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Orangutans Have Spent The Past 70,000 Years Adapting To Humans Trying To Kill Them

A new study discovered that humans have greatly influenced orangutans over 70,000 years. This study could teach humans how to save orangutans from extinction.

Animals June 29, 2018

Palm Oil Production Is Driving Endangered Species To Extinction

Palm oil production is behind 9 percent of the world's deforestation between 1990 and 2008, driving plants and animals to extinction due to habitat loss. What are the other effects of palm oil production?

Earth/Environment June 28, 2018

Unusual Japanese Flower, Rare Great Ape, And One-Celled Protist Among Top 10 New Species of 2018

The IISE has released its list of Top 10 New Species of 2018. Among these are the world’s most endangered great ape, a heterotrophic flower, and a eukaryotic protist.

May 29, 2018

Chinese-Funded Project Threatens World’s Rarest Orangutan Species To Possible Extinction

A new study called for urgent action to save the Tapanuli Orangutans from possibly going extinct. The species were discovered in 2017 and considered one of the rarest animals on Earth.

Animals May 5, 2018

The Bornean Orangutan Population Was Halved From 1999 To 2015: Can The Critically Endangered Species Bounce Back?

A team of researchers calculated that the Bornean orangutan population dropped by about 148,500 from 1999 to 2015. Will the critically endangered species bounce back from the decline, or will it go extinct soon?

Animals February 17, 2018

New Orangutan Species Faces Potential Extinction: Here's How Humans Can Save It

A new species of orangutan, called the Pongo tapanuliensis, which has been recently discovered, is already being deemed as endangered. The threatened species can be saved only with a guided conservation plan.

Animals November 7, 2017

New Species Of Orangutan Discovered In Indonesia Could Be Rarest Great Ape

The Tapanuli orangutan was identified as a new species and is the latest addition to the family of great apes. Unfortunately, it will be included in the list of critically endangered species because of its population and the threats it faces.

Animals November 3, 2017

Orangutan Moms Are Breastfeeding Champs That Nurse Kids For Up To 9 Years

Orangutans nurse longer than any other mammal, sometimes into the ninth year of life. Find out what drives this long breastfeeding in orangutans and how the food supply affects weaning in these primates.

Animals May 18, 2017

Tinder For Apes: Dutch Zoo Lets Orangutan Choose Mate On A Tablet

A Dutch zoo is launching Tinder for orangutans in a bid to find a prospective male partner for 11-year-old female Samboja. It will show her pictures of prospective partners from an international great ape breeding program.

Animals February 1, 2017

More Than Half Of World's Primates Threatened With Extinction

About 60 percent of primate species face possible extinction and 75 percent suffer from declining numbers. What are the factors that pose threats to primate populations?

Animals January 19, 2017

Deforestation Can Wipe Out Chunk Of Sumatran Orangutan Population By 2030

Sumatran orangutan populations are higher than previously thought. While it may sound like good news, researchers say it is not yet time to relax because deforestation can wipe out a chunk of the species by the year 2030.

Earth/Environment March 7, 2016

More Sumatran Orangutans Remaining In Wild Than Previously Thought But Threat Persists

A more thorough survey of Sumatra's orangutan populations found that the ape's numbers are more than double the previous estimate. Still, deforestation is set to hit the ape's population hard over the next decade or so.

Animals March 6, 2016

UK Charity Saves Life Of Baby Orangutan Left To Die In Cardboard Box

Members of UK-based charitable group International Animal Rescue recovered a baby orangutan which was left to die in a cardboard box in a West Bornean village. The rescuers said the ape, which was given the name Gito, suffered from a skin disease that left him with a lack of hair and gray flaking skin.

October 20, 2015

Orangutan In Argentina Granted Basic Legal Rights

An orangutan named Sandra, who is presently living in a zoo in Argentina, was recently given basic legal rights by a Buenos Aires court, allowing the primate transfer to a sanctuary.

Internet Culture December 23, 2014

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