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Bedbugs Twice As Old Than Believed, Date Back To Dinosaur Times 100 Million Years Ago

Exactly how long have bed bugs been pestering the creatures of the planet? A new study finds that the pests have been walking the Earth for the past 100 million years.

Animals May 18, 2019

Lawsuit Alleges Conditions Of Maggots And Mice In California Prison

A California state prison faced lawsuit for being lenient in addressing poor living conditions of the inmates. An inmate disclosed that bird feces have painted the walls of the dining hall and a maggot once fell onto his food.

Public Health April 9, 2019

Bug Bombs Leave Toxic Residues But Still Ineffective At Killing Cockroaches At Home

Bug bombs are not effective at killing cockroaches indoors because they do not reach places where these pests are most often found. Researchers found a more effective and safer way to kill cockroaches.

Animals January 28, 2019

Warming Climate May Cause Insect Pests To Eat More Crops: Study

New research finds that warming climate may increase the metabolism and population of crop pests, meaning larger pest population will hunger for more vital crops. Can farmers combat this issue?

Earth/Environment August 31, 2018

Plants Can Turn Caterpillars Into Cannibals: How Induced Pest Cannibalism Benefits Plants

Plants can turn leaf-munching pests like caterpillars into cannibals that feast on each other by releasing a special chemical. Here's how plant-induced caterpillar cannibalism can benefit tomato plants.

Earth/Environment July 13, 2017

Hungry Spiders Eating 800 Million Tons Of Insects Per Year Are Nature's Free Pest Control

The spiders, which consume around 800 million tons of insects per year, are nature's free pest control. They are not alone, however. Many other beneficial insects also exist to prevent the overpopulation of harmful insects in the environment.

Animals March 17, 2017

Harvard, Monsanto Scientists Create New Technology Against GMO-resistant Agricultural Pests

Experts from Harvard University and Monsanto Co. have achieved a breakthrough technology that could be used against GMO-resistant agricultural pests. The technology allows a specific protein to rapidly evolve.

Earth/Environment April 29, 2016

Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed In Stevens Point, Wisconsin: What To Know About This Tree-Killing Pest

Emerald ash borers have reached Stevens Point, Wisconsin after the devastating attack on Midwest, killing millions of ash trees. Here are some of the things you must know about this tree-killing pest.

Earth/Environment April 11, 2016

Rats Linked To Depressive Symptoms In Low-Income Neighborhoods

Rat infestation is considered a huge problem by some residents in low-income neighborhoods, a new study revealed. Researchers also found a link between the presence of rats and the chances of having anxiety or other depressive symptoms.

Life March 18, 2016

Bedbug Genome Coded For Indestructability

Two new papers reveal that the bed bug is a living terror dreamt up by a sadist.

February 3, 2016

Government Is Shooting Sterilized Moths From Cannons Attached To Drones To Solve Cotton Farming Pest Problem

The USDA is testing an experiment that consists of shooting sterile moths into cotton fields to falsely reproduce with wild moths to prevent infestations that destroy the crop.

FUTURE TECH October 8, 2015

Genetically Engineered Wheat Designed To Fight Pests Is a Failure

A genetically modified strain, nicknamed 'wiffy wheat' for its pheremone smell, failed to repel damaging pests in field trials. The research had raised protests from anti-GM groups.

June 25, 2015

Wonder What Keeps NYC Streets Clean? Bugs, Spiders and Little Critters

Spiders and ants prevent food waste from piling up in urban dwellings and also curb the spread of disease by eating littered food that rats and pathogen-carrying pests would otherwise eat.

Life December 3, 2014

Why humans should eat cane toads, according to Australian expert

There are a lot of cane toads in Australia and they’re growing in number every year. One professor has a solution to the population explosion: Eat them.

Life November 10, 2014

Enormous yellow-jacket wasp hive gets removed from camper

A man in California found an enormous wasp nest on his land. Pest control worker Eric McCool estimated that more than 400,000 wasps lived in the nest.

November 7, 2014

Stink bugs invade Southwest Michigan, endanger fields and orchards

They’re small and incredibly terrible. Their stench alone makes stink bugs unbearable but they can do more damage than hurt your nose, wiping out fields and orchards when given the chance.

October 22, 2014

Forget bedbugs: More than 5000 wasps turn this bed into giant nest

An English family was startled to find a 3-foot wasps' nest inside of its guest room.

Life August 29, 2014

New England braces for surge of ticks, threat of Lyme disease

It’s tick season in New England and health experts are wary at the rising number of ticks showing up. Here’s what you need to do to prevent Lyme disease.

Life June 15, 2014

Cankerworm carnage may affect more cities due to lack of plant diversity: Research

Plants in urban environments at greater risk of defoliation by voracious caterpillars, study finds. Less plant diversity that what if found in natural environments is a factor, researchers say.

Earth/Environment May 25, 2014

Make your home bedbugs bite-free using trap made from $1 worth of household items: Watch how (Video)

Simple trap you can make yourself could save you from a bedbug infestation. Materials are cheap and can be found in most households.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 22, 2014

Mutant rats invade Liverpool: They're big and two feet long thanks to household waste and fast food

Giant rats that feed on fast food and household wastes are invading Liverpool and these pests are immune to rat poison.

Life April 14, 2014

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