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Bald Men Viewed More Confident And Dominant: Study

A new research has found that bald men are perceived as more dominant, stronger, and having more leadership potential. Could head shaving be the new solution to thinning hair?

Life & Style September 17, 2017

Just Thinking You Are Physically Active Even If You Are Not May Extend Your Life Span

New research sheds light into the effects of perception about levels of physical activity and mortality outcomes. They found that more positive perceptions of physical activity even if you are not very active could lead to more positive health outcomes.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 21, 2017

7 Upcoming Horror Games For 2017

2017 is a good year for horror video games. Here is a list of seven horror games slated for release this year.

Video Games February 19, 2017

Mirror-Touch Synesthesia: Some People Literally Feel For You

New research has shown that approximately two in every 100 people suffer from mirror-touch synesthesia. The condition involves a phantom feeling of being touched when exposed to a visual stimulus where someone is being touched.

Neuroscience February 9, 2017

As Early As Age 6, Girls Are Less Likely To Feel Brilliant Than Boys

Six-year-old girls are less likely than boys to believe their gender is poised for brilliance, and they instead tend to veer away from activities that require those smarts. These are some findings of a new study that probes how far back those gender perceptions set in.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 27, 2017

Want To Stand Out In A Crowd? Researchers Say Attractiveness Depends On Who You’re With

People are often judged in relation to others. In terms of attractiveness though, researchers have found that how people see you will depend on who you’re with.

Life & Style October 3, 2016

This Mind-Reading Computer Knows What You’re Thinking The Moment You’re Thinking Them

Researchers were able to develop a mind-reading computer program that accurately and rapidly knows what people are thinking. By decoding brain signals, the program was able to predict thoughts almost instantly.

Life January 31, 2016

Focusing On A Task May Leave You Temporarily Deaf: Study

Concentrating on a demanding visual task can make a person momentarily deaf, as revealed in a new UK study. Researchers at the University College London called this deficit "inattentional deafness."

Life December 9, 2015

Meet 'Perception': A Horror Game Where You Can't See, From The Team Behind 'BioShock'

Horror games are about making players feel weak...and it's hard to feel weaker than when you can't see. That's the idea behind 'Perception,' a new horror game from the team behind 'Bioshock' and 'Dead Space.'

Geek May 26, 2015

US Poll Charts Climate Change Concerns Across The Map

Researchers have mapped data on the attitudes of Americans concerning global warming. About 63 percent of Americans think that global warming is occurring.

Earth/Environment April 21, 2015

Uber chief: We're just competitive and not well understood

Uber isn't a startup anymore, but it's not far from one either, says Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. Uber has to maintain its scrappy mentality to continue to grow, says Kalanick.

Business September 8, 2014

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