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Opioids Not As Effective In Treating Chronic Pain As We Think, Study Says

Researchers found that opioids, commonly prescribed to treat headaches and back pains, do not work well for those with chronic pain. Furthermore, the study pointed out that there were better drugs and treatment for the non-cancer patients.

Medicine December 19, 2018

Mac Miller Was Already Dead Long Before The Body Was Discovered

Mac Miller has been dead for long before his body was found in his San Fernando Valley home. According to authorities, there were also traces of little white powder but his house has been cleaned to traces of the substance.

Celebrities September 15, 2018

Authorities Warn Of Street Drug Laced With Bug Spray That Causes Zombie-Like Effects

Users of the bug spray-laced drug known as KD passed out with the drug still in their hands. Some were observed eating grass and dirt from the ground.

Public Health March 21, 2018

South Carolina Teen Dies From Caffeine Overdose: How Much Is Too Much Caffeine?

Last month, 16-year-old Davis Allen Cripe collapsed in class because of caffeine overdose leading to probable arrhythmia. How much caffeine is enough to result in caffeine intoxication, and how does one stay in the safe limit?

Healthy Living/Wellness May 17, 2017

Ohio Coroner Running Out Of Room For Bodies Amid Spike In Overdose Deaths

The spike in overdose deaths in Ohio has put pressure on the state's capacity to respond in terms of facilities and medicine. The Montgomery County coroner plans to rent spaces at funeral homes because the 12 new spaces in the refrigerator are 'not enough.'

Public Health February 4, 2017

Sports Helps Protect Teen Athletes From Heroin And Opioid Addiction

Sports is a protective factor that can steer young athletes away from getting addicted to prescription drugs. How do sports help against heroin and opioid addiction?

Healthy Living/Wellness July 26, 2016

Synthetic Marijuana Overdose Turns 33 Into 'Zombies' As US Sees Rise In Spike Poisoning

The number of people sent to hospitals as a result of synthetic pot poisoning rises. In New York, 33 people who used synthetic marijuana were hospitalized after staggering and collapsing on the street like zombies.

Public Health July 15, 2016

Victoria's $30 Million Crackdown On 'Prescription Shopping' To Stop Overdose Deaths

The Victorian government is spending $30 million to fund its real-time monitoring system to crackdown prescription shopping that could lead to drug overdose deaths. The system will include Schedule 8 drugs such as morphine and would include participation of physicians, pharmacies and hospitals.

Public Health April 25, 2016

Surgeons Remove 27 Bags Of Heroin From Man's Stomach

Surgeons were able to recover 27 bags of heroin from the stomach of a man who came in with symptoms of overdose. The police believes one of the bag was destroyed and leaked to the patient's body.

Life March 25, 2016

Accidental Medicine Overdoses Send More Than 150 Kids In ER Daily

More than 150 kids go to the emergency room daily due to accidental medicine overdose. Advocates urge parents and carers to stay alert all the time.

Life March 19, 2016

Cocaine Makes Your Brain Cells Eat Themselves

New research points to the way cocaine destroys healthy brain cells, and suggests potential treatments.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 20, 2016

Even Infants Are At Risk From Unsecured Medications, Report Says

Infants 6 months old and younger can still be exposed to risks from medications, study finds. Incorrect dosing by parents or caregivers is one source of risk.

Life January 15, 2016

Overdose Of Chemotherapy Kills Patient Who Underwent Cancer Treatment

A cancer patient died after receiving a "larger than intended dose" of chemotherapy. The hospital has already sent a letter of apology but the patient's partner is not done yet.

Life December 29, 2015

FDA Approves Easy-To-Use Nasal Spray Narcan As Treatment For Opioid Overdose

FDA approved Narcan (naloxone) nasal spray, a drug used for opioid overdose treatment previously approved only in injectable forms. This spray will be launched in January by Ireland-based Adapt Pharma.

Life November 19, 2015

White House To Announce New Program To Combat Heroin: What We Know So Far

The White House is set to announce a new initiative that will help to counter the increasing trend of heroin overdose cases. The details of the new program are not yet fully known but according to enforcement officials, it will be a coordination between the law enforcement and public health sectors, not only to punish addicts but to treat them as well.

Life August 17, 2015

Teen Girl With Aching Stomach Dies From Paracetamol Overdose

A 17-year-old girl died after taking more than the recommended dose of paracetamol after complaining of stomach ache.

Life July 23, 2015

Alarming Rise In Heroin Addiction And Overdose Deaths, CDC Warns

Heroin use and deaths from the drug are rising sharply in recent years, the CDC reports. What is driving these dangerous trends?

Life July 8, 2015

Deaths Due To Heroin Overdose Quadrupled in U.S. Since 2000

A new federal report reveals a concerning increase in heroin-related deaths. Within three years, the number of individuals who died of heroin overdose has increased four times.

Life March 4, 2015

Parents of Teen Who Died from Caffeine Overdoes Seek Ban on Caffeine Powder

Without proper labels, it’s easy to go beyond recommended doses. The FDA is being petitioned then to focus more on powdered caffeine and the danger it brings.

Life December 10, 2014

Painkiller abusers don't see overdose coming, are wholly unprepared

Prescription drug abusers are at risk of potentially fatal overdoses, but don't know what to do in the event of an emergency, according to a new study.

Life October 2, 2014

Legal medical marijuana linked with fewer fatal opioid overdoses

A recent study suggests that combining marijuana with opioid painkillers can help patients take lower and safer doses of the painkillers. This study, along with others, raises the issue of marijuana use.

Life August 26, 2014

Can medical marijuana help bring down painkiller overdoses, death?

Although the incidence of overdose-related deaths has increased between 1999 and 2010, researchers have found that deaths to due prescription painkiller overdose were about 25 percent less in states that adopted medical marijuana laws.

Life August 26, 2014

Health-conscious Americans believe marijuana is safer than sugar, alcohol, and tobacco: Survey

A new survey of 1,000 Americans, conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, has revealed that marijuana is rising in popularity over sugar, as Americans are now starting to believe that sugar is more dangerous to health than marijuana.

Life March 16, 2014

Surprise! Surprise! Prescription painkiller abuser's drug sources are not drug dealers

A new study has revealed that most people addicted to opioid pain relievers acquire their pills from unsuspecting friends and relatives, and from physicians who prescribe them. In light of this new data, the federal government has taken steps to control the rising cases of nonmedical opioid use.

Life March 8, 2014

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