that there was once a neutral-water environment in Mars.

Space January 24, 2014

Mysterious rock appearance next to slumbering Mars rover Opportunity leaves scientists scurrying for answers

A small rock, dubbed Pinnacle Island, that suddenly appeared in front of the rover Opportunity in Mars, has surprised scientists, but they have a working theory on how it got there.

Space January 20, 2014

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